Saturday, January 03, 2009

Subbed PV
HY - 366 Days

MF here.
Or Video here too.

(No reposting to crunchyroll please!)

Take a listen to ♪Junpei♪ (plus many other strangers) sing this song, here.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Cleanup

Hey everyone, I'm doing some New Year cleanup for the blog so it'll be messy for a bit.

If I try to remember back what 2008 was about, nothing stands out as much as Hana Yori Dango. Who knew how much change a drama could steer your life to? I've started learning a new language, visited a city I know no one [with Grumpy, you're the best :)] and found something I enjoyed immensely.

In the bigger picture, I am blessed with a close-knit family, a job that that doesn't require waking up before noon, a zettai kareshi who makes sure I'm happy and always stocked up with all the RPG games I can play :* and thankfully peace & stability where I live.

There'll always be the big worries and small niggly stuff but I hope 2009 brings more of happiness to everyone. Before Grumpy reminds me how much more cordial I seem online than in real life, I'll stop yapping and proceed to the cleanup ;) Happy New Year !
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Inoue Mao

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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Akai Ito
    Nao Minamisawa Interview

    Sanspo Article
    27 December 2008

    The undyed short hair, deep blue stockings and clear eyes. When asked about her ideal man - "Someone like my father". The radiant Nao Minamisawa (18), is currently a high school student. Playing the lead role in the movie and drama Akai Ito, she had her first kiss scene.

    It's so rare these days - when a girl says "someone like my father" is her ideal man.

    It's the truth. It would be great if I could marry someone like my dad. He makes me laugh with his jokes. In his school days, and even after joining a company, he still plays basketball. He's cool.

    A father would be tearing hearing that from his daughter. This father would also have been nervous as Nao Minamisawa took her role in 2008. She had to debut her on-screen kiss. Her character in Akai Ito, Mei, has a kiss with Atsushi (Mizobata Junpei) during their junior high school trip excursion.

    Its like... even I myself am embarrassed to watch the movie. It felt so awkward, and I was very tensed. My hands began to sweat, my body was almost frozen in place and I couldn't move naturally.

    Were there many retakes?

    The director said "To capture the innocence of the moment, we will do this in one take!" That's what it was supposed to be - a one take scene. Many times over, we were told "That looked stiff". Junpei-kun too, was feeling the same as I was. Both of us were warned.

    It was a first kiss for Mei, what about Nao?

    Hehhehh... I didn't do it when I was in junior high school.

    Ah ok, let's overlook that and agree that it wasn't your first kiss. You're now in the third year of senior high school. That means...

    "..." (She has a happy expression on her face, but her lips are sealed. "I'm not going to reply!" That's what she means.)

    An unforgettable scene?

    Yes, it was. The scenery was impressive, and it's my favourite. Although A-kun is a quiet guy, we talked about many things there. It's like... it's the peak of A-kun's and Mei's love, in that scene, where they are at their happiest.

    With Mei standing close, and because she was feeling nothing but the happiness from the bottom of her heart, she was able to open herself and give her reply without any hesitation.

    I'm playing the lead in both the drama and movie, and it's a novel that has been read by many people. For the first time, I feel much responsibility in delivering this work, I gave my all in it. There's still much that I have to learn, and I am looking forward to it.

    Nao, who has completed "the first time" safely, is growing steadily.

    (No reposting to crunchyroll please!)

    Sanpo: http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/081227/gnj0812270505009-n2.htm


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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Mizobata Junpei

    15th December 2008

    Good evening!!

    The photography session for Akai Ito has just ended and I am now waiting for the live broadcast of Katopan in Fuji TV o(^-^)o

    I'm feeling nervous as it is a live broadcast!! (laugh)

    I had plenty of time before the broadcast, so I ventured to the first floor of Fuji TV. I was surprised!?!?(><;)

    It was full of Akai Ito ↑ (laugh)
    There was a poster, various merchandise and character profiles.

