Friday, July 17, 2009

Celebrities who look good in swimwear

Celebrities who look good in swimwear
16th July 2009

Summer is the season when you yearn to jump into the blue sea under the dazzling sun with the scent of sea breeze drifting in the air. With this in mind, Oricon conducted a survey of "Celebrities who look good in swimwear" among men and women in their teens and 20s.

First in the men's category is Hayami Mokomichi. With his tight athletic body, men especially voiced their envy with comments like,"He really cuts a stylish figure when he has swimwear on." Second is Sakaguchi Kenji. "His tanned, beautiful skin is suited to swimwear." Third is comedian Kajima Yoshio, who more often than not appears only with his trademark trunks on.

Men's Category
1. Hayami Mokomichi
2. Sakaguchi Kenji
3. Kajima Yoshio
4. Ichihara Hayato
5. Mizushima Hiro
6. Kimura Takuya
7. Koike Teppei
8. Tamaki Hiroshi
9. Narimiya Hiroki
10. Yamashita Tomohisa

Participants : Men and women, teens and 20s, 800 total
Survey Period : 16th June 2009 ~ 19th June 2009
Method : Internet survey

Women's Category
1. Hoshino Aki
2. Minami Akina
3. Ebihara Yuri
4. Kinoshita Yukina
5. Asao Miwa
6. Hamasaki Ayumi
7. Nagasawa Masami
8. Kumada Youko
9. Ayase Haruka
10. Becky



If it was celebrities in their undies, Narimiya would reign supreme.

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Buzzer Beat Blog

16th July 2009 (Thursday)

Hello niku here.

It's the end of the rainy season in the Kanto area, getting hot ne.
No matter how much sunblock you put on, you get sunburnt...
For skin like Mai (Kanjiya Shihori), the turning point has long been passed though, yabai (*laugh*)

So, with weather like this, we went to film at the beach.
The sunset was amazingly beautiful so 'click'.

The big kids were really psyched up at the beach.
In the end, they ended up in the ocean ne~ (Although there were no water scenes...)
Well, I won't say who they are though (*laugh*)

The staff and cast members all went home burnt black.

Well then, see you.


I'm guessing the boy on the right.

Edit 19th July : Finally figured out what that line 4 meant. niku was referring to Mai Ebina. I was cracking my head over what the heck linen skin was supposed to mean :| Kanjiya Shihori also mentioned in her blog how sunburnt she was.

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
16th July 2009

All up!
16th July 2009 12:10

A few days ago, it was all up for filming of Kareinaru Spy!!
Despite the many rainy days due to the rainy season, we finished filming safely.
The last was a scene in the bus and she received a bouquet of flowers from the lead actor, Nagase-san!

Mao-san said in her speech,"It was great to get to wear a uniform again (*laugh*) I look forward to watching Episode 2 onwards too, so everyone please do your best filming."
Kareinaru Spy looks like it will develop very intriguingly!
Needless to say, please watch Episode 1, and then Episode 2 onwards too ne♪

2009年07月16日 12:10




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Ninkyo Helper Blog
Doing interviews for Helper

14th July 2009 (Tuesday)

Hello everyone!!
Playing the role of Izumi Reiji, Yamamoto Yusuke here!!
This being my first appearance in Ninkyo Helper's official blog, pleased to meet you!!

All the filming for the role this time takes place in the studio so we film it all at once!!
Even though it's in the studio, we cover interviews during our free time!!
Today, it's gravure shots for TV fan and a photo shoot for the cover!!

I was asked about the drama, my role and things like that... Wonder if I answered properly... (;_;) I'm worried!!

Well, let's leave that aside!!
How's Ninkyo Helper??
As the story progresses, it will get more and more interesting!!
Everyone, please watch Ninkyo Helper on Thurdays at 10 ne (^O^)/
I'll wait for your comments!!


How I miss seeing those two exclamation marks at the end of every sentence!!
Damn you EverGreen!!

