Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mizushima Hiro in a kimono

Actor Mizushima Hiro made a guest talk show appearance for Suzunoya's Seireien Kimono Show, a collection by designer Koizumi Kyoko, dressed in a kimono on the 29th of August. Mizushima, who is usually clad in denim and other modern apparel, said of his appearance,"I don't get to wear this often, it's refreshing. I feel my body straightening up in this." Asked about a role he'd like try next he said smiling,"Wearing the kimono, I now feel an interest in historical dramas."



Hiro looks tired, doesn't he? :(


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Buzzer Beat Blog
Violin tune~☆

24th August 2009 (Monday)

Hello niku here

How was Episode 7
Wow~ So many things happened, it went by in the blink of an eye ne
For me, it was just tears and tears again

Well then, about the tune that Riko played for Naoki previously,
many people requested for the ringtone so
you can download it at the mobile site

Does Riko's violin playing heal you too?

I downloaded it straight away and made it my mail ringtone (*Laugh*)

Well then, see you


Buzzer Beat display at Players Shibuya, one of the sponsors.

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
28th August 2009

Darling wa Gaikokujin
28th August 2009 19:36

The comic essay by Oguri Saori-sensei 'Darling wa Gaikokujin' is being made into a movie.
Mao-san is playing the main role!
Just as the name says, her darling is a foreigner and Mao-san is an aspiring manga illustrator.
She's playing Oguri-sensei herself♪
It's scheduled to open in Toho Cinemas nationwide in spring of 2010.

★Message from Mao-san★
"Everyone! My next darling is a foreigner! (*laugh*)
The laughs never stop at the relaxed filming location, we enjoy filming everyday♪
Jonathan who plays the role of Tony is great(^^)
I want to play Saori just like in the original work, cute and always working very hard!
Everyone, please look forward to it ne!"

In the relentless summer heat we've been having recently, she's diligently filming every day!!
I'll post behind the scenes stories from the filming location next time so look forward to it!!

Jonathan Sherr Blog
2nd day of filming
23rd August 2009

Today we filmed an evening scene.
A scene using props.
It looks easy but when I gave it a try it went quite badly...
We had to do so many retakes, I felt so miserable making all the staff members wait...

Without thinking I said "Sorry..." and the director said,"No need to apologize!"

There are many, many things I have to learn.

Tonight I will get a good rest, switch modes and work hard tomorrow too!

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Four Ikemens in new uno CM

Shiseido's spray styling agent 'uno fog bar' new CM product launch was attended by its promotion models - Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita and Miura Haruma. Filming was done in London, and the four of them got along well together. "The mood was like we were on a trip, it didn't feel like it was 'work'", Eita said. Oguri and Miura looked up to Tsumabuki like an older brother. "When I'm the shortest one?" Tsumabuki replied, which made the others laugh.

Watch the CMs here.


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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mizobata Junpei in Yosakoi dance!
Movie to be filmed in Kouchi, where the dance originated from

27 August 2009

Japan's biggest summer festival, the Yosakoi Festival which originated from the Kouchi Prefecture, is the stage for an emotionally charged movie. Current popular young actor, Mizobata Junpei will play the lead in "Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu" (The Summer You Danced).

Mizobata-san's character, Shinpei, moves from Kouchi to Tokyo to be a professional photographer. 5 years later, fatigued by life in Tokyo, he returns to his hometown. He meets his ex-girlfriend, Kaori. They had once made a promise to move to Tokyo together. For the sake of her sister (Sakura), Kaori wants to grant her a dying wish. That wish was for Shinpei and Kaori to be in the legendary team of Yosakoi dance once again, "Ichimujin". Shinpei understands Kaori's feelings, and decides to participate in the Yosakoi dance, but...

Playing the role of the heroine Kaori is Kinami Haruka, an upcoming actress who was also in 20th Century Boys. Her character struggles to fulfill the wish of Sakura (Ayane Omori) who suffers from an incurable disease.

For 3 days from the 8th to 10th August, filming had begun during the real Yosakoi Festival. Mizobata-san who was there to observe the festival, "Everyone's enthusiasm is overwhelming, it's more than what I had imagined. It's a good feeling, protecting tradition... What surprised me the most was that even under the blazing sun, everyone was dancing with a smile. I will work hard to deliver a good movie which will display Kouchi's tradition."

