Thursday, April 17, 2008

Post Hana Kimi SP
Still together~

Dorm 3 Kato Keisuke / Yao Hikaru
Dorm 3 Watanabe Toshihiko/Imamiya Sho

Dorm 3 Furuhara Yasuhisa/Ogimachi Taiyo

The Dorm 3 trio went to Shibuya yesterday (15th April)
Bought crepes from a gelato shop at the entrance of Spain Zaka. And started posing.

Toshi's growing on me. I think I'll keep a special look-out for him the next time I watch Hana Kimi (>_< )

The Taiwan version has been airing in Japan since 3rd March. It's Japanese dubbed. Site here → http://frhj.tv/hanazakari/index2.html


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