Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tsukamoto Takashi for Love Come

4th September 2010

On the 4th, actors Tanaka Kei and Tsukamoto Takashi attended a stage greeting and held a "Guys' Talk Event with the Ladies" to promote the movie 'Love Come' which opens on the 25th. Speaking to the audience who were largely made up of ladies in their 20s, Tsukamoto revealed, "Please go out with me - these are things I'd never said, sparking an intense "Ehh?" from the ladies. Instead, he went for "I'm really happy. This feels good. It's like 'Waratte Iitomo'," winning approvals from the audience. In the movie, Tanaka's character is in love with a girl for 17 years. In reality, the longest was "4 and a half years," he replied. As for Tsukamoto, "I'm married. I've known her for 8 years. There was once when we were separated though."

First Hiro, now Takashi. This one's for you unleash! Come back soon :p


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Mizushima Hiro's Love Call to his co-actors

4th September 2010

On the 4th, actor Mizushima Hiro attended the opening day stage greetings for the movie BECK in Tokyo. The movie depicts a youthful band, where Mizushima plays the leader. Since the commencement of filming during last year's summer, the band was 'in activity' for about a year. Looking back, Mizushima had said to Takeru then, "Let's work together again!". Regarding Kiritani Kenta, "I really like him!" as he continued his passionate love calls about fellow band members. He said with a grin, "It's bad that I'm perspiring. I'm quite embarrassed because it's bonding among guys... but I'm happy."

Hiro <3

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Takeru Satoh Blog
2 More Days

2nd September 2010

Turn on the TV.

Watch NTV.

For the movie BECK,

The 5 BECK members will be hijacking the TV to promote the movie opening on 4 September.

It'll open in 2 more days.


BECK is great.

Hiro <3

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