Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hayami Mokomichi
Oricon Close Up

When we kiss...

The ideal way to meet, well you know there are times you pass by a woman on the street and you casually turn back to look at her? You think to yourself,"Wow, so cute." As you look at her retreating figure, you think,"Well, alright then," and continue on your way. A moment later, she turns to look back at you as you walk on. After that, a while later, you're drinking in a cafe and she just happens to be sitting close by. Your eyes meet and with "Where have we met before?", you strike up a conversation. That'll be a good way to meet someone, huh? Quite a fantasy, though (*laugh*). Then, when we kiss, I'm attracted to a woman who has to stand on tiptoes. With her heel pointing up. I'm tall, and the woman is pretty small so I'd have to bend down and have like my bum stick out (*laugh*). She won't realize this though, so if she sees me right after, she'll think "What is he doing sticking his bum out like that?" (*laugh*)

My ideal is someone 'kirekawa' and faithful

My image of an ideal woman will be someone who loves me and tells me "I want to always be with you." Faithful and never to betray me. A woman who thinks of other people, is kind and considerate. Also dignified and knows social etiquette. In terms of appearance, someone 'kirekawa' (from kirei kawaii = beautiful and cute) perhaps? But in the end, the feelings are most important. Able to communicate with each other well. I'm not particular that she has to be able to cook. If we make something together, it'll turn out delicious. It'll be fun if we have the same hobbies.


Just felt like doing something Mokomichi, it's been awhile since I've read anything about him. This is just a bit part of the Oricon Ikemen Garage Vol.22





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Atashinchi no Danshi Staff Blog
Always playful
Guess who!?

Always playful
16th April 2009 (Thursday)

After the shoot, Yusuke-kun got into the lift.

I said,"Pose!"
Why did it turn out like this?

The always playful and cheerful Yusuke-kun.
Thanks for your hard work today too!


Guess who!?
16th April 2009 (Thursday)

Yellow here.
Well then, a question out of the blue.

This, guess who?

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Atashinchi no Danshi Staff Blog
AtaDan! We did it!!
Behind the scene of the Spring Festival

AtaDan! We did it!!
14th April 2009 (Tuesday)

Blue was moved to tears.

Team AtaDan did it.
And, Maki-chan!
No! Chisato did it in the end.
Everyone who took part in the Spring Festival
were surrounded by the staff and congratulated.
The valiant members of the AtaDan Team!!

Everyone tried their best!

And more than anything, all of you AtaDan supporters!
Thanks for your support.
In this spirit, Atashinchi no Danshi will finally start tomorrow.
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!

Behind the scene of the Spring Festival
16th April 2009 (Thursday)

Hello, everyone! Red here.

Thank you very much for all your support
during the Spring Festival the other day.

Well, during the Spring Festival,
it only took one shot of the archery
for Maki-chan.

Actually, during the practice earlier, she hit it right on the mark too!
During the practice, we used a target instead of a balloon.
Look! She hit it so cleanly!

But it's only in theory that the more you practice, the less your chances of failure in front of a live audience.

Maki-chan was amazing!

Such a lovely, gallant figure~

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Atashinchi no Danshi Staff Blog
AtaDan along the whole Tokyu Line!!

12th April 2009 (Sunday)

Why a princess?
Why the jerseys?

And that's...?
Jack Sparrow?

You'll understand everything once you watch
'O-Matsuri' which starts at 9 in the evening tomorrow.

It's a must-see!!

This has been Blue.

AtaDan along the whole Tokyu Line!!
13th April 2009 (Monday)

Blue here.

Information for you.
Today and tomorrow,
AtaDan posters will be put up along
the whole Tokyu Line!!

Please tell us if you see them!!
Blue doesn't use the Tokyu Line, so won't be able to see them...
How unfortunate.

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Atashinchi no Danshi Staff Blog
Masaru & Satoru

Masaru & Satoru
11th April 2009 (Saturday)

All the fans out there, thanks for waiting.
A 2-shot of close buddies, Masaru & Satoru!

It's heartwarming to see how well everyone is getting along.

The set of AtaDan is brimming with energy everyday,
and we're moving along well in a nice tempo.

Or I should say it's well-balanced,
during filming there's a feeling of clean snap of change.

The cast and staff are enjoying themselves.
I think it will show how they are having fun doing this production.

But we still have a long way to go!
We'll do our best whole-heartedly.

This has been Red~.

11th April 2009 (Saturday)

Taking a shot of those good buddies Masaru & Satoru.

