Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miura Haruma Staff Report
'Kimi ni Todoke' Opening Day Celebration!

25th September 2010

The day finally came!
After about 5 months of filming...
This work is filled with love from Haruma, the cast and staff.
Opening Day for 'Kimi ni Todoke'!

It rained today, and there were rumours of a typhoon (the weather forecast?) here and there!
As expected, it was good weather (afternoon onwards) with Mr Clear Weather Haruma around ☆

It was the best stage greeting today, meeting everyone who received us warmly! Thank you very much to everyone who made it to the theatre.

Haruma will continue to do his best so that the movie will be a big hit, your support is highly appreciated!
The movie will come to life through word of mouth!!!

Today's photo...
A refreshing Kazehaya and cute Sawako ♪

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Ema Fujisawa Blog
On Location for 'Juui Dolittle'

24th September 2010

I was on location for the filming of 'Juui Dolittle'.

Because filming takes place outdoors, the sense of it being a drama is quite ambiguous. The feeling is different from when we film in the studio...
Sometimes it seems like the world of drama or movies exist in the real world.
If you imagine characters from a certain drama / movie to be real it can be exciting right?

The characters from 'Juui Dolittle' are very likable☆
There are cute animals every week, I think you'll look forward to them!

I've yet to begin filming
Whatever encounters I will have, I'm anticipating and waiting for how the storyline will be like.

I'll update with reports as soon as I can♪
Look forward to 'Juui Dolittle' which starts airing 17th October on TBS♪

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Tabe and Miura
In Tears at the Stage Greetings of 'Kimi ni Todoke'

25th September 2010

Tabe Mikako (21) and Miura Haruma (20) attended the opening day stage greetings for movie 'Kimi ni Todoke' on the 25th at TOHO Cinemas in Roppongi Hills.

With voices halted by sobs, Tabe and Miura read off a letter thanking original manga writer Shiina Karuho and staff members for working through the difficulties during filming.

"I'm thankful for everything," said Tabe. "I won't forget this feeling of gratitude even after it ends," Miura commented. Also in attendance were Renbutsu Misako, Kiritani Mirei, Natsuna and Aoyama Haru.


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Juui Dolittle
Vol. 2 Report

Filming with the Dogs~♪

Continuing from the previous entry, a report of Dolittle filming!!

Filming for the last scene of Episode 1 took place in the morning.
It was a scene of taking a stroll with many dogs...

With so many dogs, it was difficult to hear what anyone was saying.

In the drama, Asuka is supposed pull the dogs, but the energetic dogs pulled Mao instead!

The staff use bait to attract the dogs to walk straight... that's the technique used during filming.

At the sight of a dish, the dogs are motivated!!

"Whatever the animal, I like them all!!" said Mao. Even when she wasn't filming, she was close to the dogs. When they were tiring out due to the heat, she gently told them, "Just for a little while more, do your best."

Oguri too, takes the dogs for a walk when there's no filming...
Most of the cast filming Dolittle love animals☆

Taking a walk~☆

Besides dogs, there'll be a cat, a horse, a monkey and other animals in the drama!!

Wonderful guests will also appear as pet owners!!
Among them will be Wakamura Mayumi, Nishimura Masahiko, Konno Mahiru, Izawa Masaki, Masuda Takahisa of NEWS, Kanie Keizo and Ohashi Nozomi... and Matsumoto Jun of Arashi.

They'll be making appearances one after another!

The animal paired with Masuda is cute!

Hanabishi Sensei will finally make his appearance in the next report!!
Look forward to it~~☆

Juui Dolittle Vol.1 Report

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Miura Haruma Staff Report
Haruma in Sapporo and Nagoya

24th September 2010

Beginning from Osaka for the nationwide campaign of 'Kimi ni Todoke', we end in Sapporo and Nagoya!

At every stop there was a media blitz to cover events and studio recordings, our warm thoughts were conveyed!

Then, in the evenings, we had the specialty dishes of each city...♪
In Sapporo, we had fresh seafood and Genghis Khan (dish with mutton and vegetables), in Nagoya we had barbecued eel and torinabe (chicken hotpot)☆

Tomorrow there'll be a denpa jack (taking over the airwaves for round-the-clock publicity!), and finally it'll be the opening day for the movie.

For the opening day, Haruma will be doing his best too. Thank you for the support!!

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24th September 2010

Denpa jack for 'Kimi ni Todoke' has ended, finally tomorrow it'll be the opening day greetings!

During the various stops for today's zoom-in, there were crowds despite the rain, thank you everyone for your support!

At last, it's the opening day tomorrow...

Tomorrow onwards, face the 'Kimi ni Todoke' whirlwind that will take place!

Everyone, without fail, go to theatres on Saturday and Sunday♪


A Genghis Khan dish

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mizushima Hiro denies reports he is retiring from the entertainment world

Mezamashi TV's Tokudane segment contacted Mizushima Hiro asking him about leaving talent agency Ken-on, retiring from showbiz and becoming a writer. "I'm bewildered by the inaccuracy of the reports," he commented.

According to Mezamashi TV, Mizushima stated that reports citing that Ayaka is still attached to Ken-on is not true and that she had left Ken-on after her performance at the Kouhaku last year. Furthermore, they are starting up a company to manage Ayaka's music and Mizushima is not stopping acting work.

Information given out by Ken-on and other reports
- Ayaka is just taking a break, she is still with Ken-on.
- Mizushima Hiro is no longer interested in being an actor, he wants to concentrate on writing.
- Ayaka and Mizushima Hiro are setting up a company to manage their work.

