Friday, March 21, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Cinema Pia Abe Tsuyoshi Interview

"The sound of the real gun I used during filming shocked me"
[Akira shock ~haha]

Braving the action without stunts

Meeting again after all this time, the F4 members commented in one voice "Compared to when the drama first started, Tonton has become the sexiest one !" This is Abe Tsuyoshi.

Abe Tsuyoshi:
I'm really thankful to play such a stylish character but I've a lot of faults. It's a serious business getting people to believe in that perfect character. So I put on the clothes, get the hairdo and sometimes splash on some perfume. It's such a conflict with my plain self, that's the bad point (*laugh*)

What kind of developments are there going to be in the movie ? Did your expectations rise when you read the script ?

Abe Tsuyoshi :
It's rare to act with the same members twice in a drama, what more when you can do it in a movie. I'm really happy. Getting together with my fellow actors, I'd go anywhere to do it. It's like I just returned to my parent's home, feels comfortable. When filming ends, I think I'm going to feel really lonely.

The highlight for Abe Tsuyoshi is the action scenes without the stunts.

Abe Tsuyoshi :
The first day I got to Hong Kong, Mimasaka was involved in a big action scene. The action scene director also said "This is definitely Hong Kong !" That's the impression and I thought is this really a filming for Hanadan ? That's the sort of feeling you get ne (*laugh*) It was the first time I ever handled a real gun, so when I first shot with it, the sound really surprised me. I don't know if that is going to show in the movie (*laugh*)







「香港に来た初日に美作にとっては一番大きいアクション・シーンがあったんですよ。アクション監督もいて、まさに香港! っていう感じで、これって本当に『花男』の撮影なの?みたいな気がしましたね(笑)。本物の銃を使っての撮影は初めての経験だったので、最初のカットの撮影では撃ったときの音にびっくりしてしまって、それが映像に出ているかもしれません(笑)」


Sorry Tonton, I got to you really late. But it's true, that suit's so much hotter than the flowery stuff you used to favour.
I didn't really get this part スタントなしでのアクション・シーン. Action scenes without stunts ? Then why was it the highlight for him ? Or is it action scenes without stuntmen to back him up ? Or is the なし = 成し ? Accomplishing stunts in the action scenes ? Anyone ? Dare ka tasukete !


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