Friday, July 31, 2009

Koishite Akuma
Episode 5 Preview

Makoto has gotten engaged to Fuji. Kaito urges Ruka to suck her blood before she gets married but Ruka realizes that he feels a hesitation to do so and he is at a loss. Jiro and the Shinjo family worries over what is troubling the brooding Ruka.

Meanwhile in school, Kaori is making preparations for a new play by the drama club and asks for help. Hiroto, Naoki and Makoto pitch in. In school, Fuji and Ruka run into each other and Fuji informs him of his engagement to Makoto. The unexpected reaction from the usually reserved Ruka surprises Makoto and his classmates.

Ruka is in despair as he wistfully watches Makoto making arrangements for her wedding. From that Ruka, a change is about to take place...!


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Buzzer Beat Blog
Tension UP☆

30th July 2009 (Thursday)

Hello niku here.

Episode 3 again ended right when you were feeling anticipation ne~

Ratings for Episode 3 went up a little, so everyone's tension also went up.
Thank you very much for watching at 9 o'clock.

Recently we've been filming a lot of the cute girls, it heals the heart (*laugh*)
The girls are like adult soup (chicken soup for adults?)

Today's photo shows the uniform-type keychains.

Everyone's numbers and names are written on them.
Cute, aren't they?
(Unfortunately, I don't think they're being sold as merchandise...)

By the way, has everyone seen SHOWER BEAT?
Mizobata-kun, Aoki-kun and Ishida-san (a pro basketball player) have informed you but there are back-and-forths and conversations among the 3 of them not seen in the drama, so please watch.

You can watch from the PC or mobile phone.

Well then, see you~


From Keiko's blog. In yukatas for Episode 4.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ninkyo Helper Blog
The filming...

26th July 2009 (Sunday)

Hello!! Playing the role of Izumi Reiji, Yamamoto Yusuke here!!
This is the second time for the official blog!!
When you look at the photo, what do you think!?? (*laugh*)??!

Actually, it's the moment today's filming ended... it's not 3 in the afternoon, it's 3 after midnight (>_<)
It's the time when it's totally silent outside and even the street lights are no longer on!!

To make a good drama, the staff and cast stayed up to this late hour, rousing things up on location... all the sleepiness swept away!!

And especially our guest for Episode 4, Yamada Yu-san really livened up the atmosphere!!
Everytime each of the great personalities appear as guests, they not only heat up Ninkyo Helper, but the filming location too (^O^)/

Well then…Izumi-san is……going home …to sleep …good night..
Till next time (-.-)zzZ


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buzzer Beat
Episode 3 Screencaps

Just a few screencaps, in no particular order. And yatta Grumpy, looks like you'll love this episode.

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Koishite Akuma
Episode 4 Preview

In spite of trying to suck Makoto's blood, his fangs disappeared. Not knowing the reason, Ruka is left bewildered and when told by Kaito that what it undoubtedly meant was that he was in love with her, he vehemently denies it.

But Kaito's words remains in his mind and Ruka becomes more conscious of Makoto. Meanwhile, Kaori asks Ruka to act in the drama that the drama club is staging.

That night, Ruka who is irritated by Kaito's criticism of his inability to suck blood, takes to the streets.

Around the same time, Fuji who is having dinner with Makoto finally shows her the photograph he picked up by chance, a picture of Makoto and a boy who resembles Ruka, and they start talking.

Before long, the two of them leave the restaurant. Ruka, who secretly sees them, does something unexpected the next day...?


My favourite part of Episode 3 was when Ruka walked around Makoto and finally walks off mumbling worriedly that he couldn't find anything to compliment her on!

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
22nd July 2009

「Summer holiday special project!!」
22nd July 2009 22:20

Everyone, how are you getting along??
The humid weather is continuing, you could say that the hot summer is here!

Summer holiday special project!!
「Mao-san's Hawaii Souvenirs Present~♪」

These are bought when we went to Hawaii for Shonen Magazine.
Scrunchies (American Apparel) and Colour Elastics♪
The stylist, Hirabashi-san provided the colour elastics on location and words like HAPPY and SMILE were written on them. They were so cute Mao-san went to the store to buy them.
During the shoot, Mao-san and the staff too, everyone ended up having them on!!

We have 3 of each (brand new), for a total of 9 people to present them to!!

〒150-8691  Shibuya Post Office Post Office Box No.75
(Inoue Mao Summer Holiday Present)
Send in your applications!!

※Valid postmarks by 1st August 2009, please send postcards.
Results of the draw will be announced here. (Those wishing to stay anonymous please include a pseudonym)

We're waiting for everyone's entries!


Bet fans would rather have them second-hand from Mao than brand new :D
One of the scrunchies Mao has is this one called Lavender Splatter.

2009年07月22日 22:20






〒150-8691  渋谷郵便局 私書箱75号
『井上真央 夏休みプレゼント係』まで、

※2009年8月1日(土)の消印有効 官製ハガキでご応募ください。



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Monday, July 27, 2009

Mizobata Junpei
Bourbon Petit Series CM

Red hot! Let's Go Petit Series TV CM

It will be a pleasure to choose from the 24 types of Petit Series.

The new image character is Mizobata Junpei-kun whose popularity is rising.

In the CM, Mizobata-kun communicates with fellow Petit friends in Shanghai through a webcam.

Knowing that Petit can also be found in Shanghai, "Let's go to Shanghai!" is what Mizobata-kun exclaims enthusiastically in this CM which has a global feeling to it.

TV CM here. [15secs, 997kb]
(Open in a new tab to watch, or left-click to download.)

Red hot! Let's Go Petit Series Web CM

Similar to the TV CM, Mizobata-kun communicates with his Petit friends through a webcam. Together, they talk about the various types of Petit Series.

Finding out that there are 24 different types in Japan, the Petit friends in Shanghai become envious. For a moment, Mizobata-kun feels proud.

The expansion of global communication will be fun.

Web CM here. [40secs, 2.4mb]
(Open in a new tab to watch, or left-click to download.)

Their CMs are always so full of info ><

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Buzzer Beat Blog
Episode 3〜☆

27th July 2009 (Monday)

Hello niku here.

It's hot today too, are all of you suffering from summer heat?

Episode 3 will be broadcast today ne.
In Episode 3, the beach I mentioned about before will make its appearance.
Look forward to what scenes they are ne~

While watching, guess who the big kids are (*laugh*)

Let Buzzer Beat cure the fatigue of playing over the weekend.

Well then, see you.


Fujiyama Makoto Blog
26th July 2009
Good morning

Good weather today too ne.
Filming for Buzzer Beat today also.

In the photo is Moriguchi and Aoki.
We'll do our best filming.
See you.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buzzer Beat Blog
Rain sometimes clears up?

25th July 2009 (Saturday)

Hello niku here.

Sorry I can't update everyday...
Yesterday for the whole day, the rain fell, stopped, rajibandari...
But I was surprised when it cleared up once Yamashita-kun arrived on location.
What a Clear-Weather Guy (*laugh*)

Then, we had excessive fine weather today... as expected it saps your physical strength.
On location, another rainbow?!

There's something written...
It's for some event (*laugh*)

Well then, see you~


rajibandari is a joke by comedy duo Double Dutch, where they say things that ends in ~tari, ~tari, rajibandari. niku was saying in that line kinou wa, ichinichi ame ga futtari, yandari, rajibandari de.

Players and cheerleaders.

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Narumi Riko
Cinema Girls Vol.4

Scans from anonymous@2ch

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Inoue Mao
Cinema Girls Vol.4

Scans thanks to maomao (ノ・_・)

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