Friday, September 04, 2009

Hiroki Narimiya Blog
Mount Rainier

3 September 2009 00:57

Good evening

There was presentation for a new CM

I've been chosen to be
the image character of
Morinaga Milk Industry's "Mount Rainier"

Since I went to Paris,
I've come to like coffee
Opportunities to drink coffee have increased
It's great for a coffee enthusiast

In the CM
I appear with Ryoko Yonekura-san

It's been while
Since I last met Yonekura-san
When we acted in a drama together

She's the type of actress
Where it seems like there's no distance
even after a long absence

After that
To the studio
For a drama rehearsal

This time, the episode is quite interesting
The plot supports the main story well
And events are unravelling at a quick pace

My brains are on the verge of bursting
during rehearsal


I'm reading a bit more of the script

Well then

This has been Narimiya.

Only he would have to go to Paris to start enjoying coffee!

He has some huge birthday party celebration going on, I'm guessing he's performing something special... cos the management is charging those interested 27,000 Yen.


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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Narimiya-kun is erotic, cool"
The loving senior-junior relationship of Yonekura and Narimiya

2 September 2009

On 2nd September, Ryoko Yonekura and Hiroki Narimiya attended the product launch of Mt. Rainier Double Espresso, a chilled cup coffee. Yonekura described Narimiya as "erotic, playful and cool", surprising the reporters covering the event.

The CM will air from 8th September onwards. In the CM, Yonekura plays an attractive capable boss while Narimiya is a young company employee, a kouhai (junior) to Yonekura. "To have this kind of junior at work, it must be fun ne," said Yonekura. Narimiya replied, "Yonekura-san is very capable, and awfully charming. She's cute, but still glamorous."

When asked what type of boss would be ideal, Narimiya answered, "Someone who's not perfect is good. What's important for me is 'kindness'. If I know that they care about others, it would be easier for me to work for them." Even though he's from the entertainment industry, his comment speaks for the common salaryman as well.

The two of them had previously acted in a drama as a couple. The banter between them in the hall made it interesting for the reporters.

"I like Yonekura-san, but she always treats me like a child ne~ [laugh]," Narimiya confessed. Yonekura objected, "That's never happened before~!". Narimiya added "And Yonekura-san only cuts a potato in half. It's like 'man's cooking', where the ingredients are large,". In the end, Narimiya said "Actually, Yonekura-san is very skilled in cooking." The audience were entertained by their comfortable exchange of words on stage.

Cafe Latte and Espresso from Mt Rainier Double Espresso will start selling nationwide from 8th September (Tuesday) onwards. Yonekura and Narimiya are the first Japanese to be appointed for the Mt Rainier series ads. It is a stylish and sexy production, which seems to be the theme for this autumn.

Video from Channel Asahi.


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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Top Ten Baddies

Top Ten Actors in Bad-boy Roles

1. Oguri Shun

2. Ichihara Hayato

3. Matsumoto Jun

4. Yamada Takayuki
5. Kamiji Yusuke
6. Takaoka Sousuke
7. Akanishi Jin
8. Narimiya Hiroki
9. Matsuda Shota
10. Shirota Yuu

Tsutaya Ranking
Survey Period : 11 August 2009 to 24 August 2009


Tsukasa pic from http://matsumotojun.hot77.net/
Classic ore-sama.

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Ryo and Yamapi down with influenza

Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa down with influenza
1st September 2009 17:36

Nishikido Ryo (24) and Yamashita Tomohisa (24) from the popular group NEWS are likely to have been infected with the new strain of influenza, type A influenza. This was made known by a fax from their agency.

Nishikido was diagnosed on 31st August and Yamashita on 1st September. They have been instructed by their doctors to stop all work immediately and to rest at home until complete recovery.

Also according to TBS, there are still scenes that Nishikido is yet to complete for Episode 7 of the drama Orthros no Inu (to be broadcast on the 4th) so they are still considering the matter. Depending on his recovery, the future episodes will also be under review.

Update : 2nd September
According to various reports, Ryo was feeling unwell on the morning of the 30th with a fever of 38 degrees. He left filming of '24 Hour Television' to go to a nearby hospital. After testing negative for influenza, he was prescribed medicine for cold and fever and went back on the program. He was also put on intravenous drip while on location. The next morning, when he arrived at Midoriyama Studio to shoot Orthros no Inu, he reported feeling ill again and had a temperature of 39 degrees. He went to another hospital for a check-up and was tested positive for influenza this time.

Yamapi was fine during '24 Hour Television' but on the 1st at around noon, while filming for Buzzer Beat, started feeling feverish with a temperature of 38.2 degrees. He went to hospital, was tested positive for Influenza A and put on intravenous drip. Filming for the rest of the day was cancelled and he went home.

