Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aura #120108



こんばんは!!今日も1日お疲れ様でしたぁ(^-^)/今日はビダンの表紙撮影や他3企画をやりましたぁ!!久しぶりのスチール撮影だったので…めちゃくちゃ緊張しましたぁ(笑)でも、途中からは楽しくなっちゃって…めちゃくちゃ良い写真が撮れましたぁ ('-^*)/ 最後に編集長さんに誕生日プレゼントを頂きましたぁ~!!お酒だったんです!!早速マネージャーさんに預けてきました(笑)3月1日発売だったので…是非皆さんみてくださいねっ☆彡

Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today I did the cover shoot for Binan, we did 3 designs !! It's been awhile since I did still shots... it was nerve-wracking (*laugh*) But as I got into it, it was enjoyable ('-^*)/ After it ended, the editor-in-chief gave me a birthday present !! It was sake !! I entrusted it to my manager at once (*laugh*) The magazine will be on sale from the 1st of March... everyone, make sure you take a look at it ne ☆彡
Today, I headed to Okinawa for the shoot I mentioned before !! We took a plane and landed on Okinawa soil !! Without delay... the staff and cast went to eat Okinawa cuisine !! It was super tasty ('-^*)/ From tomorrow onwards, I'll be staying in Okinawa for a week !! I'm here for the drama but I intend to fully enjoy Okinawa !!


Soon, soon you'll be able to partake of sake. And turn legal too... :D


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