Filming will be from end of September till November. Tentative release is autumn of 2010. 3/4 of filming is planned to be in Kouchi, filming in the city area is slated to be in October. A repeat of the Yosakoi Festival has been arranged.

Yet another disease storyline?!
The plot is so weak, I don't think I even wanna watch it ><



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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
26th August 2009

Boku Kimi Preview Event
26th August 2009 22:55

We will leave summer vacation behind soon, but before that we want to give everyone some information about presents!!

You are cordially invited to the preview event of 'Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu' on 28 September (Monday) in Tokyo!!
We made a request to Toho for all of you who have always supported Mao-san and they have prepared 60 seats for you!
(To everyone from the PR Department of Toho, thank you very much♪)

(Important points)
※ One entry per person on a postcard with your postal code, address, name and age.
※ If you wish for a pair ticket, please include the name of your partner as well.
※ Winners will be announced here. (Those who wish to remain anonymous, please include a pseudonym)
※ Tickets not for sale. Only the names on the registered invitation will be allowed entry.
※ Cut-off for entries postmarked 11 September 2009 (Friday).

Shibuya Post Office Post Office Box No.75
Inoue Mao (Boku Kimi Preview)

Lately Mao-san has been busy everyday with filming for the movie that will open next year and magazine interviews for 'Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu'.
From now on, the magazines she did the interviews for will start going on sale, so everyone please don't forget to check ♪♪


October issue of Cheese! magazine comes with a Boku Kimi clear file.


Jonathan Sherr, Mao's co-star for My Darling is a Foreigner has just started a blog and it looks like he'll be writing out his movie experience in detail. Maybe someone should pop by his blog and request he write in English as well... d(^_^)

First experience of purification
21st August 2009

I'm Jonathan Sherr.
I'm playing the role of Tony in the movie 'Darling wa Gaikokujin'. Accordingly, I'm writing a blog! I'd be happy if I can share my experience with everyone. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Finally, tomorrow's crank-in!! Today to pray for safety during filming and success of the movie, I took part in a purification ceremony. (In Japan, people pray at the shrine for important intentions. Interesting.)
With many of the staff members kneeling in the shrine, the prayers started. Kneeling beside Inoue Mao-chan, my name was called and we prayed. Bowed twice, clapped twice, bowed once. This was my first experience. Refreshing! I felt motivated!

From now on, I will experience different things and they will be fresh and valuable ones for me. I feel really excited.
(May this be a good production!)

I pray for it! And with all my might, I'll do my best!!

Crank in!
21st August 2009

Today was the first day of filming!
When I got on location, starting with Inoue Mao-san, the one who plays Tony's partner Saori, I was surrounded by many staff members and all the different people involved. I was so nervous.

And some girls who were sightseeing said they wanted my autograph, I was shocked!! "From me~?" I thought as I signed autographs. Felt a little embarrassed...

Things moved fast on location and it feels like a first day that ended after a lot of effort.
But the staff members supported me with their kindness! Thank you very much!!

This feeling, without forgetting how I feel from the beginning, I'll do my best till the end~!!

Oh yeah, today there was a chiffon cake used for a cafe scene. After filming, I ate it, it was really delicious.
But it seems Mao-chan doesn't really like sweet things...
Well I have a sweet tooth, so I took Mao-chan's share as well. Thanks for the treat!


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hiroki Narimiya Blog

26 August 2009 22:07

There was a photo shoot for Men's Nonno today.

For the feature page of ABC Mart...

That kind of feeling

In the studio
There was a super delicious marshmallow

There's chocolate in it

As the photo session ended early
While taking a break on Daikanyama Terrace
I ate dry-cured ham

The thickness surprised me
But, I like thinly-sliced dry-cured ham

Meeting and script-reading
For the new drama

For 2 months
Working with the team, I'll do my best

Well then

This has been Narimiya.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hiroki Narimiya Blog
Rain Man

25 August 2009 00:53

At about noon
I was going to the swimming pool for a swim...

It began to rain

A-ah Narimiya, the rain man

After that,
Though it was raining I had a good time at the supermarket

Buying ingredients
for dinner tonight

Everything is here

In the Narimiya home tonight
Dinner will be barbecued chicken!!