Mizushima Hiro's comments
- Ayaka left Ken-on after her Kouhaku performance last year.
- Mizushima Hiro will continue with creative works and that includes acting.
- Ayaka and Mizushima Hiro are not setting up a company to manage their work. The company will be set up only to manage Ayaka's music.
- The two of them will do their best without being attached to a talent agency.

(24th September) Edit : Multiple news reports are citing that the clarification came from an email exchange with Tokudane's Ogura Tomoaki. Mainichi, Sports Hochi and Asahi reported that the email exchange was with Ayaka while Daily Sports Online reported that it was with Hiro.


Hiro & Ayaka Getting Married at the Height of their Popularity
Hiro & Ayaka Press Conference
Hiro & Ayaka Message to Everyone
Mizushima Hiro leaves Ken-on
Why did Mizushima Hiro quit?


Did anyone catch Tokudane? If it's true, it has begun. Without management, he didn't even get to air his side of the story against Ken-on's official statement. But the romance! Through thick and thin together (*^^)^*)

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miura Haruma & Kitagawa Keiko for Knorr

23rd September 2010

On the 23rd, Miura Haruma and Kitagawa Keiko attended the CM presentation for Ajinomoto's Knorr Cup Soup in Tokyo. It's the first time that they are working together. "It's our first time! Maybe we can work together again," Miura said. Kitagawa too agreed, "Perhaps next time in a drama."

The CM airs from the 24th onwards.


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JUNON November 2010

Aww Makino looks so comfortable with Rui~

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why did Mizushima Hiro quit?

The sudden resignation of Mizushima Hiro from Ken-on has left fans in shock. Why did he leave his agency without prior notice to the fans who had supported him all this time? Was he made to leave or did he come to the decision on his own? Inquiries made to Ken-on were not replied as the staff in charge was supposedly absent. So we turn to entertainment reporters to get some answers.

"We're told that it was Mizushima's own decision to leave. The reason given was that he had an interest in writing novels and such from a while ago and he wants to concentrate on that now. But it's not rare for people in the entertainment industry to write books while continuing their work. Gekidan Hitori, comedians Shinagawa Shoji and Chihara Junior are busy with work and they still write. So in the case of Mizushima Hiro, it's just a case of Ken-on giving him the boot. This reason is just an excuse so that he will not join another talent agency for a fixed period of time. Actually Mizushima himself does not have much interest in being an actor, he does not want to make his living in the entertainment world. A graduate of Keio University and an intelligent man, he probably doesn't want to live in the unstable world of show business and will look for other means of making a living." (Entertainment reporter)

The cause of the dismissal is probably his marriage last year to singer Ayaka, also from Ken-on. After about half a year of dating, they married without informing the agency. That undoubtedly angered the management and it's not hard to imagine that the relationship between the agency and him has changed.

On the other hand, there are many talent agencies that would be willing to take Mizushima in.

"There are many people who think Mizushima Hiro can still grow as an actor. Maybe many fans from his Kamen Rider days are turned off by his marriage but demand for him as an ikemen actor is still strong. It's not an impossibility that his former agency might put up some form of hindrance if he joins another agency but Matsushita Nao who got her big break in Gegege no Nyobo (NHK) was also formerly from Ken-on. Under another major talent agency now, she has managed to continue work without problems. A strong possibility is Avex, which is fortifying its roster of actors. I mean Avex even took in Sawajiri Erika, so it must be a pretty open-minded company. Anyway at the moment, what is on the agenda seems to be just Mizushima and Ayaka spending their days together as a married couple without any outsiders. They seem like they're really close. I'm sure he had discussed this with Ayaka in detail." (Sports paper editor)

It will be a waste for Mizushima to retire when his days as an actor is just beginning but we all hope for the best in the couple's future.


Hiro & Ayaka Getting Married at the Height of their Popularity
Hiro & Ayaka Press Conference
Hiro & Ayaka Message to Everyone

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sato Takeru Blog
Good Atmosphere

21st September 2010


Day 1 on the set.

I thought many shots have been taken but Episode One isn't complete yet.

Filming for a drama is not easy.

But I'm glad that everyone from the cast and staff are great.

I'd like to get along with everyone.

Yosh. I've decided.

To be friends with everyone.

Take photos together and introduce them through this blog.

Yosh. I'll do my best.

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2007-2010 So Far So Good!

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Mizushima Hiro Leaves Ken-On

21st September 2010

Popular actor Mizushima Hiro left major talent agency Ken-On in a quick resignation on the 20th. According to Ken-On, Mizushima has always aspired to be a writer and he had expressed this desire to them over some time. His profile from Ken-On's website has already been taken down.

In February 2009, Mizushima married singer Ayaka, also from Ken-On. The movie BECK that opened 4th September which he starred in was a hit.


Hiro & Ayaka Getting Married at the Height of their Popularity
Hiro & Ayaka Press Conference
Hiro & Ayaka Message to Everyone

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miura Haruma Staff Report
Haruma for Osaka and Fukuoka Campaigns!

17th September 2010

We were at Osaka and Fukuoka for promotions of 'Kimi ni Todoke' yesterday and today!

At every preview, there were loud cheers from the audience as Haruma made a surprise entrance on stage!

Thank you very much ☆

Speaking of Haruma enjoying the campaigns...

It's definitely the place to eat!

In Osaka there were grilled squid and okonomiyaki, in Fukuoka miso nabe ♪

It was tasty ( 〃▽〃)

Haruma was continuously saying "Delicious!"

Today Haruma presents his 'I'll do my best' pose [laugh]
He said he'll do his best for the publicity campaign which will run for about a week more.
Thank you for supporting 'Kimi ni Todoke'!

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