Red's figure (*laugh*)
(No.1 Blue)

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rookies Graduation Stage Greet

A stage greet event to commemorate the completed production of the popular TBS drama turned movie 'Rookies Graduation' was held on 14th April. The event was attended in full force by the popular cast and the director, Hirakawa Yuichirou.

The original was a comic by Morita Masanori, depicting the touching story of a group of delinquents in a baseball club as they work their way towards the mecca of high school baseball, the Koshien. The movie is set as the third year students go through their last summer in school.

The audience went wild as the Nikogaku members appeared on stage in their uniforms. To the shrieks of the crowd, the members touched on what the movie means to them.

Ichihara Hayato, who plays Aniya Keiichi, was already in tears as he greeted the audience. "It is really my honour, to stand here before all of you, it makes me very happy. This production is truly a 'monster'. There are no other words for me. Please go back home with 'Rookies Graduation' deep inside you."

"What does Rookies mean to you?" was the question posed for the cast. Shirota Yuu said,"We spent meaningful time together. Something genuine that went beyond the drama was there." Kiritani Kenta commented,"Rookies was not work. It was a part of life." Sato Takeru said,"For me, Rookies was youth!"

For Yamamoto Yusuke, who is newly introduced in the movie, he too was filled with gratitude. "At first I thought I might be crushed by the pressure I felt but thanks to the support of my comrades, I was able to become a Rookie too!"

Finally to sum it all up, the lead actor, Sato Ryuta said,"To me, Rookies is a precious treasure. Our soul is poured into this work."

Rookies Graduation opens on the 30th of May.

TBSの大人気ドラマの映画化『ROOKIES 卒業』(5/30公開)の完成披露舞台挨拶が開催。熱血教師役の佐藤隆太に、不良高校野球児を熱演した、市原隼人、小出恵介、城田優、高岡蒼甫ら人気キャスト、平川雄一朗監督と、総勢14名が勢揃いした。


舞台挨拶では、ユニフォーム姿の市原隼人ら二子玉川学園高校(通称ニコガク)のメンバーたちが現われるなり会場は大興奮! 黄色い歓声が上がるなか、メンバーたちが本作への熱い情熱を訴えかけた。






いや~、ドラマさながらに登壇者たちの思いは熱い! いわば彼らにとっても"卒業"作品となる『ROOKIES 卒業』だから、最後の勇姿をぜひ見届けて。【MovieWalker/山崎伸子】


Moving to something a little gossipy, it was noted that Miyazaki Aoi's hubby, Takaoka Sousuke was not wearing his wedding ring during this event. He was wearing it during the Crows Zero 2 event on the 11th.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Atashinchi no Danshi
Mezamashi TV

Maki sits beside her favourite son (/^-^(^ ^*)
Yusuke looks so fresh early in the morning. Koji's still asleep heh.

14th April 2009 (Tuesday)
Fuji TV
Mezamashi TV

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Waratte Iitomo Spring Festival 2009

That curly mop seems to be infecting everyone.
A few more screencaps and winner spoiler in full post.

13th April 2009 (Monday)
Fuji TV
Waratte Iitomo! Spring Festival

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Oguri Shun
Graduates from Crows Zero

Moving 'Graduation Ceremony' for Oguri and gang

Actor Oguri Shun (26), together with Yamada Takayuki (25), Miura Haruma (19), Takaoka Sousuke (26) and others attended the opening day stage greet for the movie Crows Zero 2 in Tokyo on the 11th of April. This second action-packed movie shows the events that unfold as the group of high school delinquents are drawn into a dispute with another high school. For the concluding volume of the series, Oguri and the rest received graduation certificates from the director, Miike Takashi. "I'm touched! I didn't think I'd be able to graduate," said Oguri. "I was trembling when I watched the preview. I am grateful to have taken part in this great movie," said Miura, smiling.




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BOSS Staff Blog
Question & Answer

5 April 2009

Shower cap?
I wonder whose foot this is on.

So... whose foot is this!?
The answer tomorrow...

6 April 2009

Good evening! This is 'a' of 'atomu'.

The answer is...

Ippei Hanagata as played by Mizobata Junpei. It was his foot!

And it's not a shower cap.

It's vinyl that's worn for on-site inspections.

For the sake of collecting evidence, Hanagata is also working today.

6 April 2009

Beautiful woman??? From the production department, it's 'a' of 'atomu' here.

Is this the result after a scuffle with a criminal!?

Hard-boiled!? Hanagata.

Mizobata Junpei-kun. Filming going smoothly.

[The members covering this Staff Blog are 'a', 'to' and 'mu'.]

I'll do bits and pieces of the Staff Blog.
(aka when there's a pic of Junpei!)

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