Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aura #130408


今は雨が降ってます!!明日の撮影に影響??がでちゃうかもです!!パズルの撮影になると一回の地方ロケにつき一回は雨に見回れます(笑)なので…スタッフさん、キャストの中に誰かが雨男がいるのでは??って話しになりました(笑)みんなには内緒ですが…実は僕がそのようです!!最近、雨男だなって感じる事が多々あります!!写真集発売の握手会でも雨でしたもんね ↓↓

13th April 2008
Rain Man ??
We headed to the countryside for our filming location today (^O^)/ After a meeting about some new work yesterday, I boarded a plane and came to the Kansai location !! Dense with nature, there's a calm atmosphere about this location. It made me feel fresh !! For Puzzle, there were many types of locations; in rocky areas, caves... forests and such, my legs have undergone some training !! Today's filming is at the beach... my calf muscles are in terrible pain !! (*laugh*)
It's raining now !! Would it affect tomorrow's filming ?? Well, it just might !! When it comes to filming Puzzle, the rain would make its rounds around every filming location (*laugh*) Is there a Rain Man among the staff and cast ?? They were talking about that (*laugh*) I keep it a secret from everyone but actually... I'm the one !! Lately, there's been many times when I feel like I've become the Rain Man !! It rained even when I went out to shake hands with the fans for the launch of my photobook ne ↓↓
It'll be great if we can somehow get filming done tomorow... everyone... please make some of those paper dolls to pray for fine weather (*laugh*)

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On Tuesday, April 15, 2008 3:14:00 AM, Anonymous grumpy wrote...

no pic?? his hair must've been washed down by the rain...


On Tuesday, April 15, 2008 3:32:00 AM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

Flat hair is blasphemy for Yusuke.


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