Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mizushima Hiro

In The News
Aiming to be an actor with a masterpiece
Oricon Ranking 'Ikemens On Your Mind'
Hiro & Ayaka to marry
Hiro & Ayaka Press Conference
Hiro & Ayaka Press Conference Footage
Hiro & Ayaka - Message to everyone
Ayaka's first live after press conference
Most Beautiful Male Celebrity Ranking
Promoting Panasonic Viera P-07A
Hiro leads ikemen band in movie version of BECK manga
Who high school and junior high girls want as their father
Ken-On Charity Auction
Ayaka's last live performance in Tokyo
Ayaka cancels concert due to poor health
Oguri Shun x Mizushima Hiro in new Getsu 9 drama
Hiro in a kimono
Mizushima Hiro and Hasegawa Jun for Right-on
Tokyo Dogs Press Conference
Ranked First for Beautiful Eyes - Mizushima Hiro
Mizushima Hiro goes nude in 3rd photobook
The Power of Mizushima Hiro's Eyes and Cool Glamour
Hiro upholding his promise to protect Ayaka
Ayaka's last solo live 'MTV Unplugged Ayaka'

Staff Diary
10th May 2009

Scans & Images
Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ep 1 Screencaps
Junon July 2009
Waratte Iitomo! Aki no Saiten Star no Unsei Uranauzo SP Screencaps

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