Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inoue Mao Staff Diary
16th February 2011

Ohisama ⑥
16th February 2011 13:50

The other day there was a poster shoot with family cast members!
I think it turned out beautiful, look forward to when it's all done(^_^)
Then, Yoko-san started drawing something on the whiteboard in front of the studio.

The end result...

Between filming, the three of them are always drawing on the whiteboard♪


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aibu Saki and Hayami Mokomichi together again in Rebound

It was revealed on the 14th that Aibu Saki (25) will star in NTV's Wednesday night drama (starts 13th April at 10pm) for the spring season. Her love interest is played by Hayami Mokomichi (26) and her best friend by Kuriyama Chiaki (25). Titled リバウンド (Rebound), the drama sees Aibu donning a fatsuit as she portrays a woman weighing about 85kg.

Born to a family running a pork cutlet restaurant, she grows up with a fondness for eating pork cutlets and cakes. By 6th grade in junior high she weighs 60kg and in her 20s, she tips the scale at 85kg. Dumped by her boyfriend over the weight gain, she resolves to slim herself down and gave up on the cakes she loves. She loses 37kg on a diet and lands a job in the editorial department of a fashion magazine.

On an assignment, she goes out to interview a pastry chef (Hayami Mokomichi). When she eats the 'forbidden' strawberry shortcake, she loses her resolve and starts eating her beloved cakes again. From then, her seemingly smooth-sailing life starts to break down as she falls in love with the 'ore-sama' Mokomichi and stands to lose her job in the fashion magazine if she keeps on gaining weight. This is the third time she is working with Mokomichi, the latest one being Zettai Kareshi in 2008.

Aibu herself has no experience with diets. In junior high, she swam at nationals and has never gone through a weight rebound. Before filming, she will have to go through 2 to 3 hours of preparation including prosthetic makeup. "I get nervous thinking what I will look like the first time I put on the special makeup. It's an original story and I feel it's worth the effort. I'm really looking forward to it," she commented. The makeup is handled by 'Make-up Dimensions', the company responsible for works done in Atsuhime, Tenchijin and JIN. About a month ago, she went to the studio to get herself measured and her suit is currently in production. The released photo was done with CG effects.

The drama hopes to address the obsession with diets and the impossible restrictions on food that women go through. It will also deal with the notion that thinness equals beauty and the meaning of real beauty.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Narimiya Hiroki and Koide Keisuke share their Fantasies

9th February 2010

On the 8th, actress Naka Risa (21) attended a commemorative event in Tokyo for the beginning of distribution of BeeTV's mobile drama "Party wa Owatta". While Nagayama Kento (21) was absent due to poor health, the rest of the actors - Narimiya Hiroki (28), Koide Keisuke (26), Takaoka Sosuke (28) and Hayashi Kento (20) attended the event.

Since the opening day of distribution, there have been 100,000 downloads. The main character, a busy manga artist, attends a party where she begins having 'romantic fantasies', and these fantasies unfold with a different man in each episode. This 'love story for adults' has garnered much attention because of the mature atmosphere and sexy performances by the 5 good-looking guys.

"This time, I had the privilege of acting with such amazing ikemens, I'm sorry everyone [laughs]," Naka said sincerely, "It was really fun because I acted as a different character in each episode." She continued with her appeal, "Each episode unveils such dreamy depictions of romance, please watch them repeatedly!"

Narimiya reveals, "My role was as an artist, and there was a love scene involving the use of paints. I was really nervous about that. But we've acted in a drama together previously, so it was easy to improvise. She's an actress who understands the atmosphere really well," he said, giving his stamp of approval.

As for Koide, "Mine was a Dracula role, with a face painted white. I danced with Risa-chan. It was an extremely passionate dance [laugh]. It's a role that's really different and the style of this series is unique. If it makes you smile at the end, that'll be great."

The cast members were then engaged in 'Fantasy Talk', in connection with the series. Takaoka said, "When I was in elementary school, I loved Dragon Ball. I imagined doing the Kamehameha Wave. I practised the moves... actually maybe I'm still into it."

As for Hayashi, "In middle school the campus idol appeared in my dream... I'm hoping for that dream to continue!" he said, making the audience laugh. Koide then continued, "I'd really like for the character Asuka from Evangelion to appear. She usually sorts out problems in the bath while she's naked, so I'll be happy to be in that same scene," amusing the audience.

The director added at the end, "Working with the 5 actors and Naka Risa, we made a great team. It's different from watching in the theatre, to me using your mobile is the best. You can enjoy the series really closely on the screen. Do look forward to this production."



Now I'll think of Nari whenever I look at any paint (>8<)


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