Monday, October 05, 2009

Inoue Mao
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5th October 2009
Club Activities

Mayu is in the Japanese archery club.

Before filming began, she took lessons with an instructor.

Strength was needed to pull the bow, it's more difficult than it seems!

Once during practice, Mao-chan's arm was bruised as the arrow grazed against her as it left the bow.

I took a photo everytime she drew the bow.
The video camera was on too.

After practice sessions, while sitting in the car, she would review the position of her arm with those photos.

The result is perfection, please observe (the archery scene in the movie) carefully!

There's a basketball scene as well

Everyone, what club activities are you in?

(Entry by Mao's Manager)

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Cool and beautiful ^_^


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