Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Staff Diary 1

9th April 2010
From Daichi and Hana - Opening Soon!

Hana: Sorry to have kept you waiting!
Daichi: Been waiting~
Hana: Not you Shinagawa-kun! The viewers!
Daichi: What the... !!

Hana: Sorry everyone!!
Daichi: What's with this so suddenly [sweats]

Hana: Soon, the Staff Diary corner will open...

Hana: Everyone, just wait a little while longer~
Daichi: This and that, quiet already!!


Wow they are attacking this from everywhere... reports, twitter, Shinagawa blog and now a staff diary!

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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Report 10

5th April 2010
Remembering the Lines!

Well now, this time the report is about memorizing the script!

These photos were actually taken before their crank-in. They received the scripts earlier and these are the real photos of them as they try to learn their lines before filming begins...

Narimiya: How do you usually memorize your lines?
Risa: On the spot, on the spot...
Narimiya: I face the wall and say out my lines.
Risa: To hear your voice?
Narimiya: Yup. If I'm on a train I'll be mumbling myself.
Risa: Eh~
Narimiya: For real. It's true [laugh].

There was a good harmonious mood as the 2 of them started to learn their lines!!

The expressions of Daichi and Hana!

Risa: Hana... She's quite an airhead ne [laugh].
Narimiya: Doesn't get along with Daichi ne [laugh].
Risa: Yup.
Narimiya: The 2 of us... are just perfect!
Risa: Yeah... But it's kinda hard when we're just wearing our normal clothes [laugh].
Narimiya: And everyone's watching!
Risa: I'm not good at scenario reading.
Narimiya: I know what you mean.

"Nervous cos everyone's watching~" said Narimiya and Risa.

Both were a little bit lost as it was not how they usually memorize their lines.

"This time, without looking at the script!"

Both looking up as they practised their lines.

Slowly they began to get a grip on the script, but the laughter continued during filming intervals.

How will they deliver their lines? Check it out when it airs!

Super Junior Photobook - Boys In City Season 3 - Hong Kong (Photobook + Poster In Tube)

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Shinagawa Daichi Blog

5th April 2010

Today's filming
was of the family sitting together

There's something heartwarming

But then
A family scene always involves a battle

During interval
I had miso ramen with Hori Chiemi-san
who plays the role of Daichi's mother

There was much garlic
in the miso ramen

Right now, I'm...


After this
Filming continues, I'll do my best with garlic power!!

This has been Shinagawa Daichi.

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Hori Chemi Blog

5th April 2010

Today there was filming for the Shinagawa family. I had dinner with my son Daichi... Both of us had miso ramen (^_^)v
We had a fun conversation, with lots of laughter.

Hori Chiemi Blog

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