The trouble in preparation
In the end went to a friend's shop

Rehearsal for new production
Begins this week onwards
I'll be reading scripts from now

I've just completed the book, really interesting
Beginning for filming
I'm really looking forward to it

Well then, see you

This has been Narimiya.

That's his CHANEL towel. He puts on a Chanel towel to the supermarket?!


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Jutta Yuki Blog
Wonderful Time

26 August 2009 22:11

Have you been to Ninkyo Helper's official blog?

It's that series again [laugh]

This time it's with the help of Kato Seishiro-kun

Thank you very much


Thanks for that wonderful time spent together.

Speaking of wonderful time,
Tomorrow at 10pm, it's Episode 8 of Ninkyo Helper!
Thanks for that wonderful time

Please watch ne

For today too, much appreciated and thank you


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oguri Shun x Mizushima Hiro in new Getsu 9 drama

The drama is tentatively titled Tokyo DOGS~ Saiaku de Saikou no Partner~. (The Worst and Best of Partners). Oguri Shun's first appearance in a Getsu 9 drama (Fuji TV, Mondays at 9) sees him playing the role of an elite detective of NY police. Mizushima Hiro is an officer from the Special Investigations Unit of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Yoshitaka Yuriko is a mysterious woman who holds the key to their case. The new Getsu 9 will be a perfect balance of serious moments and comedy.

When he was in elementary school, Takakura Sou (Oguri Shun, unsure of name reading) saw his father killed right in front of his eyes. Since then, he has been haunted by his past and moved to NY as a detective with the determination of one day arresting his father's murderer. He is well-skilled in military training but shows lack of flexibility. When it comes to work, he is calm and disciplined. By nature, he is a kind and gentlemanly character.

On the other hand, Kudo Maruo (Mizushima Hiro, ditto with name reading) rose from delinquency and is an expert in all forms of martial art such as karate, judo and taekwondo. Hotblooded and passionate, his interest is goukon (group dates). Their characters, investigations methods and taste in women are completely different. How this unlikely pair met, was through a case one day...

The stage is NY. Takakura found himself caught up in a big narcotic syndicate while pursuing his father's killer. The elite detective is put in charge of the operation, with close to 100 people under his command. Kudo Maruo is one of those who came to assist from Japan. At the place where the incident took place, a single woman, Matsunaga Yuki (Yoshitaka Yuriko) who knows the root of the case is left behind... However, due to extreme shock, she has lost her memory. Takakura continues his investigation in Japan, working together with Kudo and with Yuki close by. As her memory returns, the painful past returns and strains the relationship among the three of them. On the one hand, there is the 'detective side' that must continue investigating the case. On the other hand, there are the different viewpoints and also emotions coming into play...

Cast comments
Oguri Shun
With such wonderful co-stars, I'm feeling excited before we have even started. With these members, sometimes understanding each other, something clashing, I want to make an interesting work for everyone.

Mizushima Hiro
This is my first appearance in a Getsu 9 and I look forward to showing a different side of myself again. Together with the effort of the staff and cast, I want to create a police drama never seen before.


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Monday, August 24, 2009

October 2009

Shop at AmazonJP
smart (スマート) 2009年 10月号 [雑誌]

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
23rd August 2009

Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari
23rd August 2009 19:33

It's already been announced in TV magazines but
she will appear in
Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari 09 Autumn Special 'Kare no namae wa, 三宅亮' (Mitake Akira?) (Tentative title) !!

In the shop that the filming took place, there was a fish tank and wow!! Sea turtle ♪
Mao-san went,"I feel healed~~" and took many photos of the sea turtle!!

"Because of the sea turtle, everyone feels so healed although filming began from early morning ne." Thanks to the blessing of the sea turtle (*laughs*)
The co-stars too, one by one, took photos with the sea turtle!

It'll be broadcast this autumn.
As soon as we know more details, we'll update on the HP!
Everyone, please look forward to it!!

There's a Starbucks close to the filming location, so we drank Starbucks almost everyday.
Lately, Mao-san's favourite has been Hot Latte with added espresso shot♪
The store employees call it Double Tall Latte.
Mao-san said, "There's a richness to it, delicious♪"
Everyone, please give it a try too ne★


Jun in Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari 2006.


