Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Yamamoto Yusuke at 'Pacchigi!' Stage Greet

Yamamoto Yusuke (21) who is playing the lead role in stage play 'Pacchigi!' attended a stage greet event in Tokyo on 6th October. He was joined by Director Izutsu Kazuyuki and cast members Mikura Kana, Ishiguri Hideo, Yamazaki Ikusaburou and Asami Reina. 'Pacchigi!' was originally a movie released in 2005. Set in Kyoto in 1968, it depicts a high school romance between the protagonist Kosuke Matsuyama (Yamamoto Yusuke) and a Korean girl Kyung-ja (Mikura Kana) and touches upon the theme of the social problems between Japan and Korea.

Yamamoto commented,"Of course I'm happy but there's pressure too. I hope to channel that into strength. Pacchigi (in Korean) has the meaning of 'breaking down walls' so I hope to overcome this." The movie featured a lot of fighting and Izutsu promised that the fight scenes in the play be just as good.

"It's too bad I don't really participate in the fight scenes. But there are scenes of me singing as I play the guitar to look out for. I'm practicing. You know I'm hopeless at singing. I think I'll try masking that with feelings instead," said Yamamoto with a smile.

Izutsu was also asked questions about Erika Sawajiri who was the heroine in the movie version. "The way that girl has guts is something else. I'm that way too. There are many in the showbiz world against her. I hope she does not get discouraged by all the media and rumours. I'm rooting for her,"he said, cheering her on.

On playing her role, Mikura commented,"It's a role that won Sawajiri-san many awards so there's a lot of pressure but I'd like to play the role with my own interpretation."

'Pacchigi!' runs from 4th to 23rd December at the New National Theatre, Tokyo.


Yamamoto Yusuke to star in 'Pacchigi!'


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Yusuke and Erika-sama would've looked great together!


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