Saturday, March 22, 2008

With Yuu #220308


2008年03月22日 11:11

Good morning !
22nd March 2008
I intended to update the blog yesterday but it got sent to the unsent email column instead (>_<) I wanted to let you know about the broadcast of Gurunai too... sorry ! (*laugh*)
Eh, that quiz the day before yesterday, the answer is D, the lady stylist-san ♪ Those who were not sure about the gender of my manager would waver between A and D but would usually not consider B and C. Because if Yanagi or Kaji had painted some red manicure on, they would've pulled out their hands ne (*laugh*)
Thanks for taking part in my good-for-nothing quiz (*laugh*)
Change of topic, I ate a scorpion the day before yesterday (*laugh*) My friend and I went to a Chinese restaurant but actually he asked me to go along because of something he was interested in there. Not only was it the first time I saw a live scorpion, what was incredible was that I even ate it (*laugh*) It didn't really taste like anything but seems like it's good for your health !
If you get the chance to eat at a Chinese restaurant, try it at least once ☆
Finally, a photo with the overwhelming presence of Mr Scorpion, please take a look (*laugh*)


His guest appearance at NTV's Gurunai

No mention of Hana Kimi SP either ? He can't possibly not be involved ?! Kagurazaka's hair too orange ?


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