    There was even a UFO Catcher for the bear o(^▽^)o

    Yoshha! This gives me motivation for my appearance later ↑ (laugh)

    With all that I have, I will do my best. Everyone, please watch the live broadcast (*^-^)b


    16th December 2008
    Wait for it ↑

    Good evening!!

    As stated under the NewS section, stage greetings for the movie Akai Ito will be done in Osaka and Nagoya as well ↑↑(^O^)

    This is the the first time that I will be involved in events outside the Kanto area, and I am really looking forward to it (>_<)

    I will do my best and be in high spirits as I meet the people of Osaka and Nagoya ↑ (laugh) (>_<)

    Therefore, everyone must come ↑(=^▽^=)

    This is the second photo that was taken yesterday at Fuji TV. It seems like I'm poking fun at myself ↑ (laugh)

    Looks like it!!! (laugh)

    (No reposting to crunchyroll please!)

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    Akai Ito

    These are just some extras for those who have watched up to Episode 3. I'll put them under full post to avoid spoilers, just in case.

    Episode 3
    The group that Taka-chan, Mitsu and Natsu were talking about in gym class and whose song they played during the culture festival is 筋肉少女帯 Kinniku Shoujo Tai or Muscle Girl Squad. The title of the song is 日本を印度にしてしまえ!Nihon wo Indo ni shite shimae! Let's turn Japan into India! You can see the lyrics here and guess why Taka-chan decided to play this song. Although how this fits in into a message song for Mei-chan, I don't know (;^_^

    This is the original band playing the song.

    Episode 1 & 2
    The burger place Yuya called Mei to in Episode 1 and where the whole gang ran to after Mei's heartbreak in Episode 2, Fire House, is a real restaurant.

    They sell western food, but browsing through their menu, I don't see parfait anywhere :| Hmm is a sundae a parfait ?

    Drama-Movie Collaboration
    I wasn't really sure how they wanted this to flow but after reading comments from 2ch & JWiki, this is how I figure it will work out. The first 2 episodes laid the foundation of Akai Ito. Then the movie aired. From then on, the drama from Episode 3 to Episode 8 actually covers the same timeframe as the movie. In other words, the movie is like a summary of the main events while the drama gives more details to them. So inevitably, some scenes from the movie will be rehashed in the drama. Then the last 3 episodes will pick up from where the movie ended and finish off the story.

    That's what I think anyway. I wish they'd be clearer about this <(。_。)>


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    Inoue Mao Staff Diary
    25th December 2008

    ☆Merry Christmas☆
    25th December 2008 20:50

    Work went well on Christmas Eve...
    Once work was done, we went to see DCT's live performance and after that a X'mas Party with everyone ♪

    We had a rousing time with the staff from the Vietnam location shoot for Shonen Magazine ♪
    The generation gap was pretty intense. One after another, songs that Mao-chan didn't know appear. While she said it can't be helped that all the hit songs came out before she was born, the rest of the staff was made to realize the reality of our ages.

    After Santa, she transformed into a clown too


    I came across this comment Mao made on tvlife, about her plans after graduation.

    "I'll graduate from university next spring. Once I graduate and there's no more school, then work and of course my private life will be more enriched!"

    d(>_< )

    A friendly reminder. Please do NOT hotlink the gifs. The other day grumpy had to re-up them again because of bandwidth problems and I've found some hotlinking to the new ones already. Share her pretty work and MaoJun rabu but please host them on your own (^o^)/

    ☆Merry Christmas☆

    2008年12月25日 20:50

    仕事終わりでDCTのLIVEを観に行き、その後はみんなで X'masParty♪



    From tvlife
    2008年12月20日(土) 8時00分

     今年1月に24年ぶりに復活したスペシャルドラマ『あんみつ姫』(24年前は小泉今日子が主演)が、来年1月11日(日)に『あんみつ姫2』(フジテレビ系 後7・00)として再登場する。主人公の"あんみつ姫"を演じるのは、もちろん前回に引き続き井上真央だ。



     現在発売中のテレビ情報誌「TV LIFE」(学研)年末年始号では、あでやかな着物姿の写真と共に井上のインタビューを掲載している。


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