Saturday, April 19, 2008

Zettai Kareshi
Mizushima Hiro Special
Part 1


Zettai Kareshi
-Mizushima Hiro's Soushi Mutual Love!?-
-Part 1-

Theme Asamoto Soushi

Good day, Mizushima Hiro here. From now on, I will start writing a series of 「Mizushima Hiro's Soushi Mutual Love !?」 I'll write about things like what I think or feel at the filming location and I'll also talk about my own thoughts about love. I'll be glad if you can keep me company.

First, my thoughts on playing the role of Asamoto Soushi. Soushi is the son of a distinguished family running a major corporation. Moreover, being the second son and raised in an environment where he never had to worry about money or work, he's quite the o-bocchan. For that reason, he is self-centered, and while he holds the post of Planning and Development General Manager, his subordinates have totally no faith in him (*laugh*) Even though he's like that, I love Soushi. The reason is that though he may appear irresponsible, he's actually manly and is the type of fella with a 'core'. Up till now his personality hasn't been awakened, well there really wasn't any reason for it to, being fortunately (or unfortunately) blessed with his wealth. If you want for something, and a difficult situation arises, you should make an effort before getting results. But naturally this is the o-bocchan who would not be moved to action if there were no such adverse situation (*laugh*) When I play Soushi, I want to properly convey his over-optimism and I'm always aware of letting a little of his childishness show. Please look forward to Soushi turning out like that.

And then from now on, the person Soushi would have in his mind is Riko (Aibu Saki). Presently, Soushi has an instinctive dislike against Riko (*laugh*) Soushi is like a child too, he doesn't think of changing himself. He became interested in her, that is started to develop feelings for her, because of her ability to make cakes. And also when he recognized that ability, Souji realized that deep in his heart he actually has the passion for cake-making. What kind of change will be awakened in Soushi because of Riko's existence ? When the change happens, what will Riko think of Soushi ? Furthermore, while he is thinking of Riko and she becomes the target of his affections, how would he feel about her being constantly together with Night (Hayami Mokomichi) ? The relationship among these 3 people looks like it will undergo some interesting developments.







o-bocchan → inexperienced young man from a well-to-do family (like Doumyouji !)

I actually have not watched the first episode yet, so translating this took a quite a bit of head-scratching (-_-メ;) Just wanted to have a go at doing a text without much prep knowledge beforehand. Will amend if there's any glaring mistakes in the basic info after Episode 1 (/_\)

As always, thanks to Grumpy for banner ! Ots !

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On Saturday, April 19, 2008 6:50:00 AM, Anonymous Princess_jime wrote...

Hi! omg... Thank you so much for this translation, I try to post all the zettai kareshi info I can find on my blog, would you mind if I post this as well? with all the corresponding credits of course!


On Saturday, April 19, 2008 11:32:00 PM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

No problem, go ahead (・ー・)ノ
I still haven't watched it though !


On Sunday, April 20, 2008 12:43:00 AM, Anonymous Princess_jime wrote...

Thank you!LOL!
If you want to watch the first ep. online, Part1:
That's where I watched it! (while I wait for subs).


On Monday, April 21, 2008 2:59:00 PM, Anonymous Jen wrote...

wahh!! Dot-chan thanx a lot for this!! I'm loking forward to watch this one and I soo love Hiro Mizushima! thanx soo much!


On Wednesday, April 30, 2008 3:21:00 PM, Blogger babeth wrote...

Hey thanks for the translation..btw,is it okay to ask whats the original url of this?


On Thursday, May 01, 2008 1:15:00 AM, Blogger unleashthegeek wrote...

hey babeth,

It's from the official Zettai Kareshi site


under the Special section.


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