According to authorized personnel, there are no reports of influenza among the rest of the NEWS members or any of their co-actors. In Johnny's Jimusho, the talents are asked to put on masks and be vigilant about washing their hands.

Yamapi has not finished filming for the episode of Buzzer Beat to be aired on the 7th. There is a possibility of change in broadcast dates.

Update 2 : 3rd September

Kasuga Toshiaki of the owarai duo Audrey has been diagnosed with Influenza A. According to his agency, he was feeling unwell on the noon of the 2nd and went to a hospital in Tokyo for a check-up where he tested positive. Audrey took part in NTV's '24 Hour Television' on 29th and 30th August.

Update 3 : 3rd September
Johnny's Jimusho reported that Yamapi's and Ryo's temperatures are almost back to normal. "They are heading towards recovery," said authorized personnel on the 2nd. Their return to work though is still undecided.




The article didn't specifically mention H1N1, but sounds like it is. Nobuta power Yamapi, get well soon (>ω<*)

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Jonathan Sherr Blog
Filming Day 5 and 6

31st August 2009
Filming Day 5

I received many messages of support, really happy.
I'm thankful that Mao-chan's fans are also rooting for me.
Thank you very much! Thank you!!
I want to reply to each one but we're filming so I'm sorry if I'm late in updating the diary or answering your comments.
I'm thinking of putting up a photo with Mao-chan soon but please wait a little longer ne.

Filming is going ahead every day.
We went to a location near the sea during the weekend.
The setting sun was beautiful~.

The filming for Saturday was relaxed so we were able to enjoy filming.
Mao-chan's favourite word ne.

Can you see a face??  :-)

Everyone's encouragement really gives me strength.

On the way back, I met someone who was walking many dogs.
Seems like he rescues abandoned dogs, in total he's caring for 18 of them.
Sounds difficult but a a truly fantastic effort.

Filming Day 6
31st August 2009

Today's location was also near the sea.
The weather was suspect...

Up to now, we have been filming fun scenes but today we started having scenes where I had to express more complicated emotions and expressions.
So when the cameraman told me today,"When I saw today's scenes, I really felt sad too," I thought,"I managed to convey it!" and felt very happy.

Unfortunately, it started to rain in the evening and we couldn't do the outdoors filming.

At work during breaktime. photo by Mao-chan :)

Photo I took while the camera was being set up. Can you see a face here too??

A photo on the filming set. Mao-chan asked,"Wonder who this is?" and it became a topic of conversation.
Anyone knows?

The weather is stormy today too, so everyone please be careful ne.

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Buzzer Beat Blog
Episode 8~☆

31st August 2009 (Monday)

Hello niku here

The days just passed by

A typhoon is approaching the Kanto region, will everyone be okay...
You should go straight home today ne

Today's Episode 8~
Naoki and Riko are finally honest with each other, so it should over but...
So what's going to happen?

Yesterday, on another channel, he was the leading man in delivering hopes and dreams, today in Buzzer Beat!?
Look forward to it~

Well then, see you~


niku used the typhoon as a reason people should hurry home and watch BB :O

Typhoon batters Tokyo, surrounding areas
- Mainichi Daily News

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ayase Haruka supports Sierra Leone through box-office revenue

26 August 2009

On the 26th, actress Ayase Haruka (24), voice actress for the anime movie 'Hottarake~Haruka to Mahou no Kagami~' (Oblivion Island~Haruka and the Magic Mirror~), contributed 1 million yen of the box-office revenue to the Republic of Sierra Leone at Tokyo's UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) House. For every ticket sold, 10 yen will also be contributed to the fund. The country has the lowest life expectancy in the world. "It's a small contribution but it can be used to build facilities to treat sick children," Ayase said.


The average life expectancy of people in the Republic of Sierra Leone is 42.6 years.

[grumpy has a soft spot for her favourite subject - human geography]
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Hiroki Narimiya Blog
The Key to Magic

29 August 2009 22:25

I went to an opening party
for the launch of Fashion TV
with a friend

There was a keyhole at the entrance of the shop,
and when I inserted this key,
the door opened

It's a really cool store,
I received the key to magic
from the director of the store

There was a Power of Beauty Improvement Committee meeting (a weekly series with anan magazine)

The feature this time is about devices you can use to make yourself more beautiful
I have tried
The various beauty devices

Chances to try those devices are rare
Only then
As they were for testing purposes

Feels good [laugh]

I've looked forward to this for quite a while
The opening party in Japan
for the Select Shop of N.Y
I wanted to be there, but...

Because I have work tomorrow
I'm not going

And also
One week more
To Birthday Party

Through the mobile site
I'm accepting questions

I look forward to interesting questions

See you later

This has been Narimiya.

NY Select Shop


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