Friday, November 14, 2008

Mizushima Hiro
The tights were embarrassing

Mizushima Hiro "The tights were embarrassing."

Actor Mizushima Hiro (24), along with Ishida Takuya (21) and Chiaki Kuriyama (24), attended a special preview of GS Wonderland (opens on the 15th) at Nichigeki 1 in Urakumachi, Tokyo on the 12th of November. Set in 1960's Tokyo, the story is about a group of youths with dreams of being stars in a rock band. In the movie, the group had to don tights for the 'GS look'. "The tights were embarrassing. They were for the mod look..." Mizushima said, divulging the hardships of filming, to the shrieks of fans in the hall. Kuriyama said, "The Nichigeki is the stage GS aspires to."

The GS Look


(Way too many) Photos

AAaaarrrrrgghhhhyaaaka m( ~o~ )m



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Aura #131108


13th November 2008
Exhausted from training
Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ I took part in training with the Rescue team today !! I watched the trainees practicing 'live' for the first time today !! Looked terribly painful... so much energy... everyone watching the practice session was mute in amazement... all those trainees, for the sake of other people... they really conveyed to us the desire to rescue people !! Right before our eyes, they're pushed to the limits of their physical strength. You understand why the instructors have to be as strict as they are but they push the cadets so relentlessly. They're made to realize where their own limits are so that they can grow. Within the harshness though, you can feel the love. From now on, this is the emotion I will evoke together with my fellow comrades as we rescue people, this scene!!
For me...I can't say how many times during the training that I got this feeling and having seen this before my very eyes, I want to convey to everyone that weight of how important rescuing is during the drama. I strongly believe in bringing that message across !! A drama on an occupation that seriously affects lives... it cannot be taken lightly.

Tomorrow too, work first thing in the morning (^O^)/ I'll do my best (^O^)/





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Aura #121108


12th November 2008
Sekai Gyouten
Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ Actually yesterday I was on Nippon TV's Sekai Gyouten News !! There's always many things that surprise you on Sekai Gyouten News... this time too I was surprised (^-^)ノ~~ I want everyone to see it soon too... In my own way, I wanted to be able to do even the free talk without feeling nervous !! By all means, please watch ne !!
Filming today will be difficult too... there's practice for Rescue tomorrow and I will put all my heart into training (^O^)/

Sekai Gyouten News




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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tamaki Hiroshi
Happy to receive a heart emoticon ?

Tamaki Hiroshi, happy to receive a heart emoticon?
11th November 2008

Actor Tamaki Hiroshi and model Hashimoto Reika, serving as image characters, attended the product launch of NEC's new mobile phones, N-01A and N-02A. Hashimoto, who said she belonged to the faction who does not use emoticons when sending mail commented, "If you just type in sentences and send them out, it might make the other party angry and create misunderstanding so recently, I've been trying to use emoticons." On the subject of to use emoticons or not, Tamaki said, "(Ladies who don't use emoticons) feel a little cold perhaps." And when a heart emoticon is used ? "Hopelessly happy, ne," he said, without cracking the cool expression on his face.


Video Footage



NECの携帯電話新商品発表会が行われ、イメージキャラクターを務めている俳優・玉木宏とモデル・橋本麗香が出席した。"メールに絵文字は使わない派"だという橋本だが「文章だけで送ると怒っていると勘違いされるので、最近は絵文字を使うようにしています」とコメント。絵文字を使うかどうかは相手に合わせるという玉木は「(女性が絵文字を使わないと)冷たいなと思うかもしれない。ハートマークが入っていたら?無駄に喜んじゃいますね」とクールな表情を崩さず語った。 出席者:玉木宏、橋本麗香 (2008/11/11)


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Inoue Mao
Anmitsu Hime 2

2009 New Year 2-hour Drama
Fuji TV Anmitsu Hime 2

Comment from Mao-chan

I'm really happy that the Anmitsu family can gather together again and it'll be fun.
I'll do my best to show off a cooler sword fight than the one before as the tomboy princess !
It will be a drama that will bring smiles to everyone in the family in the New Year, so look forward to it !



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Narimiya Hiroki Blog
11th November 2008

Narimiya introduces his.... little brother ?
Read it here !


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I can" before Mr. Obama

Karina 「I can」 before Mr. Obama
9th November 2008

Model and actress Karina (24) held a handshake event on the 8th at Fukuya Bookstore in Ginza to commemorate the sale of her first photo essay 'I can.' How she became a model at 15 and the various work she did on her journey to being a pro are included inside. "The contents include material which I have never mentioned in interviews before." When she's doing work she has no confidence in, "I can. I can do it." That's what she tells herself to fire herself up, and the meaning behind the title. On next term's US President, Obama's repeated slogan of "Yes, we can," Karina said, "I had started using it earlier."

Video footage

香里奈「I can」オバマ氏より私が先

モデルで女優の香里奈(24)が初のフォトエッセー「I can.」(幻冬舎)を出版し8日、東京・福家書店銀座店で握手会を開いた。15歳の時、誘われるままに何となくモデルを始めたが、さまざまな仕事を通じてプロ意識に目覚めていく過程を記した。「今までのインタビューでも、ここまでは話していないという内容がある」。仕事で自信がない時に、「I can.私はできる」と自分を奮い立たせたことから、書名を付けたという。オバマ次期米大統領が繰り返した「YES、WE CAN」と重なるが、香里奈は「私の方が先に使い始めてます」と強調した。

 [2008年11月9日10時0分 紙面から]


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Monday, November 10, 2008

Narimiya Hiroki Blog

Rejoice (non Japanese-reading) Narimiya fans ! From now on, you can read the 'maybe a little mangled' English version of his blog here.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Layout by a very enthusiatic Grumpy !
Narimiya's official blog is here.
By the way, if you want to watch a 'thrilling undies online movie', Veranda, where his BodyWild undies are the undisputed stars, click here d(>_< )


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Aura #091108


9th November 2008
Pair Ring

Good evening !! Today too thanks for everything (^O^)/ Actually I went to deliver the photobook's pair ring to the winning applicant today (^O^)/ It was won by a girl from Niigata !! We took a car all the way to Niigata !! The spontaneous moments there were great !!
There were so many applicants... I'm really sorry that there could only be one but I'm happy that the winner was delighted !!


NOooOOoOOoo 。・°°・(*>_<*)・°°・。 I know I kept making fun of Yusuke but I wanna track this girl down and yank the ring of her sweaty finger o( ><)O

2008/11/09 NEW



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