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Buzzer Beat
Character Profiles

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buzzer Beat Blog
Episode 1 Game End〜☆

14th July 2009 (Tuesday)

Hello, niku here.
Everyone, thanks for watching yesterday.
I read all your kind words one by one.
It's going to get more interesting from now on, so please watch every week ne.
If possible, please tell that to those around you who have not seen it too (*laugh*)

By the way, you can get the basketball bun that Mizobata-kun ate in Episode 1, the T-shirts the fans had on during the game, the towel, stick balloon and JC ARCS keychain in Lawson.
If you get it, eat it during Episode 2? Wear it? Cheer us on together? Who knows, it might be more enjoyable.

You can get the A-kun that Naoki had as his standby screen at the mobile site, so why not everyone give A-kun a try too?
By the way, A-kun is on my standby screen too (*laugh*)

It's been awhile, so now a photo.

It's the park where Naoki and Riko met ♥♥

Well then, see you.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Omasa Aya

13 July 2009
From today onwards!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~ begins tonight at 9pm (^O^)

I play the role of Yamashita Tomohisa-san's naive younger sister!

Watching it earlier, I felt thrilled and my heart throbbed at various scenes ♪

Look forward to them tonight at 9pm (^O^)/

Well then!

Ah... basketball. Reminds me of the days I skipped practice >_<


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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
13th July 2009

13th July 2009 17:18

Seems like Mao-san's Hug-chan had a medical examination the other day.
I met Mao-san before the exam and knew that she was going to the hospital after,
so later I got a mail with a photo from her. "Nothing abnormal, Hug is healthy♪"

Seems she was told that Hug-chan "is a little deficient in Vitamin B1".
The thought just came to me that it'd be great if there was a Chocola BB for dogs.
By the way, I drink Chocola BB regularly every day too ♪ (*laugh*)

In the photo is Nagase-sensei who has been taking care of Hug-chan since Hug-chan was little.
Incidentally, it seems like he's taking applications for a bride now (*laugh*)
Anyway, has everyone seen the new Eisai CM??
She was yelling while a big gust of wind blew from a huge electric fan.
Those who have not, please check ne ♪


The CM mentioned here.

2009年07月13日 17:18






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Monday, July 13, 2009

Buzzer Beat Blog
It's A-kun☆

12th July 2009 (Sunday)

Good morning, niku here.
The broadcast date is approaching, my heart's going pitter-patter...
Yesterday we filmed a training scene at the gymnasium.

The photo shows a support banner hung at the gymnasium.
In the center is the JC ARCS character, A-kun!
He can spin the ball on his finger. Nowadays when Yamashita-kun is free, he will practice that (*laugh*)
Planning to take A-kun's place??

All sorts of things will appear in Episode 1, so please check.

Well then, later.


Eeeh? His name's A-kun? Unmei to shinjiru?

Anyway, today's the big day and Buzzer Beat is taking over Fuji TV. I watched Mezamashi just a while ago and Yamapi had a coat, looking very smart then I noticed his short pants. Looks familiar... :D

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
About 7:30~
Mezamashi TV
Guest : Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
About 9:30~
Guest : Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
About 10:45~
Spice TV Doumo ☆ Ki ni Naru!
Guest : Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
Waratte Iitomo!
Guest : Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
Lion no Gokigenyou
Guest : Mizobata Junpei

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
Buzzer Beat SP

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
Super News
Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko

13th July (Monday) (Day Episode 1 goes on air)
Guest : Kanjiya Shihori

13th July (Monday)
Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~ Episode 1 On Air!!

13th July (Monday)

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Koishite Akuma
Nakayama Yuma Interview

How are things on the set?
Very fun. Filming starts from morning and the hours are long but it doesn't feel that way at all, the time just flies by. The most fun is... when I'm with Shintaro. Shin-chan is really cheerful and he makes things enjoyable. We're always together. During meals, on location and when we move from location to location. We don't do anything in particular, it's just that we naturally end up together.

The producer has also said that Nakayama-san is a mysterious character, how does it feel to be called that?
I'm mysterious....? To be thought that way, I feel happy. To me, being called that is a compliment. My role in the drama requires me to be the silent type most of the time, there's a gap I think. Personally, I'm not the silent type at all (*laugh*)

How does it feel playing the role of a boy falling in love with an older woman?

I haven't personally experienced it but I'm glad I'm given the chance to do it, I think it's a good experience. An older woman, forbidden love, there are people who yearn for that but after watching this drama I want everyone else too, to feel a yearning, to be moved. For me personally... age doesn't matter when it comes to love.

