Monday, January 14, 2008

Honey and Clover
Special Talk


Special Talk
Narumi Riko-san x Ikuta Toma-san x Harada Natsuki-san x Mukai Osamu-san x Narimiya Hiroki-san

Even during filming intervals, they're always together, just like the relationship they have in Hachikuro. Narumi Riko-san, Ikuta Toma-san, Harada Natsuki-san, Mukai Osamu-san and Narimiya Hiroki-san, the 5 of them create a good atmosphere among themselves to maximize the charm of Hachikuro. We put them in a room and they talk about their impressions of each other, about their roles and the inside story during filming.


Behind the scenes stuff ! Love it. In the process of doing up Part 1 now.


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