Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aura #120108



こんばんは!!今日も1日お疲れ様でしたぁ(^-^)/今日は1日中撮影でしたぁ!!撮影が終わってから、美容院に行きました!!実は明日…ビダンっていう男性誌の表誌撮影なんです!!だから…髪型をカッコ良くしなきゃと思い行きましたぁ(^-^)/明日限定のエクステもつけました!!分かります?? 花ざかりの君たちへの時の萱島みたいなヘアスタイルなんです!!今は撮影で染められないし、変えれないので最大限の抵抗なんですっ!!(笑)



Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today, I had photo-taking the whole day !! After it ended, I went to the hairdressing salon !! Actually... tomorrow I'm going on a shoot for the cover of the men's magazine Bidan !! If the hairdo isn't proper, it won't do, I thought. So I off I went (^-^)/ Tomorrow, I'll also put on hair extensions !! Do you realize ? It'll be like the style that Kayashima had in Hanazakari no kimitachi e !! Now, I'll put up maximum resistance to colouring or changing my hair !! (*laugh*)

Tomorrow, after the magazine shoot, I'm heading off for a trip to Okinawa for a 5 day location film shot. It'll be my first time in Okinawa !! I'm getting really excited now (^O^)/

Yesterday... Sorry for not being able to update the blog yesterday !! Somehow, I didn't have time !!.. I got a lot of comments though (^_^;) From tomorrow onwards, my report on Okinawa, I won't forget to write it everyday (^-^)/


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