Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tokyo Dogs Teaser

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Buzzer Beat Blog

18th September 2009 (Friday)

Finally we're nearing the final episode next week on the 21st (Monday)
Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~
The final episode is a special from 21:00~22:09!

In commemoration of that,
we are giving away 10 ID card case with a neck strap
that we made to publicize the program
in a lottery.

Those who want it,
send a postcard with your postal code, address, full name and age to

Fuji TV Public Relations Department
Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~
Blog Present

Please apply.
Closing date is on the 25th (postmarks up to date).
We'll be waiting for your applications.

Crank up~☆
18th September 2009 (Friday)

Hello niku here

At last we have cranked up filming~

I have been doing many programs but this might be the one that I most not want to end
See you tomorrow, wake up early in the morning and look forward to meeting everyone...
It was that fun on location

The photo today, final bento

On the 18th, Kanjiya Shihori-san and Hannya-san will be on 'Pekepon Autumn Revenge Special' at 19:00
Kanjiya Shihori-san will be a guest on 'VivaVivaV6' at 23:00♪
Please watch

Well then, see you

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Friday, September 18, 2009

CM Updates

Horikita Maki: Lotte

Michiko Kichise: Nivea Creamy Body Milk

Maki is so cute!

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Celebrity Sightings
Volume 212

These celebrity sightings are submitted by readers to TSUTAYA, so we might be sifting through hallucinations, wistful pairings and mistaken identities (>o<)

★ Oguri Shun, Inoue Mao and others @ National Stadium
I saw Oguri Shun-kun, Inoue Mao-chan, Tsumabuki Satoshi-kun, Shimura Ken-san and Akiyoshi Kumiko-san at Arashi's national concert. I was so surprised they were so close to me!! - Female, 36

★ Nishikido Ryo, Ikuta Toma and others @ Arashi national concert
I saw Nishikido Ryo-kun, Ikuta Toma-kun, Ogu-san, Kuroki Hitomi-san (and daughter), Maya Miki-san, Matsushita Yuki-san and Kiss My Ft members!! - Female, 17

★ Mizobata Junpei @ Kouchi
Mizobata-san came to the Yokosai Matsuri at Kouchi to film a movie. He was so good-looking. - Female, 16

Kaneko Nobuaki @ Shibuya
I saw Kaneko Nobuaki-san, who's appearing in Buzzer Beat, while eating lunch at Shibuya. He looks different from his role, gives off a refreshing feeling. - Female, 33

Saotome Taichi @ Komatsu Airport lobby
I saw Saotome Taichi-kun at Komatsu Airport lobby. He was looking down, using his mobile phone. His profile looked good. - Female, 42

★ Sato Takeru & Mizushima Hiro @ Fujikyu neighbourhood
When I came as a BECK extra recently, the BECK cast members were nearby ★ Everyone looked so cool! - Female, 17

Atae Shinjirou @ Chofu Shopping District
I saw Atae-kun from AAA at the Chofu Shopping District. He was wearing a uniform, filming for a new movie. - Female, 16

Okada Junichi @ Hamanako SA
I saw Okada-kun from V6 at Hamanako SA. He was with a girl. They looked like they were enjoying themselves talking. - Female, 33

Ishida Yasushi @ ryokan in Yakushima
I ate in the same dining room with him at the ryokan!! He had a towel around his head and was eating enthusiastically. Everyone noticed him but didn't say a thing. - Female, 22

★ Matsuyama Kenichi & Koyuki @ a supermarket
I saw Matsuyama Kenichi-san and Koyuki-san shopping together. Koyuki-san was very pretty♪

★ Tegoshi Yuya @ Parco Shibuya
I saw Tegoshi-kun from NewS at a shop in Parco Shibuya. When I called out to him, he smiled and gave me a handshake too. - Female, 20

Itakura Toshiyuki @ IKEA in Yokohama
I saw Itakura-san at IKEA. He was with a gorgeous woman. They were buying things like futon and pair tableware! Everyone noticed, but he was unperturbed! -Female, 24

