Saturday, May 03, 2008

Aura #010508


1st May 2008
Pop Ya
Good morning !! Yesterday I intruded on Fuji TV to record a variety program ('-^*)/ It's been awhile since I've been on a talk show so I was nervous but I went in resolutely with the spirit that I could do it ('-^*)/ Please watch it ne !!

I did filming for the variety show Pop Ya, where I'm a regular, today too !! When it goes on air, watch it and you will see how different the atmosphere is, I think it's a really interesting program !! There's nothing interesting about me but I shouldn't say it... (*laugh*) The first time Tanaka-san was around the cast, he was quite the mad character. I think more and more amusing things are going to happen !! I don't know if you can catch it since it's a late night show but for those who keep late hours, try your best to watch it ne ('-^*)/

Today is the Puzzle job-well-done party !! I do feel sad but this is a celebration of the tenacity we have shown up to now. Off to some farewells !!




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With Yuu #030508


Long time no see ☆
3rd May 2008, 00:19
For not updating in a while, sorry (>_<)
Lately I've been running and thrashing around a little... (*laugh*)
We filmed for Rookies today too ! It will still continue later on in the evening too ☆
Well then, I'll be going (^O^)/

2008年05月03日 00:19


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Hana Yori Dango Final

This is the wallpaper glamourising my screen now. If you're using it, please drop some thanks to Grumpy !


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Hana Yori Dango Final
Photobook Ad & Movie Preview

non-no 5.20 2008 Issue

This is a page promoting the photobook.

A page about the movie preview.

2000 sets of 4000 invitations for a simultaneous preview, receiving applications now.
Affix the coupon at the bottom of the page on to a postcard to apply.

Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka
23rd June, 18:30 Simultaneous Start

A Hana Yori Dango Final novel edition will also be released on the 28th of June.

Alrite, so that's the gist of everything. I just stalk Japanese sites and report them as well as I can. I'm still pretty shaky at translating so don't quote me  

Full Post is with Gyao Magazine, Shota on the cover, 2 facing pages of HYDF.

Gyao Magazine June Issue


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Friday, May 02, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
The Television, +act Magazine,
H Magazine & Cinema Square

The Television No.18 2008

(O.O;) at the Blue Lagoon shot.
The rest of the magazines in the Full Post.

H magazine May Issue

+act magazine Vol.15 2008 out 1st May.

Cinema Square Vol.18 out 30th April


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Toma wins Best Supporting Actor

Photo courtesy of Grumpy (because Johnny won't even allow the paper that gave out the award to a Johnny boy the right to publish his image online. Boo ! Hisss !) Having said that, this one is fab. Ots !

Ikuta Toma wins Actor in a Supporting Role Award / Nikkan Drama Grand Prix

Ikuta gazed at the trophy and murmured "I'm receiving this award because I have been aided by so many people, they made me who I am today. I will never forget my debt of gratitude to them ne."

In 2007, he played a detestable villain role as a high school student in Hana Yori Dango 2. After that he displayed his comedic sense in the completely opposite role as Nakatsu. Later on, it was a supporting but indispensable role in Honey and Clover as someone naive and simple. He has shown himself in a variety of roles. Amongst them all, Hanazakari has been responsible for bringing Ikuta to fame. "The gallery at the filming location was sparse the first time we shot. During the last one, it was packed with crowds. People who have never done it before, small children and office workers, are calling out to me... I can feel the size of this drama."

"When I have an idea, I'll discuss it with the staff. Even that scene with the panty covering my head, I set my brains on fire thinking thoroughly about it for 3 months." The drama then promised the solo Ikuta unrequited love delusion scene.

Nakatsu posing with a panty on his head, dressing as a nurse in pink. "This work winning an award, it's because of the large wardrobe we had so I have to give the award to it, thanks a lot." The depth in his heart. The possibilities are infinite.

Excerpts from Nikkan Sports
30th April












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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Horikita Maki wins Best Actress

Horikita Maki wins Actress in a Leading Role Award / Nikkan Drama Grand Prix

<11th Nikkan Sport Drama Grand Prix Prize Winner Announcement>

The 「11th Nikkan Sport Drama Grand Prix」 Actress in a Leading Role Award has been given to actress Horikita Maki (19) who played the role of a boyish high school boy. In Fuji TV's Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen ♂ Paradise ~ she is surrounded by many good-looking men. Despite the pressure, she delivered a good performance. She was "enchanted" with her first boy role.

Horikita plays the role of Ashiya Mizuki, a young girl disguising herself as a boy and enrolling in a boys school. She is naturally feminine and yet she is dressed as a high school boy for most of the drama, leading her to win the prize. "I think to be recognized for doing my best in something that I believed in is meaningful. I'm happy for the effort from myself and also the support from other that I have received. I feel really blessed," she said with a smile.

The original work is a popular comic. "I have read it and thought the setting was interesting. For a girl, it's a drama that makes you tremble with excitement ne," she said, looking back on it. My next thought was "Would I be like a boy just by cutting my hair short ?" Feeling that anxiety, she wrestled with constructing her role.

The majority of the performers were boys, boys, boys. And besides, filled with ikemen. "Right at the beginning of the script, I was surrounded by everyone in class. In the middle of all the guys, I was the only girl. At that time I wondered 'Could I fit in here ?'" Besides being ikemen, all of them are of eligible age. Horikita is all alone there. However you think of it, it's perilous, it must have been difficult. "I was very self-conscious. But because of that I reminded myself that I should not build a wall up. Actually, I was very shy ne (*laugh*)."

