Friday, June 05, 2009

Inoue Mao
Nihon Eiga navi 2009 vol.16

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Nihon Eiga navi vol.16 (2009)

Many thanks to maomao for the scans!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mokomichi and Rosa in cellphone drama

2 June 2009

Hayami Mokomichi and Kato Rosa will be appearing in the cellphone drama 'Love Connector ~Love Constructor~' (begins 1st July), exclusive to mobile network BeeTV. The "Love Constructor" helps clients to be successful in love through various means, but the story is actually about making these clients believe in themselves and discovering their passion. Playing the role of the Love Constructor is Mokomichi while popular actress Rosa works in a pet shop. They have worked together in three drama productions before. As a result, the atmosphere during filming is relaxed and this has helped to hasten the process.



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Akai Ito
DVD Release Promotion

28 May 2009

Minamisawa Nao and Mizobata Junpei; their thoughts on meeting by chance

[Cinema Today Movie News] Starring in the movie and drama series Akai Ito, Nao Minamisawa and Mizobata Junpei share their thoughts about fate encounters prior to the DVD release. The red thread that binds 2 people together as actors, Minamisawa and Mizobata, what are their fate encounters?

Akai Ito is the red thread that binds the fate of 2 people together... that's the romantic theme which everyone is familiar with, but it also includes serious topics. Minamisawa plays a role whose character parts from a close friend and experiences the death of another, which leaves her in an emotional turmoil. Due to circumstances at home, it was decided that she could not stay together with the person she likes, Atsushi, played by Mizobata. "Even if both parties were to get hurt, personally I would rather have a discussion because you never know, there could be other more favourable options. Playing this role, I had to cast those thoughts away," he said.

These type of fate encounters, have they experienced it? Minamisawa replied, "I think being talent scouted, and as a result being here right now in this (entertainment) world, was definitely a chance encounter." Mizobata echoes her thoughts, "I feel that destiny has led me to where I am now, being able to have this job. Given this opportunity, and being able to do what I do, I am very happy. I believe that fate gives rise to the situations surrounding us." Right now, with both of them focusing only on their work, it seems that meeting that fated someone will have to wait a little bit longer.

The cellphone novel had a total of 3.6 million hits before it was turned into a series of novels. The main crux of Akai Ito is the love story between two people bounded by fate. Set in a modern day high school, the drama depicts the realities of group dynamics. It is overwhelmingly popular among middle and high school students, and has led to breakthrough roles for the two leading actors. The pure character of the protagonist (Mei) makes you want to experience a destined encounter yourself.

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Akai Ito DVD Box Set
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Akai Ito Standard Edition DVD
Akai Ito Special Edition DVD

This is probably the last we'll hear of Akai Ito :(

Source: http://cinematoday.jp/page/N0018096

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Narimiya Hiroki

2 June 2009
Good morning

Today I got up at 6 for filming.

Breakfast was rusk and, as usual, vegetable juice.

Finally my eyes are opening up

You too, have a good day.

This has been Narimiya.

I have eaten rusk before, I didn't know they were called rusk.
The only thing that came to mind was Russ-K.


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Mizushima Hiro leads ikemen band in manga turned movie BECK

Actor Mizushima Hiro (25) will star in a movie based on Harold Sakuishi's popular manga BECK. Centered around the guitar prodigy, the movie focuses on the ups and downs of the 5-man rock band BECK. Playing the members are Sato Takeru (20), Kiritani Kenta (29), Nakamura Aoi (18) and Mukai Osamu (27).

Mizushima is currently playing an undependable detective in the TBS drama MR.BRAIN but this role sees him as Ryusuke Minami, a charismatic guitarist and leader of the band. His proficiency in English will prove useful for this role. Sato Takeru who played his brother in Fuji TV's Mei-chan no Shitsuji plays Tanaka Yukio (also known as Koyuki), who does vocals in addition to playing the guitar. Kiritani is the rapper Chiba Tsunemi, Nakamura the drummer Sakurai Yuji and Mukai the bassist Taira Yoshiyuki.

The original manga centers around Koyuki but the main character in the movie is Ryusuke. Mizushima started guitar practice from the 28th of last month. Filming begins in July.


Excerpts from Yomiuri.
Read more on BECK.
Official BECK manga site.








 ◆映画「BECK」 竜介(水嶋)は平凡な高校生コユキ(佐藤)と偶然出会う。千葉(桐谷)、平(向井)とバンドを組んだ竜介はコユキと桜井(中村)も誘いBECKをスタート。コユキは天才的なボーカルの才能を開花させバンドもCDデビューするが、業界を牛耳るプロデューサーの陰謀に巻き込まれる。そんな中、バンド存続にかかわる条件と引き換えにロックフェスの出演依頼が来る。原作は第26回講談社漫画賞の少年部門を受賞。ライブシーンなどのエキストラ募集要項を6日発売の月刊少年マガジンに掲載。

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

31 May 2009
Rainy season?

Good evening! !

The weather hasn't been good lately ↓

Today too, it was raining in Tokyo!

Seems like it's the rainy season already? (;_;)

There's a tense atmosphere when filming BOSS, but I'm still enjoying it! Right now we're filming Episode 9. There are 2 episodes left, thinking about it makes me feel lonesome already (>_<)

The photo is again, of me holding a gun!!

There are very few parts where I carry a gun in the drama ↓

I really like those action scenes (*^o^*)

Why is he teary eyed??
And that gun looks like a water pistol ><


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Mizobata Junpei
Promoting High School Musical The Movie

Mizobata Junpei, dressing up as a girl in high school and interested in make-up?

28 May 2009

Actor Mizobata Junpei (19) recorded the CM narration for Disney's "High School Musical The Movie" blue-ray DVD (on sale June 10, 4935 yen) and DVD (3360 yen) at a studio in the Metropolitan area on 28 May. The movie depicts the story about a group of high school students who are anticipating their imminent graduation.

Mizobata shared a memory from his high school days. "I really liked the culture festival. I danced wearing girl's clothes. Borrowing my (older) sister's bra and mini-skirt, I sang Kumi Koda's 'Butterfly'. I thought I was good, but children began leaving," he laughed. Recently, while on location filming BOSS, he asked Toda Erika who was putting on make-up "Is it fun?". "Yup it is~" was the reply. Now Mizobata has begun to practise curling his eyelashes.

On turning 20 on the 14th of next month, "I'll work hard and be dutiful to my parents. Being an adult = filial piety. That's what it means to me." It's his way of 'graduating' from being a child. The CM will air from 6 June onwards.

[If Veoh isn't working, Utube is under the full post. Gotta go the extra mile for Junpei, lol. Also 2 4 more pics there, cos unleash has been complaining that she sees too many Jun平s on her main page ><]

Did anyone film him in that bra and mini-skirt?! Lol...


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