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Buzzer Beat Blog
Episode 7~☆

24th August 2009 (Monday)

Hello niku here

Finally Episode 7 ne
Heart is going pitter-patter ne... ♥

Kitagawa Keiko-san's 23rd birthday was on the 22nd
We had a day off on the day itself, so we celebrated on the 23rd

Unusual but there was a scene involving the 3 of them, with Aibu-san and Kanjiya-san so she had her birthday surrounded by the girls

There's a scene of Riko's birthday in Episode 7 too ♪
It's as if it's fated ♥

Look forward to the Episode 7 Special with 15 minutes extra

Well then, see you

Kitagawa Keiko "I want to devote myself to work this year"
24th August 2009

Heroine of Fuji TV's drama Buzzer Beat ~ Gakeppuchi no Hero (Mondays at 9) actress Kitagawa Keiko (23) celebreated her 23rd birthday on the 22nd. Co-stars Aibu Saki (24) and Kanjiya Shihori (23) had a birthday surprise for her on the 23rd. "The two of them also gave me individual presents,"she said happily. "Anyway, this year, I will give it my all and devote myself to work."


For Monday~?
22nd August 2009 (Saturday)

Hello niku here

Influenza is spreading, is everyone alright?
Everyone in the cast and staff are doing well now

Well, for the 24th (Monday)...
5:25~ 8:00 [Mezamashi TV] Handmade Album Project with Mizobata-kun
15:00~15:57 channel a [Iyoiyo Kouhansen Totsunyuu! Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi no Hero Just before Episode 7 Special]
16:53~19:00 [Super News] Total coverage Mizobata-kun
21:00~22:09 Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi no Hero Episode 7, 15 minutes extra SP]

Look forward to Episode 7, 15 minutes extra Special, there's lots in store

Well then, see you

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Ayaka cancels concert due to poor health

Note : The last article about Ayaka covered her final live performance in Tokyo. Apologies for the mistake. I will reflect on the matter deeply m(_ _)m

Flare-up of Basedow's disease, Ayaka's concert cancelled at the last minute
23rd August 2009

Singer-songwriter Ayaka (21) cancelled her 22nd August music event 'Dream Summer Live in Tsugaru Earth Village' due to poor health.

According to authorized personnel, she suffered a flare-up of the Basedow's disease she is suffering from and was checked by her physician in Tokyo. The doctor advised her to rest. Ayaka herself was said to have wanted to go on with the performance but decided to cancel after weighing in his advise. At her official site, the agency stated that a make-up performance will be considered upon Ayaka's recovery and discussions with her.

Ayaka married actor Mizushima Hiro (25) in February. At the press conference in April when their marriage was made public, she announced her plans to stop her activities by the end of of the year to concentrate on recovering from Basedow's disease with the support of Mizushima.


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hiroki Narmiya Blog

20 August 2009 20:12


Right now I'm filming for a movie

On stand-by

It's the first day for the new movie

How did you spend your O-Bon vacation?

I went twice to the beach and once to the swimming pool

I went quickly after work ended

Being at the beach from evening onwards

Drinking iced beer while watching the sunset

I really love it

Now my bum is covered with sand

A script or a lip and the sand is...

Someone's cleaning it~...

I found something interesting in the toilet


It's a hot set during filming

As soon as I reach home I'll take a bath

This has been Narimiya.

Script, lip and sand?


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Kimura Ryo Blog
Stage Play Interview

There was an interview for the stage play today ( ´∀`)/~~

In the midst of the interview, I got nervous when I realized that I haven't practised for it yet ( 」´0`)」

But there's still a while to go for the Otomen filming, so there will be some difficult days ahead ( ̄▽ ̄)

Watching Otomen every Saturday eases the anxiety away, and it fires me up (* ̄O ̄)ノ

The weather is great, so let's go out!

Great pose!


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Hiroki Narimiya Blog
Buying in Bulk

21 August 2009

There's no filming for today

I went to Costco

Things like laundry detergent and toilet paper

Well, general items like that

It's quite troublesome
so I buy them all in bulk

The white T-shirt I'm always wearing
Actually I usually buy them here [laugh]

Then after having a hot dog
I went home

Today the 'Drop' DVD goes on sale

Bonus footage is included,
please watch it if you're interested

Well then,

This has been Narimiya.

Shop at AmazonJP
DROP Special Edition DVD
DROP Standard Edition DVD


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