Friday, November 21, 2008

Te wo Tsunagou (Eng subs)

MF here.

Geek was totally miismiirised by this song, thanks to the Ai Ai Gasa of Hiro and Ayaka.

\(^8^)/ \(^8^)/

I dedicate this video to everyone who feels the bittersweetness in the air whenever the end of the year rolls around. Another one bites the dust !

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mizushima Hiro
Announces break-up

Mizushima Hiro announces dissolution of The Tightsmen
15th November 2008

Actor Mizushima Hiro (24), Kuriyama Chiaki (24) and other cast members attended the opening day stage greetings for the movie GS Wonderland. Set in the 1960's during the heyday of group sounds (rock bands), GS is a story of youths working hard towards their dream of being in a band. The Tightsmen, which released Kaiganmen no Hotel on the 1st of this month, had just had its CD debut but drummer Mizushima said, "Thank you for your support all this time. From tomorrow onwards, I want to live as an ordinary guy again," announcing the "break-up" of the band to the audience.


How many of your mimiiiiii perked up at the word break-up ? (>y<)
Just can't get that first word from her song out of my head. And this might be too much GS Wonderland already, but see more of the movie at the GS Wonderland Gallery.



俳優・水嶋ヒロ(24)、女優・栗山千明(24)らが15日、都内で出演した映画「GS ワンダーランド」(本田隆一監督)の初日舞台あいさつを行った。1960年代のGS(グループサウンズ)全盛期、GSのスターを夢見てバンド活動に精を出す青春ストーリー。"ザ・タイツメン"として今月1日、「海岸線のホテル」という曲で実際にCDデビューも実現したが、ドラムスの水嶋は「長い間、応援してくれてありがとう。明日から普通の男として生きていきたい」と、観客に向かって"解散"を宣言した


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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
15th November 2008

Anmitsu Hime 2
15th November 2008 00:20

The other day, we had a fitting and poster shoot.
For some reason, when Mao-chan becomes the princess, the increasing tension comes from those around her rather than she herself.
The cute princess photo, up another day.

Training for the sword fight has already begun.
Even with all these furious movements, there are no muscle aches, it's because she's young isn't it !? So jealous...
To see the fruits of this training, please check the New Year broadcast ne.

あんみつ姫 2
2008年11月15日 00:20


こんなにも激しい動きで筋肉痛がないのは若いから!? 羨ましい限りです…


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Ishigaki Yuma
Apology for drunken assault

Ishigaki Yuma, apology for drunken assault "I was naive."
18th November 2008

Actor Ishigaki Yuma (26), arrested for assault and obstruction of police duties, was interviewed by the press. "It was my inexperience and naivety. I want to start over again from the beginning. I am sorry," he apologized. Ishigaki was at home drinking with his friends from 11:30pm on the 14th. They then went to a bar in Kabukicho and continued eating and drinking. He paid, then sometime later, realized his wallet was missing. At about 5:40am on the 15th, he went back to the bar to look for his wallet and had a dispute with the staff. He hit a staff member twice in the head and went voluntarily with police officers to a police station in Shinjuku. He then started struggling and kicked a police officer's face, resulting in a cut to his lips. He was then arrested for obstruction of police duties. Ishikagi is suspending himself from any work for the time being.


tennouji battered.jpg

Tennouji gone wild ! Joking aside, give the guy a break. What's with those self-righteous looks on the reporters faces ?!





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