IKKO @ Chinatown in Kobe
I saw IKKO-san at Chinatown in Kobe surrounded by people, getting her photo taken and shaking hands with everyone, she left such a good impression. I shook hands with her too! - Female, 23

Uchi Hiroki @ Loft in Umeda, Osaka
I saw Uchi Hiroki-kun at Loft in Umeda, Osaka. He was exuding an aura ☆ Slim and handsome. - Female, 23

Okura Tadayoshi @ Mishuku
I saw Kanjani8's Okura Tadayoshi-kun eating with a normal-looking older woman! Okura-kun looked like he has a reserved image but they seemed to have fun talking. - Female, 26

Ohno Satoshi @ Kawaguchi Center Building
He was in the midst of filming a serious drama scene and his tense facial expression fascinated us who were watching this really handsome man. He was giving off a sparkling aura in his suit! - Female, 40

Ogura Tomoaki @ Arashi concert
Ogura-san was at Arashi's concert. - Female, 34

Segawa Ryo & Kobayashi Megumi @ a confectionary
I saw Segawa Ryo-san and Kobayashi Megumi-san together at a confectionary. Segawa-san looked handsome and Kobayashi-san was very beautiful. - Female, 30

Takizawa Hideaki & Kyomoto Masaki @ Aoyama Theater
When I went to Aoyama Theater to watch a musical, I was surprised to see the two of them. Happy that they sat so close to me too. - Female, 40

Yamada Ryosuke & Arioka Daiki @ Shinjuku west entrance in front of Mizuho Bank
I saw Yamada-kun and Arioka-kun from Hey!Say!Jump! with 2 others. All of them were walking in their school uniforms. They looked even better than on television. - Female, 20

I was looking for Shimura Ken-san from the first celebrity sighting when I realized who he is. He's one who's always with my favourite chimpanzee ever, Pan-kun!

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Jonathan Sherr Blog
Today's filming

16th September 2009

Good evening.

Great weather today too!

But actually because I was filming in the studio the whole day, I didn't notice the time at all!
Somehow it felt like it was about 2 in the afternoon the whole time but when I went out, it had gotten dark.

Well that's a bit of an exaggeration. There was a scene change and after changing outfits, I went back to the studio. Although I knew it was dark out, it was really strange that when I went back in, it felt like noon again.

Something interesting happened at lunch today.

I ate tarako spaghetti at the cafeteria.
I thought it was just a normal order but for some reason, many people went
"Ah, it's tarako spaghetti."
The voices were all around and I attracted curious attention.

Surprisingly, they didn't know it was on the menu. Actors from other filming sets were also called over!
There was someone who looked like he wanted to eat it badly and jokingly asked me "How about sharing half?"
"No, it's okay," that's how the conversation ended up. No doubt he will eat it tomorrow.

Every time I come to the studio, I receive refreshments from various people. Especially today, I got this much!

I'll do my best tomorrow too!

As expected
17th September 2009

Good evening.

Great weather today too~! It's gradually getting cooler (suzushii).
Somehow today I keep making the mistake of saying 'samushii'.
Maybe that's the gap between cool (suzushii) and cold (samui)?

I want to keep on doing my best for the Japanese language...

Just as I predicted yesterday, the guy who came to talk to me about my tarako spaghetti ended up eating it!

Lunch was a little smaller today. (By the way it was cold noodle.)
Because, woah! For refreshments, the crepe store was waiting!!

After eating the banana chocolate whipped cream, in the next scene I had to eat chocolate ice cream, and I ended up with quite a sugar rush.

When my blood sugar level gets too high, I get dizzy. Hopeless, hopeless.

Recently (these past 2 days?) food has become the topic.
This blog seems to be heading towards a blog that talks only about food...

As expected, autumn brings in the appetite!


