Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Manager Report

17th December 2010 11:31

It's the final episode of 'Perfect Report' tomorrow.

Here's a manager report from the filming location of 'Perfect Report'!

It's the crank-up day

They cranked-up at a certain location. He received a bottle of wine from the staff.
Thank you very much.

A change of clothes

In his own clothes.
All black on that day.

Did he just buy this bag?
Isn't it cool?

A magazine inside.

He's been following the WikiLeaks news

Let's see what he's reading.

He's interested in the movie 'Burlesque'.

That's all for this manager report.

Do watch 'Perfect Report' on Sunday evening.


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ito Hideaki receives 'Latino Japan 2010' award

On 15th December, Ito Hideaki attended the '4th Latino Japan 2010' award ceremony in Tokyo. Luxury watch brand Cuervo Y Sobrinos conferred the award on the actor as the personality of the year embodying the fiery Latin spirit. Founded in 1882 in Havana,Cuba, Cuervo Y Sobrinos became known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, and today the watches are crafted in Switzerland. Ito was presented with a 1.2 million yen Prominente Dual Time. "I buy watches for myself occasionally but this is the first time I have a diamond-encrusted one. I'll tackle work even more passionately now," he said.

He will be spending Christmas in Osaka, continuing the run of stage play Jeanne d'Arc. Reporters asked him if he would be giving anyone Christmas presents this year. "Santa has never once given me what I wished for so I've bought Precure for my younger sister's two daughters. I thought I should give them what they wanted. What I wanted was a Ginga Tetsudou 999 train..." he recalled laughing. His plans for next year? "Next year being the year of the Rabbit, as my zodiac sign is, I plan to work hard as well."



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Sunday, December 12, 2010

CM Updates

Sakurai Sho & Matsumoto Jun: Nintendo Wii Donkey Kong Returns

Matsumoto Jun: Daio Paper +Water

Ishikawa Ryo: Daiwa | Daichi

Miura Haruma: CAPCOM Monster Hunter | JR East My First Aomori

Odagiri Joe: Sapporo Beer Creamy White

Yamashita Tomohisa: Toshiba dynabook

Ayase Haruka & Sato Takeru: Panasonic Lumix GF2

Becky: Lion NANOX

BoA: audio-technica

Horikita Maki & Sasaki Nozomi: FujiFilm

Sasaki Nozomi: WILLCOM

Kanno Miho: Morinaga Creap

Miyazaki Aoi: Mitsubishi Motors i-MiEV

Nakama Yukie: Sapporo Beer

Rinka: Disney Mobile

Movie Trailer
Sakuraba Nanami, Seto Koji, Kiritani Mirei, IMALU, Tanaka Kei, Kichise Michiko: Runway Beat


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Japan Trip 2010
Day 6

From Tokyo to Osaka

Took the Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka.

Celebrity lookalike spotting: Jutta Yuki (aka Kiba ^^)

We had huge luggage bags with us, so it was kinda crammed. But manageable.

Bought bento boxes for lunch from the train station. There's so many shops selling food, and they also sell bento boxes in the train, so no need to worry about getting hungry!



There were some great views out the window:

In 3 hours, we were in Osaka. Pulling our luggage bags through busy stations wasn't easy. We never knew we had such strength lol. What we noticed immediately about Osaka - bicycles. There's rows and rows of them along the streets. Gotta be extra careful walking with the cyclists around. We saw a lady in high-heeled boots and skirt with her LV bag in the bike basket cycling, very skilful!

Rested at the hotel, then out for dinner.


[Clam soba = 600Y]

And to celebrate our arrival in Osaka - takoyaki!

[12 takoyaki = 500Y]


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