Monday, December 31, 2007

Honey and Clover
Toma Interview Part I


Q クランクインはいきなり出会いのシーンからでしたね。
A 出会いのシーンを撮っているときの成海璃子ちゃんを見たら、「あ、はぐちゃんだ!」って。トキメキましたね(笑)。桜が似合うこと似合うこと…素晴らしいですね。

Q 生田さんも、短パン姿がステキでしたよ。
A メイク部屋に入っていたら、笑われたんですよ。「短パンが…」って(笑)。

Q ご自身の短パン姿はいかがでしたか?
A どうですかね(笑)。まあ、冬なのでやっぱり寒いですよ。最近、レッグウォーマーを手に入れまして。それを愛用してます(笑)。ただ、寒い分、空気が凄くキレイだから、絵ももの凄くキレイに撮れるんですよ。だから、寒い中で頑張ったかいはあるな、って思っています。

Q 役作りの面で苦労されたことは?
A 僕は、割と現場で作っていくタイプなんですよね。今回は、珍しくリハをやっていて、撮影日とは別にリハ日を設けて、できるところはリハをやってから本番に臨む、というスタイルをとっているんですけど、その中で、みんなで芝居しあいながらやっていければいいかな、って思っていたんです。あとは…谷村監督がこだわりを持っている方で、細かいところまで指示してくださるので、8割くらいは監督の意向に忠実にやりながら、残りの2割で「ちょっとやってみようかな…」みたいな感じですね。

Q 得意の?独白シーンも多いですが…。
A そうですね(笑)。まあ、思いつきでやってみて、「ダメ!」って言われたすぐ止めよう、って思ってますけど…。でも、『花君』(『花ざかりの君たちへ~イケメン♂パラダイス~』)とは違いますからね。「また同じことやってるよ!」って思われるのもムカつくので(笑)。新しい何かを出していこうとは思っています。

Q 竹本くんが恋してしまうはぐみ役を演じている成海璃子ちゃんの印象は?
A 見た目が大人っぽいから、「どっちなのかな?」って。大人なのか、ちゃんと15歳をエンジョイしてるのか…。やっぱ、凄く仕事に対して真面目だし、プロ意識が高いな、と思う反面、話してみると、ちゃんと15歳してるところもあり…。璃子ちゃんって、思い出し笑いを凄くするんですよ(笑)。急にひとりで笑い出して、「どうしたの?」って聞くと、「いや、3日前に…」みたいな(笑)。「いつの話だよ!」みたいなことがありましたね。

Q. The start of filming, and it was straight into that encounter scene, ne ?
A. When I saw Narumi Riko-chan during that scene, [Ah, its Hagu-chan!] I thought. My heart started beating faster (*laugh*) The sakura really fit the scene perfectly ... it was wonderful, ne.

Q. You too, Ikuta-san, you cut quite a figure in your short pants.
A. When I went into the make-up room, I laughed out loud. [They're short pants...] I thought (*laugh*)

Q. Personally, how did you think you look in the short pants ?
A. How is it, I wonder ne (*laugh*). As expected, because it's winter it's really cold. Recently, I bought some leg-warmers. Those are my favourite (*laugh*). Nevertheless, during cold weather, the atmosphere is really pretty and you can capture it beautifully on film. So I'll do my best to work in the cold.

Q. What challenges do you face during filming ?
A. I'm the type who improvises on the fly. This time though, I didn't do it as usual. I rehearse properly before the actual filming day so that I can take on the scene properly. That's the style I have now but during filming as everyone is performing their part, I start to wonder if I'm doing it properly. After that, Director Tanimura who is meticulous, right down to the minute details, will give out some instructions. Maybe about 80 percent of the director's vision is faithfully realized on film, the leftover 20 percent makes me have this feeling of [Wonder if I could have better conveyed his point of view].

Q. Is it your specialty ? There are many monologue scenes here also ...
A. There are, aren't there ? (*laugh*). Well, I wanted to take a chance with the idea, then [No good!] I felt like saying and to immediately put a stop to it, but ...Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no kimitachi e ~ikemen ♂ paradise~) was different, ne. [Doing the same thing again!] People are going to get sick of it (*laugh*). I intend to show something new.

Q. Your impression of Narumi Riko, who plays Hagumi, the one Takemoto-kun falls in love with ?
A. She appeared adult-like so [Which one is it?] I thought. Adult-like or someone properly 'enjoying' being 15 years old ... As expected, in regard to work she is serious and highly professional. On the other hand, when you speak to her, there's also the real 15-year old there. Talking about Riko-chan, I remember something funny that makes me laugh even when I'm thinking about it now (*laugh*). Suddenly, all by herself, she burst into laughter. [What's the matter?] I asked. [No, 3 days ago...] She said something like that (*laugh*) [Huh ? How long ago was that!] That kind of thing happens, ne.


Bila punya story la ! That's what Toma was thinking heh heh.
Read Part II here.


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