I'm not sure about the ice cream line but I think that's the gist of it (*^_^;)

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Inoue Mao 2009

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Inoue Mao
Himitsu no Arashi-chan Screencaps

Thumbnails under the Full Post.
Please do not hotlink!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yamamoto Yusuke at Twinkle Lady Award

First experience for Yamamoto Yusuke! Taken in by horse racing
17th September 2009

Actor Yamamoto Yusuke (21), currently appearing in Fuji TV's Ninkyo Helper, served as a presenter for the Sankei Sports Cup Twinkle Lady Award, held at the Ooi racetracks in Tokyo on the 16th.

In the talk show held before that, he said,"This is my first experience of horse racing. Coming here today, it looks like fun. I think I'll come by with my friends from now on." It seems he has been completely taken in by the glamour of horse racing.



First time I saw the photos, I thought he was an honorary guest at a bingo parlour. What the heck is Ever Green making their boys do?!


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Yamapi and Kagami Seira in FRIDAY

Yamashita Tomohisa and popular model Kagami Seira izakaya date at Yurakuchou Gadoshita

Gadoshita means under the tracks. Yurakuchou Gadoshita is lined with izakaya (Japanese bars) and is popular with salarymen.

Kagami Seira (22) is a popular model and singer of mixed parentage. Her father is Canadian and her mother Japanese. She started modeling at 12. She gained attention when she appeared in a commercial for Zexy, humming the background music "papapapa~n", with a cute smile.

They were introduced by a friend early this year and quickly grew close. According to people in the know, they started dating before summer. Yamapi is said to have attended her live performance in July but he did not stand out as it was crowded. Eye-witnesses reported seeing the two of them happily together. It seems like Kagami also confided in her female staff members about how happy she is.

Johnny's has issued a statement denying the relationship and said she is just one his friends. Kagami's agency did not respond.

More on Kagami Seira (From her official myspace page)
Seira was born and raised in Tokyo, but her father was raised in Canada (half French, half Polish), so she is mixed with Japanese, French and Polish. She has been modeling since she was 12 years old.

She started working for teen magazines and so on. In 2 years, She was on a TV commercial for a Wedding magazine called "Zekushii" from the company "Recruit". Also, She was on a cell phone commercial for "J-Phone" with Dragon-Ash theme song and many other commercials. Now, she is advertising a face lotion called "Freeplus" commercial for the Japanese leading cosmetic company,Kanebo, and McDonald's promoting their product called "Cinnamon Melts".

She went to the University of Toronto, in Canada, came back to Tokyo, Japan, and started her career as an actress, singer and a model. On October 24th, 2007, her debut song "Kaleidoscope/Lonely Light" was released.

Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/kagamiseira
Blog : http://ameblo.jp/seira-kagami/
Official Site : http://www.vap.co.jp/seira/

As expected, the number of comments in her latest blog post has skyrocketed. Most commented on how cute she is and that they're cheering her on.

Kanebo Freeplus CM

All pics from Yamapi's rumour thread in 2ch.

I need a 'Yamaki in a bar' banner!


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Actor You Want As Your Boyfriend

1. Matsumoto Jun

2. Sakurai Sho

3. Fukuyama Masaharu

4. Mukai Osamu
5. Sato Takeru
6. Mizushima Hiro
7. Kamiji Yusuke
8. Oguri Shun
9. Yamashita Tomohisa
10. Ninomiya Kazunari

This time the ranking is also differentiated by blood type of voters.

Blood Type A
1st Matsumoto Jun
He looks unfeeling but the fact that he can deliver so many different types of emotion is sweet. / It's great how he's so cool and serious.
2nd Kamiji Yusuke
He's cheerful and simple, feels like we'll always have fun together. / He's silly but kind and cool.
3rd Mukai Osamu
His smile is the best! And he has firm opinions of his own. / He's intelligent and good at cooking too. He can teach me many things.

