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Hayami Mokomichi
Best Swimmer Award

Hayami Mokomichi, Nagasawa Masami, Higashino Kouji and Yamasaki Shizuyo (Nankai Candies) attended the '10th Best Swimmer 2009' Awards Ceremony on 25th June. The award is given to celebrities who contribute to the development and spread of swimming. Hayami, who co-starred in the 2006 movie Rough with Nagasawa said,"I'll try my best to swim the stormy seas of the world."


Posted this just for that beautiful line by Mokomichi!



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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
26th June 2009

Kareinaru Spy
26th June 2009 01:37

Some of you might have already known it but (Mao) has a guest appearance on the first episode of Kareinaru Spy which starts on 18 July (Saturday)!!
Her role this time is a young lady who is the granddaughter of the Prime Minister (Watari Tetsuya-san).

So we went to Asakusa to shoot for Kareinaru Spy!
It's the first time Mao-san has been to Asakusa.
"Uwaa~ it's Kaminarimon!" "Surprisingly small~!" she said astonished.

I took a photo of Mao-san on stand-by in the back lane♪
It was such a hot day she couldn't part with the umbrella...

Asakusa was packed with tourists although it was a weekday!!
In the midst of that, I quickly took a photo as a keepsake!
Feeling embarrassed seen by everyone, she kept going "Hurry, hurry," while laughing. (*laugh*)

Then, on the way back, we dropped by Starbucks Coffee which had been promised since morning.
Mao-san, and me as well, love Starbucks♪
When we are in the car too, we consciously keep a look-out for Starbucks (*laugh*)
We often even have conversations like,"We've found Starbucks now ne~"
Mao-san today, was mulling it over and she chose Caramel Macchiato
Together with that, she ate a steaming hot chocolate scone in the car!!

Kareinaru Spy (Nippon TV, 21:00) starts 18 July (Saturday).
It's really interesting so please watch ne!!


That's really endearing, how Mao felt embarrassed at having her photo taken. I can imagine her giggling and saying "Isoide! Isoide!".
2009年06月26日 01:37


「うわぁ~ 雷門だ!」「意外とちっちゃい~!」と驚いていました。



そして、帰りには朝から約束していたスタバ(STARBUCKS COFFEE)へ寄り道…。

7月18日(土)スタート (日本テレビ系 21:00放送)の「華麗なるスパイ」。

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Vol. 13 July 2009

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non-no (ノンノ) 2009年 7/5号 [雑誌]

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TV Fan
August 2009

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dragon Quest IX
99 Q&A Question 2


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Drama You Want To Watch Again

1. Hana Yori Dango / Inoue Mao & Matsumoto Jun
2. Maou / Ohno Satoshi & Ikuta Toma
3. Long Vacation / Kimura Takuya & Yamaguchi Tomoko
4. Kisarazu Cat's Eye / Okada Junichi & Sakurai Sho
5. Ryusei no Kizuna / Ninomiya Kazunari & Nishikido Ryo
6. Orange Days / Tsumabuki Satoshi & Shibasaki Kou
7. anego / Shinohara Ryouko & Akanishi Jin
8. 1 Liter of Tears / Sawajiri Erika & Yakushimaru Hiroko
9. Tokyo Love Story / Suzuki Honami & Oda Yuji
10. Code Blue / Yamashita Tomohisa & Aragaki Yui

Survey Period : 8 May 2009 ~ 22 May 2009

1st. Hana Yori Dango
◇ Somehow, I feel really up when I watch it, maybe because it's the kind of love you yearn for. And everyone is so cool. (Teenage girl)
◇ HanaDan is so addictive. Mao's tangled relationship with MatsuJun is so fascinating sometimes I watch it again on DVD. It sucks me in no matter how many times I watch it, and I get teary. (Female,30s)
◇ You never get tired watching this!! It's such a let-down that the story has ended. (Teenage girl)
◇ It's definitely the best drama ever, I never get bored watching it. The MaoJun pairing is the best on-screen couple! And Hanazawa Rui is rabuuuu <3.(grumpy,20s)
◇ Hana Yori Dango is more than just a drama, it changed my life! (unleashthegeek,oldish)
◇ me too, i kept watching hanadan over and over again :)) (marian)
◇ I looooved Orange Days. Just as much as HYD. :D (Shannon)
◇ I always think about rewatching Hana Yori Dango. I don't know exactly what it is about that show, but something about it still makes it the most wonderful and magical drama for me. ^__^ (Colette Bennett)

2nd. Maou
◇ This drama, of all the ones I watched before, made such a great impact on me. It's the first time I waited in such anticipation for the next episode. (Female,40s)
◇ You wonder about it even after it ends, the lives of everyone. (Female,30s)
◇ I was glad when it finally ended. (grumpy,20s)

3rd. Long Vacation
◇ Although I was still young when it was aired, it still is in my heart today. (Female,20s)
◇ I love the KimuTaku/Yamaguchi Tomoko combination. I want to see Long Vacation again. (Female,40s)
◇ I like Yamaguchi Tomoko and love the piano pieces in the drama. (Female,30s)
◇ It's KimuTaku!! It's like he never aged between Long Vacation and Mr Brain. (grumpy,20s)


Almost a year to HYDF! I'll add in your comments too if you wanna declare your love for HanaDan ヽ(^。^)丿

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

August 2009

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smart (スマート) 2009年 08月号 [雑誌]

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Inoue Mao
Impressions of a crew member

This is for you atskv9, about Mao's new manager. An excerpt of a blog entry from one of the crew members of Mao's Shonen Magazine shoot in Hawaii recently.

The crew member's the guy in the Rolling Stones shirt. He's also the one Mao was pointing to sleeping in the bus :D

Golf and new manager
2nd June 2009

The shoot went smoothly so we had the last day off. Because of Mike-san's connections, he managed to reserve us a spot in Hawaii's most popular golf course, the Kapolei Golf Course.

(After that, talk about how it's Mao first time on a golf course and how his and the other crew members game went.)

What Kaeru-kun said is right. About Mao-chan. She's turned 22. She has also graduated from university. She didn't go for her graduation trip as an actress but as a normal student. Seemed like it was a simple trip. Although she is famous, she's able to go for such a trip. No, to do that is remarkable. Now, she has become a beautiful woman and a splendid actress. She is supported by a great staff. They're just like another family to her. They look after her with great care and watch over her strictly. A manager about the same age as her has taken up the new position.

(Talks a little about new manager. Think he says she's wholesome and a curious girl.)

Night view of Ala Moana Beach. It's a cliche but it's so beautiful, you'll be moved to tears.



In earlier entries, he also mentioned what a pro Mao was and this shoot took place in Oahu.


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Narimiya Hiroki

24 June 2009

Today I had 2 appointments in the office.

I got hungry during the interval

Iyaa... Hamburger
I really love it

Today Tokyo's really hot
My body can't take the temperature

As soon as I reached home
I took a shower

Just now I cooked noodles

In the midst of my meal I took a photo
I almost forgot

It's already half eaten, sorry about that

After eating, I became sleepy

Who's this fellow?!

I don't sleep with him

It's hot ne [laugh]

This has been Narimiya.

He has his own website now :D


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

23 June 2009

Good evening! !

Today was filming for Buzzer Beat (^_^)v

It was warm and humid today ↓

On location, it was even hotter (>_<)

The photo is me cooling off in the car! [laugh]

I'll do my best for tomorrow's filming (*^o^*)

Same weather where I am~


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August 2009

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(Free shipping within Japan)

JUNON (ジュノン) 2009年 08月号 [雑誌]

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