Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zettai Kareshi
Interview with Mokomichi Hayami


Q. What did you think of Zettai Kareshi when you first heard of it ?

The first time I heard of it was "You're playing a robot-type of lover." Honestly, I was surprised (*laugh*) But when I read the original work, it was really interesting. I'm looking forward to portraying that image while the drama, up to now, is different from it. It's the first time I'm playing a robot and I feel excited about doing it.

Q. Do you have an image of how to play the role of a robot ?

When you hear robot, inevitably you're going to think of its jerky movements but the Tenjo Night I'm playing this time is an enhanced-performance humanoid robot. Regarding the movement, it's not really unnatural and it looks like I can move around more smoothly. Nevertheless, he's not perfectly human. He demonstrates superhuman ability and his thoughts and speech are a little off. How to show those robot-like parts, I think I'll have a feel for it during filming itself.

Q. What kind of character is Tenjo Night ?

He loves only one woman whole-heartedly, that type of man... no, robot I mean (*laugh*) As you would expect from a robot he doesn't have his own sense of self at first, everything is tied to 'loving Riko'.

Q. Before long, his sense of self is going to be awakened. How do you think you're going to play that part ?

Night is the type of robot who learns as he goes along, so as he comes into contact with Riko and Soushi, he will learn that he does not possess a human heart in himself. It's difficult to show much change in expression as he changes inside but I think it's good if for example, he is able to naturally show interest in things around him like a baby does when it starts to grow up.

Q. Night is very straight in showing his affection. Is there any part where he feels embarrassed ?

Not particularly. When he says "I love you" to Riko, or gladly does whatever she wants, these feelings are embodied in him already so being frank about it is important to him.

Q. What does Mokomichi-san think about Night being the perfect boyfriend ?

It's great how he puts in so much effort in everything, and I understand that. If I had someone I'm in love with, I don't think I can be as persistent as Night. But of course to be loved by someone, you have to give it a go with all your heart. Naturally, when you tell the other person that you love her, you want the other party to say the same thing back to you.

Q. What do you think a woman wants in an 'ideal boyfriend'?

I think everyone has their own ideal type and there's no universal ideal. Besides, I myself don't really know a lot of the things about the way women feel (*laugh*) But if I'm a woman, I'll be attracted to a man who puts in his utmost effort in everything he does.

Q. If you say that, then Night is Mokomichi-san's idea of an ideal lover, ne.

I would want anyone to look at me and think that way (*laugh*) At first, there were so many aspects lacking in him, but as he slowly grows up, I'll be happy if people started to think "It'll be great if such a robot can appear na." I'll work hard to be the Night than can tickle a woman's fancy !

Q. By the way, would Mokomichi-san want an "Absolute Girlfriend" robot ?

Well...., I'd want it ..... maybe (*laugh*)

Q. What sort of requirements will you program in this "Absolute Girlfriend" ?

For me, it's enough that she puts in the utmost effort in whatever she does. To soldier on, no matter what comes along, even if it feels hopeless, and working it out together, that's the ideal ne. When I have the time, I'll cook for myself but cooking by yourself and then eating by yourself is lonely... To cook with a girlfriend, that's what I yearn for ne. So, I think that's what I want, to cook together.

Q. Your impressions of Mizushima Hiro-san and Aibu Saki-san ?

This is the 3rd time I'm appearing together with Hiro-kun and the second time with Aibu-san. Hiro-kun is very serious but also a little spontaneous, he's interesting. Aibu-san is always full of energy and cheerful, a mood-maker during filming, livening things up. I get along with the both of them, so it looks like filming will be fun.

Q. Finally, please show your enthusiasm for Zettai Kareshi !

I think I will fully enjoy depicting a 'growing' robot who changes from his original configuration. The interweaving of a robot and human will create interesting parts and there'll also be the pain of love. This looks like it will turn out to be something new, so please watch it with anticipation !













Some of his answers were definitely deliberately programmed to induce spasms ♪~( ̄ε ̄;)

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On Thursday, April 24, 2008 5:33:00 AM, Anonymous Princess_jime wrote...

Thanks again for translating ZK stuff!!! I love it. michi is such a cutey pie. But how can he answer the "would you order a robot girlfriend" question without sounding hentai? LOL!
I'm really looking forward to watching naito's growing, as a robot... Hahahaha!


On Saturday, April 26, 2008 11:54:00 PM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

He doesn't have to do much else. I already want the Tenjo, right from first bare glimpse hee ;)


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