Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Report 2

24th March 2010
Narimiya's Action Scene!

Hello everyone, this is Domo from the Web Staff!!
These days there's strong wind around the Kanto region, and heavy rain too. What about where you are? Are you doing well?

So, I've kept you waiting for Narimiya's filming report!
In the last report, it was about Narimiya's start of filming, the 'Junior High School scene'.

Tsuji guiding the action scenes!

Team GOCOO's Tsuji-san is in charge of the action scenes, Narimiya is coached for Daichi's movements♪
Which means... Team YanMega begins with an action scene!!

Director: When someone hits you, what do you say?
Narimiya: Something like this?

Narimiya having fun

Director: Yup yup. Try that.
Narimiya: Oriyaaaaaa~
Tsujii: That's a good feeling.
Director: Good good.
Narimiya: I'll do my best [laugh].
Narimiya memorizes his moves one at a time.

High kick!!!!

Team GOCOO and everyone were concerned, asking "Were you hit?", "Are you okay?".
Once filming began, the tempo was good and the moves were easily carried out...
"Very cool," the director said as Narimiya watched the monitor.

Amidst the intense action... a smiling Narimiya

Filming has just begun, but there's already a good atmosphere surrounding Team YanMega. From now onwards there'll be even more action, look forward to it!

Doing a monitor check.

Of course!!!
It's not only about the action.

It's also filled with funny scenes.

Everyone, look forward to it~♪

Dong Bang Shin Ki Toki wo Tomete (SINGLE+DVD, Japan Version)

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
24th March 2010

24th March 2010 11:22

The other day we attended an event for 'MARC BY MARC JACOBS' spring/summer collection!
There were many cute clothes, bags and accessories in the store☆
We arrived a little early so Mao-san took in the store in detail.

There were cute earrings but unfortunately Mao-san has no ear piercings...
But there was an overnight bag she liked so she asked the store employee about the colour, size etc, piling on more and more questions!!

Then some photo-taking for the press.

"Clothes that make you happy," and just like what she said, she was wearing a cute dress fit for spring.
Seems like it was comfortable to wear too♪
She received some presents from the press to take home.

There are many pretty items, so please check out the store!!
Also, you can see a special message by Mao-san on the Mizuho Bank HP now.
Don't forget to check that out too!


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SuperMaki at Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita preview

25th March 2010

A special preview for the movie Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita took place in Tokyo on 24th March. Horikita Maki, Kylee, and Director Hans Canosa attended the event.

Students from the American School in Japan (ASIJ) were also invited to the preview. Their school was used as a backdrop for the movie. "The American School was different from what I had imagined, it was refreshing. But virtually all the conversations I had with my classmates were in English, it was difficult... When the students around laughed at me, I felt embarrassed," said Horikita smiling as she looked back to filming.

"Her nickname is SuperMaki," said Director Hans Canosa with only praises for Horikita who did her own stunts as well. "There were trying scenes but if the director is calling me SuperMaki, I'd have to be able to do everything," replied a blushing Horikita.

15-year-old Kylee, who sings the theme song 'Kimi ga Iru Kara' and also acts as Horikita's love rival in the movie, performed live in front of the audience. Horikita commented,"The lyrics are beautiful, it resonates in your heart. I have goosebumps. It's been a while since we last met, she has grown so much taller! How she has grown. I always thought she was so cute but now she has grown into a fine young lady."

Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita opens nationwide on 27th March.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Narimiya Hiroki Blog
Not Losing to the Wind or Rain

21st March 2010 23:47

was the final episode of
'Bloody Monday'

When I was going to work in the morning
I looked like I was in sleepwear
I had been out

On the way home to change clothes
I took an elevator with
a neighbour who lives on the same floor as me

Just before we arrived
"Today is the last episode ne"
was the comment made

Many people like it
'Bloody Monday'

It has ended

The end of filming
Thank you everyone

Being the character J
It's my treasure

On location for 'Yankee-kun to Megane-chan'

In the morning
There was terrible rain, wind and thunder
But it cleared up

Some things
Had been blown away

As expected
Will filming be possible today?

