Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Extras Recruitment for 30th Jan 1st Scene

Movie 『花より男子 ファイナル』Hana Yori Dango Final

【 Filming date and time 】
30th January (Wednesday) Early morning to morning 1st Scene

【 Filming location 】
Metropolitan area (Suburbs)

【 Filming scene 】
City hustle and bustle scene

【 Recruits needed 】
10-50 years old male and female
※ Those with experience warmly welcomed !

【 Pre-filming preparation 】
Please prepare Western-style clothes. We will get in touch to discuss in detail what is needed ahead of time.

【 Group participation 】
Possible. In case you bring someone along, please fill in the application form stating their sex and age.

【 Contact from staff 】
We will contact you directly. In case of a non-assignment, we will call you. The following are the details. Please do not make any enquiries to TBS. Please refrain from any photo-taking on location. We will only contact those who has won the application. Please understand that we will not contact those who did not win the lottery.

【 Important points 】
In the application form, please state clearly the time that you wish to be on location eg. 2nd scene. Please refrain from doing anything that will cause disruptions during filming. Also, please abide by the staff's instructions when on location. Please note that you will not receive any compensation and you are responsible for your own travelling expenses, meals etc.

【 Deadline 】
29th January (Tuesday)


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