Thursday, December 27, 2007

vol.3 Crank-in


Vol.3 Crank-in (start of filming) was from that scene...

Honey and Clover's filming begins, and directly from the start, it's Hagumi (Narumi Riko) & Takemoto (Ikuta Toma) first encounter scene. This is a crucial scene, where Takemoto-kun falls in love with Hagumi at first sight. It's already winter, nevertheless from about half past six in the morning, shooting takes place. To portray the Spring season, Riko-chan and Toma-kun are accordingly lightly dressed. Just to look at Toma-kun with his bermudas as this cold time of the year makes you shiver uncontrollably. For the Fine Arts location shoot (college where story takes place), preparing the surroundings required sakura trees & a large quantity of sakura petals fluttering about as they met. This is a beautiful scene that has no need for words. "It's winter, so the air clears up and it's pretty isn't it ? I think you'll definitely fall in love if you meet like this," Toma-kun said. Look forward to more on the shooting of that scene and more introductions on this website !


Actually, even without winter, looking at Toma in the bermudas sort of makes me shiver. Gomen, Grumpy ! O, and if we're going to Japan, prepare a plastic bag of sakura petals just in case we meet him.


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