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3rd May 2008

From the 3rd of May (Saturday) the sale of advance tickets starts at Biccamera Yurakucho Main Building !

From the 3rd of May (Saturday), advance tickets will be sold at Tokyo's Biccamera Yurakucho Main Building !
The "Keitai Cleaner" (700 yen after tax) is 500 yen after tax when you buy it as a set with the advanced tickets !
Lo and behold ! The Bic point is that it is also possible to buy advance tickets !
For the people who already got the point, by all means make use of this opportunity to get your hands on the advance tickets ne !

※ The advance ticket will look the same as the ones sold in theaters but it won't come with the special first-come first-served postcards.

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Bic Point ? It's like Doumyouji wrote this entry. What's a keitai cleaner anyway ? To wipe the phone screen ? Whatever, I'll buy a Hanadan broom if they offered it.

From the biccamera site

Advance Ticket (General) : 1300 yen
Advance Ticket (Child) : 800 yen
Hana Yori Dango Final Keitai Cleaner : 700 yen
Keitai Cleaner + Advance Ticket (General) : 1800 yen (Normal price 2000 yen)
Keitai Cleaner + Advance Ticket (Child) : 1300 yen (Normal price 1500 yen)

They're sold from 3rd of May to 27th June and the Keitai Cleaner will be available as a separate item from the 28th of June onwards until it runs out of stock. The advance tickets are only sold at the main building and are not available at any of their other shops or (unfortunately) their internet shop.

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From biccamera site

販売店舗 有楽町店本館1F総合カウンター

* 前売券(一般):1,300円
* 前売券(小人):800円
* 「花より男子ファイナル」携帯クリーナー:700円


* 前売券(一般) + 携帯クリーナー:1,800円 (通常合計売価2,000円)
* 前売券(小人) + 携帯クリーナー:1,300円 (通常合計売価1,500円)

販売期間 5月3日(土)~6月27日(金)まで

1. 前売券の販売は有楽町店本館のみとなります。他の店舗での販売はございませんのでご了承下さい。
2. ネットショップおよびモバイルサイト「ビックカメラ.com」での販売はございません。

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