Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hana Kimi SP
Sanspo article

The short-haired and disguised-as-a-boy Homaki is back ! Fuji's [Hanazakari] SP

Fuji TV's drama [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen ♂ Paradise~] which was aired in July last year is back. The female fans fever for ikemen has not cooled down, with the official HP racking up 376 million hits. One of the ikemen appearing on the show Ikuta Toma (23) made an appeal "On the broadcast date (still undecided) please stay glued to the television and join in the ikemen paradise festival."

Responding to the 'love calls' from females all over the country, the ikemen are back.

In Hanazakari, the main character Horikita Maki (19) hides her real identity as a girl and enters an all-boys high school as Ashiya Mizuki. The high jumper Sano Izumi is Oguri Shun. Embracing his slowly awakening love for Mizuki is Nakatsu Shuichi (Ikuta Toma). It's a school drama depicting friendship and romance.

In her first role as a boy, Horikita Maki with the short hair and Oguri Shun, who is already an established young ikemen actor, gained popularity with average audience ratings at 17.3%. The final 2-hour episode special garnered 21.0%, creating a whirlwind of ikemen fever all over Japan.

According to Fuji, the special starts off half a year after Ashiya, being exposed as girl, left Osaka Gakuen. Valentine's Day is approaching and the campus is getting excited about the event. During this time, Sano and Nakatsu reminisce over what had happened in the final week of their last summer vacation...

That one week will actually be the main point. It will be about the various events that happened between Mizuki and the ikemen boys between the summer camp (Episode 7) and the start of the 2nd semester (Episode 8).

Of course the high school graduation ceremony and the status of Ashiya and Sano's romance will be highlighted too. Moriyasu Aya, the producer, said "I and my fellow team-mates who I'm really proud of, want the viewers to see not only the outward appearance of the ikemen, but also to feel their essence."

Horikita, who for the second time is having her hair lobbed off, said "Will Ashiya's tension be able to come back ? It's causing me some worry." Then she enthusiastically said "I'll do my best to play the 'powerful' Mizuki again."

Oguri who is doing another popular final again commented "During the drama, I thought this is an idea that I couldn't do anymore. I will try to play a high school student again. I will do my best." Filming begins on the 19th.


Tried as best as I could. The more I try to translate, the more I realize how much I've absolutely no freakin idea about ↓↓ If you spot any mistakes, correct me onegai shimasu !


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