Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aura #090208




9th February 2008
Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today, I've been sweeping the room from morning !! Packing for the moving was finished yesterday but... I'm cleaning up 2 years worth of dust and rubbish !! Things that I didn't want were put into the rubbish bag, and 5 bags appeared ne !! My mother and me, we were really shocked (*laugh*)
Finally, it'll be tomorrow !! The day that I leave the mansion I've been staying in for 2 years and move in to a new one !! This place is full of all sorts of memories !!
The first time living in Tokyo, was I nervous ?? Going to Tokyo... I didn't have any friends, getting used to work, did I feel secluded ?? My siblings went to Tokyo... could I boast about my own My Room ?? When I'm troubled, would I be able calm down if I go back to my own house ??
It's filled with memories, so it feels a little sad !! But I've already turned 20 !! A new environment means a fresh feeling and from now own I'll continue to work hard !! Because you can get used to living anywhere (^O^)/ The next house will also be the best of Tokyo ne ☆彡
Tonight will the shooting of Jump, the escape (^-^)/ I'll do my best ne !!
Wait for my thoughts on today's Meringue !!


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