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21st March 2008
Men Non-No
Good evening !! Today we filmed at the countryside !! The high school we're at in Puzzle is called the Kinben High School... so we're called Kinben Boys... so this Kinben Boys member went to the pharmacist (^O^)/ Bought stuff like hay fever medicine and some tasty pastry. Ended up to be quite a huge sum ↓↓ Everyone was quite surprised by it. Deflated, I went back to the hotel. So that is the pretty dull report (*laugh*)

Yesterday was the first time the Kinben Boys did a spread for Men's Non-No !! The Kinben Boys have a t-shirt collaboration with them... the teacher usually bullies us around, but for the first time we actually look cool in the 3 shots. Everyone please take a look at them, this is another piece of information for you (^O^)/ The phone-photo shows the styled hair I got from that cool set. I uploaded it for everyone to take a look at !!

My stint in Jump has ended ne ↓↓ When I saw the last show on-air, I felt a terribly lonely feeling. Somehow when I recall all the things I've been doing up to now, it was pretty tough !! But it's also a program that has a lot of good memories...
From now on, I will work hard so that I can get to work on dramas, movies, variety shows, all sorts of jobs !!


Nice shot, but somehow it makes me think of a coconut. And no mention of Hana Kimi SP ?! I'm disappointed.


On Saturday, March 22, 2008 10:42:00 PM, Anonymous grumpy wrote...

that hair reminds me of magneto's helmet...


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