Blood Type B
1st Mizushima Hiro
He's cool and so serious about his work! / In my preference of faces, he has one that strikes dead center. His earnestness and manliness during the marriage conference was so tender.
2nd Matsumoto Jun
Cool and sexy, his smile is cute. / I feel like I can fall in love with Matsujun, who charms women not with his looks, but his personality.
3rd Mukai Osamu
He doesn't put on airs, there's a naturalness in him. / Refreshing and possesses intelligence, his style is also ideal!

Blood Type O
1st Matsumoto Jun
Handsome and unexpectedly gentle. / He looks like he can lead no matter when!
2nd Fukuyama Masaharu
He's nothing but cool! His kindness to other people is also wonderful! / He's cool and well-spoken!
3rd Sakurai Sho
He's intelligent and handsome and yet there seems to be something missing... It tickles your maternal instincts. / He seems steady but also cute.

Blood Type AB
1st Fukuyama Masaharu
He's manly in appearance and character. / He's cool but good humoured, not fickle, never forgets to be grateful to people around him.
2nd Sakurai Sho
He has good looks and is a high achiever, and his being slightly playful is great! / You can feel his empathy and kindness.
3rd Sato Takeru
He's cool and stylish. / He's handsome! But he has his cute side too and it makes my heart tighten.

Survey Period : 24 August 2009 ~ 7 September 2009
Jun and Sho pics from HACA.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buzzer Beat Blog
6 Crowns~☆

12th September 2009 (Saturday)
Hello niku here

Erm~, been running around everyday, sorry

Well then, wow, we received 6 crowns from Ori★Suta's Summer Drama AWARD~

Favourite Summer Drama
1st Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~

Favourite Actor in Summer Drama
1st Yamashita Tomohisa

Favourite Actress in Summer Drama
1st Kitagawa Keiko

Notable Actor in Summer Drama
1st Mizobata Junpei

Notable Actress in Summer Drama
1st Kanjiya Shihori

Favourite Summer Drama Theme Song
1st Ichibu to Zenbu (B'z)

Thank you very much

I'm so happy it turned out this way~
Everyone has received us so well~

A little more!!
I will also not give up to the very end

Well then, see you~

Episode 10~☆
13th September 2009

Hello niku here

Finally Episode 10 tomorrow
"The final chapter ・ Farewell"
What kind of farewell awaits...

For us too, little by little the time for everyone to bid farewell nears, how lonely
But separation makes people strong ne
(Eh? Sounds like we've heard that somewhere before... (*laugh*))

Been a while, a photo
The bar everyone gathers at

All sorts of stories here too~

Well then, Yamashita-kun and Kitagawa-san are appearing in 'Ganbatta Awards' tomorrow at 19:00

Please watch

Well then, see you~

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Jonathan Sherr Blog
Sorry for not writing!

15th September 2009

Good evening!
Sorry for the late blog update!

During the weekend, our filming location was near the sea.

It was a little troublesome with the rain falling intermittently
but the ones suffering the most were the staff who were doing their best in the rain.

Really much appreciated!

The breeze at the beach was pretty chilly, Mao-chan and me felt quite cold.
Made me feel summer is over.

Although I do like autumn.

We've been at this location 3 times and there's this mark that has aーーーlways bothered me.
Seems like some sort of damage on a pillar but to me it looks like I can see something in it.
Can you see anything?

Maybe it's something like a Rorschach test but don't worry. There are no marks for it!

A flower I've never seen is also in bloom.

Today we had filming in studio.
We finished filming safely today too!

In the photo is Ucchi-sensei and the assistant from Hair and Make-up, Eita-san who have always taken care of me. They came today. Eita-san seems to change the design? every 2 weeks.
His charm point is his hairstyle?

Well, his personality's good too though (^O-)b


I see...
A man opening up his mouth really wide to swallow a fly.
An upside down witch on a broom.
Makino throwing mini-Domyouji up joyously in the air.

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Inoue Mao 2009

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