"Umm, it'll be difficult"
said the hair and make-up stylist

If filming is discontinued
There's no need to set the hair

Suddenly outside the window

Blown by the strong wind
It looked like a palm tree was gonna be uprooted at any moment

If I go out
My fate will be the same
as that tree


3 scenes had been taken
Miraculously one scene turned out good

Other than the shrinking hair
I had a good sleep [laugh]

was under a clear sky
While eating the catered food
I had a chat with the staff

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Curry was on the menu
The sauce was very spicy

This has been Narimiya.

24th March 2010 11:00
Popular Person

Good morning

Continuing into the 2nd day
Filming for YanMega

Because I have so many turns, in the midst of the scenes
I didn't know if I was still being filmed or not

Daichi was popular [laugh]

I had a slight cold
Wasn't feeling good

After a session of IV drip
This morning I felt totally fine

My body's that simple??

In the next studio
Izumi Pinko-san was filming
She passed by our studio
And had refreshments for us!

Croquette and minced beef cutlet



I ate them with everyone else


Thank you very much

What filming was about...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You don't really get it it right [laugh]

I'm doing something that you would want to watch

This has been Narimiya.

[Narimiya Hiroki Blog & News Translation Archive]

JapanesePod101.com - Learn Japanese with Free Daily Podcasts

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

JUNON May 2010

Shop at AmazonJP
JUNON ( ジュノン ) 2010年 05月号 [雑誌]

Dong Bang Shin Ki Toki wo Tomete (SINGLE+DVD, Japan Version)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dandiest Celebrities & Sportsmen

Dandy House, a spa exclusively for men, asked 600 women between 10 and 50 which celebrities they think are dandy. For the 4th time in a row, Abe Hiroshi topped the list.

Dandiest Celebrities

1. Abe Hiroshi

2. Motoki Masahiro

3. Mizushima Hiro

4. Watanabe Ken
5. Oguri Shun
6. Osawa Takao
8. Arashi
9. Kimura Takuya
10. Audrey

Dandiest Sportsmen

1. Ichiro

2. Ishikawa Ryo

3. Hara Tatsunori

4. Matsui Hideki
5. Naito Daisuke
6. Darvish Yu
7. Kiyohara Kazuhiro
8. Kameda Koki
9. Iwakuma Hisashi
10. Hakuho

Survey Demographics : 600 females nationwide aged 10 to 50
Survey Method : Internet
Survey Period : December 2009


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Liar Game Celebrates 1 Millionth Movie-Goer

On 21st March, Matsuda Shota, Toda Erika and Director Matsuyama Hiroaki took to the stage at Shibuto Cine Tower to celebrate the success of Liar Game The Final Stage. The movie has managed to pull in a million movie-goers since it opened 2 weeks ago.

A lucky viewer was presented with a parka autographed by the two stars. The winner, picked by a lottery, is a Matsuda Shota fan. He put the parka on her himself and the ecstatic lady commented,"I feel like I've just used up my entire life's supply of luck." She plans to attend the stage greet in Nagoya as well. Asked about the draw of the movie, she replied,"How cool Shota-kun is in it."

It was also revealed that the movie will be shown abroad; in Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Toda said,"I didn't think of that at all, I'm surprised hearing it now. I'm excited to know what they will think of it." The popularity of Liar Game overseas in not surprising as there were fans around the cast when they were on location in Taiwan for 5 days. Toda mentioned how she heard them saying that they loved Liar Game. Matsuda chipped in,"They were selling pirated copies of Liar Game there. Pretty cheap, about 300 yen. I saw the entire Season 1 for sale."


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Report 1

19th March 2010

Fellow audience, nice to meet you!!
Welcome to the official site for the Friday night drama 'Yankee-kun to Megane-chan'.

From today onwards until the end, a period of about 4 months, the Web Staff and I will bring you reports from the Cast and Staff. Please support us right to the end ♪♪

Without any more delays... Team YanMega began filming on 13th March.
At a certain school we rented, the first scene was for Shinagawa Daichi, played by Narimiya Hiroki!!

