Friday, November 07, 2008

Aura #061108


6th November 2008

Hello !! Let's do our best today too (^O^)/ Today is the day that the drama for next season is announced !! Filming begins in the middle of December and I'm really looking forward to it !! The theme for the drama this time is lifesaving !! This drama requires seriousness !! Since it depicts the importance and value of life, I cannot approach this half-heartedly !! I will mentally prepare myself for my role in the lifesaving team from now on !! It's a cool January drama but I'd like to make it the hottest one (^O^)/


Everytime I do Yukke's blog, I feel like I'm typing his entry while he shouts it in my ear. The drama he's talking about is RESCUE ~ Tokubetsu Koudo Kyuujotai. Here's Massu's comment from http://www.tbs.co.jp/rescue2009/.

[Comment from Masuda Takahisa-san]
When I saw the training, I could only say one word, "Sugoi."
I have done hill-climbing so before I tried this, I thought I could at least go up the rope a little, but I couldn't at all. From now on I will strengthen my body, train constantly and push myself to my limit.
I have always been on good terms with Nakamaru-kun but we've never worked together. I look forward to it.
Because we can talk freely, I will get advice from him, we will help each other out and be a plus to each other.


I think this is Johnny's way of trimming Massu (^_^;)




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