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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
19th, 24th, 30th November 2009

A favourite
30th November 2009 20:26

Today she had a kimono on for the photo shoot of TV magazine 'B.L.T'♪
She looked so beautifully mature in the black kimono!!!

Last week, I was having a conversation with Mao-san,
"For BLT next week~" I said,
"Eh!? Bacon Lettuce Tomato??"
she asked, bursting into laughter (*laugh*)

She recently bought the gloves in the photos and they seem to be her favourite!
They have studs which Mao-san really loves♪

"Doesn't this look like KaSasu (Tuesday Suspense)?" she asks laughing,
while giving different poses!

Combined Birthday Party
24th November 2009 21:07

The other day there was a combined birthday party for me and a staff who has always helped us out, stylist Hirabayashi-san!

Before the party, Mao-san and I went to choose a present that Hirabayashi-san requested for!
First an electric shaver.
The two of us headed to the corner and a male employee gave the two of us, who know absolutely nothing about shavers at all, a detailed explanation.
The difference between 3 and 4 blades, to what extent the head swings, us girls were listening intently...
"The two of us were so seriously absorbed in listening to the explanation, halfway through I thought it was so weird I started laughing!!" said Mao-san.
In the end, we decided on the 4 blades recommended by the staff!!!

Hearing Mao-san say,"I saw it on TV, I wonder if we can haggle the price down~?"
I decided to try out my haggling tactic, since I'm from Kansai...

But I didn't manage to bring the price down (*laugh*)
Can we get the support staff for a toothbrush now...
Sorry for having such a weak will...

Hirabayashi-san was so happy when he got our present with a message card♪

Actually, I got a present from everyone too!

I really love bears and the President gave me a huge one. Duffy can only be bought at Disney SEA♪
From the slightly scary Chief Manager (*laugh*), Western-style clothes♪
From Hirabayashi-san, who often gives me clothes too, cute accessories♪
And from Mao-san, a long wallet from Chloe and a cute message from Rilakkuma

I had once said,"I want a wallet!!" and Mao-san still remembered that (*tears*)
I'm so touched by everyone's warm thoughts!!
I will do my best in my 23rd year of life too!

Mayu's Ameblo blog has ended but
I will continue to update on Mao-san in her staff diary for a long time to come!!
From now on too, douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

19th November 2009 00:29

I went to a cafe in Daikanyama with Mao-san today...
The store specializes in pancakes so of course we ordered pancakes♪

The pancake's texture is springy and very tasty♪

Of course Mao-san had vanilla ice-cream for topping!!
It was a bit too sweet for Mao-san with fresh cream and ice-cream
and on the way home in the car all she said was "I feel sick..."

I need to polish... my driving skills!! (*sweat*)


On Monday, December 07, 2009 4:16:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

Daikanyama? was this the place that matsujun, mao-chan and toma got spotted at?



On Monday, December 07, 2009 2:13:00 PM, Anonymous atskv9 wrote...

Woohoo three at once! Lol, seems as if Mao's diary updater (I forgot her name!) is now posting about random things indicating that Mao might have some free time. Thanks unleash! Of course I knew you didn't forget. Real life takes precedence, yo! :)


On Tuesday, December 08, 2009 12:43:00 AM, Anonymous ayenoliveros wrote...

thanks for always translating and sharing.. ^_^
Mao-chan is so thoughtful..

quite unrelated but.. aahhh.. i miss seeing Mao-chan on a drama.. =(


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