"Everyone, good morning. For the next 3 months, let's work hard on avoiding injuries and staying healthy. Filming might be difficult, but I'm sure I'll have fun as Shinagawa Daichi! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" said the hyped-up Narimiya.

Black hair and the uniform?? The reason is... !?

They were filming a scene of Daichi in middle school. "You still look okay to be in middle school ne," the director said. "Really? Still safe? [laugh]" replied an embarrassed Narimiya. After filming, he shared his thoughts, "I think filming why Daichi became a yankee right from the beginning is great, it makes it easier for me to play the role. Usually, the actor has to think about the history of the character... To continue filming from this scene onwards will be good," he said with a smile. "Last night I was so nervous, I couldn't sleep. To have begun filming safely, I'm relieved [laugh]," Narimiya continued.

This is the high school student Shinagawa Daichi.
To commemorate the beginning of filming, a smile for the camera!

Filming reports of Narimiya will be released slowly ♪
Look forward to watching Narimiya as Shinagawa Daichi!!

YanMega Cast
YanMega Introduction

Dong Bang Shin Ki Toki wo Tomete (SINGLE+DVD, Japan Version)

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
20th March 2010

Los Angeles②
20th March 2010 18:15

On this day we did a shoot at a famous spot in LA!!
The weather was really great.
The area around Rodeo Drive before the stores open looks very beautiful.

We also walked along the streets crowded with people.
A parasol is a necessity on a fine day like this. And for Mao-san who gets cold easily, a down jacket is also a must.
There's no one in LA walking around with a parasol and down jacket so Mao-san wondered if people would think she was a weirdo~
I guess it did stand out a little (*laugh*)
We had Japanese food on the last day♪
Everyone was in high spirits. We also talked about how we'd like to go overseas again with the same staff members☆
M-san from Shonen Magazine, we look forward to working with you again!

There are many more photographs to see, so look forward to the day Shonen Magazine is released!!
Expect it to be packed with beautiful shots♪
It goes on sale on 7th April!!
Also look forward to another OA session on a TV program☆
We're planning to give away a present after the OA, so please just wait a little longer.


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Top 20 Calorie-Burning Karaoke Songs

18th March 2010

Daiichikosho Group, a leading company in the karaoke industry, released a list of 20 songs that will burn the most amount of calories as you sing your way to slimness. The songs were chosen from the top 100 Most Requested Songs of 2009.

Top 20 Calorie-Burning Karaoke Songs
1. Everything by Misia 21.7Kcal
2. Suirenka by Shounan no Kaze 21.3Kcal
3. Akai Ito by Kobukuro 19.7Kcal
4. Junrenka by Shounan no Kaze 19.5Kcal
5. Sakura by Kobukuro 18.7Kcal
6. Tsubomi by Kobukuro 18.0Kcal
7. Mirai Yosouzo II by DREAMS COME TRUE 17.5KCal
8. Ai ga Umareta Hi by Fujitani Miwako & Oouchi Yoshiaki 17.2Kcal
9. NAO by HY 17.1Kcal
10. Soba ni Iru ne by Aoyama Thelma feat.SoulJa 16.9Kcal
11. TSUNAMI by Southern All Stars 16.7Kcal
12. HANABI by Mr.Children 16.6Kcal
12. Haruka by GReeeeN 16.6Kcal
14. Ti Amo by EXILE 16.4Kcal
15. Single Bed by SharanQ 16.2Kcal
16. Yuki no Hana by Nakashima Mika 16.1Kcal
16. Sunao ni Naretara by JUJU feat.Spontania 16.1Kcal
18. Moon Crying by Koda Kumi 15.8Kcal
19. Love Forever by Kato Miliyah & Shota Shimizu 15.7Kcal
20. Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ by Angela Aki 15.6Kcal

Illustration by sajiro

Everything by MISIA

Suirenka by Shounan no Kaze

Akai Ito by Kobukuro

Junrenka by Shounan no Kaze

Sakura by Kobukuro


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