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14th February 2008
From a ryokan !!
Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ Recently, we had been filming at different locations around the region... somehow I can't get to update the blog, sorry !! It's been awhile, but today I'll upload a photo ne !! It is Yamamoto Yusuke, the student at the ryokan (^O^)/ The clothes this time round is the gakuran... The blazer goes well with the gakuran and when you put it on, it hides your real age ne (*laugh*) Passing the age of 20, I'm feeling it more and more ne !!

Tomorrow at last, I'm going back to my new home (^O^)/ I want to quickly enjoy my room thoroughly !!

Did you watch Jump today !?? It's the first time looking from a hunter's perspective... being a hunter was fun and a little nerve-wracking !! Well, it was a really great feeling when I brought down the game (*laugh*) Always, all alooong, I thought I was an M, but during the escape, the S part got woken up !!

If all of you were to do it... do you want to be the one escaping ? Or is being the hunter better ??


ryokan - Japanese inn
gakuran - type of Japanese school uniform for boys, often with stand-up collar, long jacket and loose trousers
S and M - personality types, but not with the usual connotations. S means the sort who likes to inflict pain, M to receive. Something like that.

Yusuke's hair looks flat here, by his standards anyway. Still really cute though. Already feeling past 20 ? Still young you are, boy. I feel more and more like a pedo looking at this kid. He has a just begging to be hugged look.


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