While she played her role, as the story in the drama unfolds and as filming went on, they started to synchronize. "I myself started to resemble that boyish Horikita role as I became familiar with the mostly guys co-stars ne. As we went along, the shyness I felt at first totally disappeared and I became unconcerned."

Filming for the Hanazakari no Special is complete. She is also blessed with costars. The one Mizuki gives her heart to is Sano Izumi played by Oguri Shun (25). "Oguri-san was filming for the drama concurrently with his theater work. For me, just the drama really exhausts my energy, that concentration and energy is amazing." On Ikuta Toma (23) who had his break through the drama, "He is a really considerate person. He became my go-between to everyone."

Last summer saw Japan's temperature reaching 40.9 degrees Celsius 3 times successively, reaching such intense heat. "Filming in that heat with my chest tightened was difficult. I'll always think of last summer as something enchanting." Laughter, shedding tears and the heat. For the people who were watching, they were rewarded with an enchanting delight.

29th April
Nikkan Sports











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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Ikemens with their Poster

When they were promoting Hana Kimi last year, they put up posters covered with the ikemen stickers which then revealed the big poster. Clearing hard disk time, here are pictures of the boys unable to resist taking pictures with themselves. Yeah, collected even those (;^_^

I'm testing it out, click Full Post » for the rest (^0^)」


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Classic Forever !

From Blogger to Wordpress and back. Isn't there an easy way to marry the simple control of html and the convenience of all those widgets ?

I was fiddling around with Blogger and I realized how lacking the Classic Template is but I'm loathe to upgrade because I've already customized this one to my liking. The problem is it's hard to locate older posts. First of all, clicking on a label will display only the latest 20 posts with no way to access the earlier ones. That's why my sidebar is growing longer and longer. In time, I'll get rid of the older stuff like Honey and Clover but I stored them in wordpress as archive anyway so they won't be lost inside here. Stuff like Hana Kimi and Hanadan are so precious to me I think I might leave them there a year, or two or a loooong time. Maybe I'll do the wordpress archive for them too eventually. I've done this for Yusuke and U-kun blogs from the beginning so I'll cut a few months off their entries from the sidebar too.

I'm trying out expandable posts because my own fingers are getting a workout from scrolling down the mouse (-_-; And then I realized it was impossible to place the Full Post » on top of the Label because the code for the Label isn't even in the template \(☆o◎)/ The Full Post will also appear on all the older posts when there's nothing more to read, so just ignore them. Anyway, I'll just give it a try and if it's more convenient I'll go with it.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Flames and Flaming Red Hot Photos

Tamaki Hiroshi and Kato Rosa. There were rumours of them going out before he dated Hitomi Shimatani (also now over) but this is actually the first photo of them together I've seen. Looks like a really retro old-school shot.

Everyone's favourite fluent 'Oh shit' Sawajiri Erika and Matsuda Shota. No idea who Shota is dating these days.


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Hana Yori Dango Final
Hanazawa Rui Postcard

One huge Hanazawa Rui, purezento shimasu.

Also for Shunatics, Oguri Shun Actor Encyclopedia (2008). Available April 2008, 188 pages, 1365 円 after tax, ISBN:9784860972622.

Get here → http://item.rakuten.co.jp/book/5622324/

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Hana Kimi SP
Crank Up Present

Hibari 4 Kurose Manami/Imaike Komari

2008-04-22 22:05:19

22nd April 2008
Bath Set
Received it during crank up of Hanazakari
Bath Set ↑
I always use it
Something of practical use, much appreciated ne


That bear loofah is so cute. Did they give that to everyone ? I can't imagine Sano using it ・・・・(⌒_⌒;)


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Aura #270408



27th April 2008
Crank up
Today too thanks for everything (^-^)/ After filming for POP ya and Myojo ended, I went back home !! The way POP ya is written is similar to Jump, it's like filming for a drama. It's fun and I'm playing a different character !! Actually yesterday... was the day of crank up for drama Puzzle with its lengthy 4 months of filming !! The 4 of us, with Ishihara Satomi-chan as the lead and Kimura Ryo-kun and Nagayama Kento-kun, we were always doing our best during filming. Somehow when it ended, the tears wouldn't stop. I didn't think I'd cry like that, I was surprised !! But it was a production that sapped me physically and mentally so the feeling I had on completing it was refreshing !! Tomorrow is the start of new activities so I'll try my best to switch moods (^-^)/


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With Yuu #270408


2008年04月27日 05:46


Good morning.
27th April 2008
Did you watch Episode 2 yesterday ?? Watch out for the 3rd episode also ne ! It looked like the focus was on me in the preview (*laugh*)
Well, today I'll be at the location shoot from early morning too. I think I'll do it with the high spirits of being a youth ☆
By the way, has everyone made plans for Golden Week ? I'm sure there'll be people heading overseas... how great na (*laugh*)
As for me, I'll be in JAPAN doing my best for Rookies (^O^)/

Well then, ne~(^_-)-☆


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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final
Tickets & Postcards

Hanadan Final Ticket
Hanadan Final Postcards



As always, thanks to Grumpiggy for doing stuff up nicely !


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