What kind of vampire do you play?

The part I play, Ruka does not show his emotions on the surface but I think he is honest and pure. I think Ruka that way is good, it'd make me happy if he is admired. And he can teleport and has superhuman strength, makes you feel like trying out those powers if you can. The fantasy elements are fun.

The role has hardly any speaking parts in the beginning and in the later parts, he starts to change. It must be difficult.
Even without dialogues, when there's just facial expressions, I consult with the director every time. It must be a little different each time. I try my best to improve on making slight changes in expressions when I act. I practice while looking at the mirror but... it's embarrassing (*laugh*). I think the different expressions will appear once I start interacting with the cast members, I look forward to it.

How does it feel putting on the fangs?
I do feel some discomfort but when I look in the mirror, I approve (*laugh*). The tension goes up when you can do it realistically. I guess you can get used to fangs too. Like putting them on and wanting to show them off (*laugh*)

How is appearing together with your respected senpai, Kondo Masahiko-san?
Frankly, I thought he was scary. But he is easy to talk to and once in a while he says some amusing things. He says such things too...!? I felt that gap. My nervousness just unraveled, it was really surprising. He gave me acting advice too. In the credits, there's a scene of me using a cloak, I couldn't do it well so he adviced me on how to show off the cloak properly. Kondo-san can handle the cloak perfectly (*laugh*)!

Do you have a weakness to anything, like how a vampire is averse to certain things? Something that makes you go,"Stop right there!"
I hate insects! Recently, I've been really bad with them, when did I get so sensitive about it... (*sweats*)? Just thinking about it scares me. A while back, a black insect I've never seen before entered the house, it just swooped in. After that, I'm just no good with them...(*embarrassed grin*). Looking at like the rhinoceros beetle is fine, but if you ask me to touch them, no way. So please, don't prepare any insects (*laugh*)!

What scenes do you look forward to now?
Scenes where I have the fangs on. Kondo-san gave me advice on the fangs too. I want to be just like a vampire!

Besides the highlights of the drama, there's also your relationship with the family you're staying with.
In Shinjou (the Chinese restaurant), there are scenes where little bits of emotions appear, he becomes more human, Rika starts to change. I want everyone to see that. Captivated by the humans that he should hate... There'll be different kinds of connection I think. There are parts of him that are troubled, some heartrending. If I can show that, and move the viewers, that would make me happy. I want it to be a wonderful drama, please give your support♪


I wasn't even planning to watch this but the first episode buried its fangs in me. Yabai ero~

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Jutta Yuki

9 July 2009
Ninkyou Helper

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In commemoration of the first episode!


My heart is still throbbing [laugh]

But, at last, so I guess I'm kinda relieved~

I've been restless all day today... [laugh]

Everyone, how was it?
Did you watch it live?

Aiming to be promoted, 6 yakuza members have to work in a nursing home for the aged.
Surprising storyline!

Look forward to future developments ne ♪

Everyone, thanks for watching Ninkyou Helper Episode One!

I'm really grateful!

It'll get even better after this, I'll do my best!

Ninkyou Helper, from here on onwards, yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(__)m

Thanks everyone ☆

For today too, much appreciated and thank you ☆

The return of Kiba :)


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mizobata Junpei

9 July 2009
Preview Screening

Good evening! !

There was a preview for Buzzer Beat today (^O^)

It was also my first time watching it. When asked for my impression, I said that it really felt like a Getsu 9 drama (>_<)

It's glittering ↑ [laugh]

I think it's a fitting youth love story for this summer o(^-^)o

My role is the one from the bottom of the rung!

Perhaps there's something cunning about his character?

I want everyone to quickly watch it too (*^o^*)

Look forward to it on Monday!

His management think it's wise to make fans pay for his blog entries. He's a rising star whose name is not exactly established yet, and his fans in 2ch are saying well they're not gonna pay - there are other blogs to read.
His blog is free publicity, much drama promotion and buzz (pun intended!) reach the masses throught it. I guess it's sayonara to his blog, but I'll still do translations if I see any interesting news on Pei-chan.


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