Sunday, May 11, 2008

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6th May 2008

Limited to Famima ! 「 Nationwide Advance Ticket + Changing Strap Set 」

Family Mart Limited Set
「 Nationwide Advance Ticket + Changing Strap Set 」
Currently accepting reservations to rave reviews !

【 Contents of Set 】
Nationwide Advance Ticket General (Senior High School Student and older) + Changing Strap 3500 yen (with tax)

Reservation Period : Until 22nd June (Sunday) Subject to availability
※ Deliveries will be made after the opening day for reservations made on the 10th June (Tuesday) and thereafter.
※ Promotional items come with the ticket set that consist of the general ticket only. There is no junior ticket set.

Just the countrywide Advance Tickets which are receiving rave reviews are also currently available !!
Sales Period : Until 27th June (Friday)

General (Senior High School Student and older) 1300 yen (with tax) Junior (3 years old to Junior High School Student) 800 yen (after tax)

※ Changing Strap not included.
※ For online tickets, the face of the ticket will be printed on 「 Ticket Pia 」 mounts.

>> Check the details at Famima.com official homepage !! http://www.famima.com/cinema/hanadan/


More information on the phone strap/bracelet here.
HYDF Official Blog clone here.

ファミマ限定!「全国共通前売券+チェンジングストラップセット」 08.5/6(火)

全国共通前売券 一般(高校生以上)+チェンジングストラップ 3,500円(税込)

予約期間:6月22日(日)まで  なくなり次第終了


一般(高校生以上) 1,300円(税込)  ジュニア(3歳~中学生) 800円(税込)



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