Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aura #190308


こんばんは!!今日も1日お疲れ様でした(^-^)/今日はテレビジョンの取材をうけてから…明日のパズルの撮影のため地方に前乗りしました('-^*) /この写真はホテルからのリアルタイムな写メですっ!!隣で共演者の了君の話し声をかすかに感じながらブログを打っています('-^*)/なんだか笑えます!!


19th March 2008
From the hotel !!
Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ I did a television interview today... it's about the location of shooting we did before and doing again tomorrow ('-^*) / This photo is a realtime phone-photo taken at the hotel !! I can hear the voice of my co-actor Ryou-kun faintly from next door as I'm updating the blog ('-^*)/ Sounds like he's laughing !!

We have come to the last broadcast of Jump tomorrow !! It feels a little sad that the program where Yamamoto Yusuke was looked after and given the chance to show himself to the world has ended. It is the first time I've been a regular in a variety show ↓↓ But I want to believe that I'll go back to everyone in Jump again. Thank you for this half year !!
And also, I have something to tell everyone but it's still under information restriction so once it's cleared I'll give you a report !!


Everytime he says that, I cross my eyes and hope it's for a Hana Kimi SP.

UPDATE : YATTAAAAAA ! Must've crossed my eyes really convincingly !! Hana Kimi SP CONFIRMED !


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