Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Inoue Mao Staff Diary
4th July 2010

World Cup & Japanese Food
4th July 2010 02:28

For the World Cup this year, we watched 3 games on television at a store in Thailand!

We managed to catch the second half of the game against Paraguay after filming the other day too!
It was in Thai but Mao-san got really excited!!

After this, whenever we watch World Cup again, we will remember the other actors and staff from when we filmed the movie in Thailand during World Cup 2010... said Mao-san.

The Thai food here is of course delicious but as expected, we missed Japanese food!!
Especially Mao-san, who loves Japanese food♪

The director took everyone to a Japanese restaurant one time. Eating the miso soup and cold tofu moved her to tears of happiness!!

The photo is taken in a Japanese restaurant at a nearby shopping mall.

An overjoyed Mao-san without make-up with the 'Grilled Mackerel Set Meal'♪♪


Tokyo Sports recently reported that Mao is romantically involved with navi from GReeeeN (30). Nothing else, no details.


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Monday, July 05, 2010

Hotaru no Hikari 2
Story 1

3 years ago OL 'himono onna' Hotaru (Ayase Haruka) and Buchou Takano (Fujiki Naohito) started living together (comfortably, on that porch) - it's expected that the 'himono onna' would have grown up...

But! Right after that, Hotaru was separated from her team members, working in Hong Kong. Away from Buchou, she devoted herself to work everyday.

3 years later, that project is completed and she returns home. She's assigned back as one of Buchou's team members.

However, the members and atmosphere are now completely different. There's the planner Seno (Mukai Osamu) who leaves the office exactly at 5pm ("Because the contract says 9 to 5"). Then there's another employee Mika (Usuda Asami) who also rushes back as soon as she completes her work ("My part is done").

Meanwhile, Hotaru and Buchou are back working, their relationship merely as boss and employee. The two people who know about their history, Yamada nee-san (Itaya Yuka) and Futatsugi (Yasuda Ken) observe, "It's difficult for a man and a woman to go back to their previous relationship after 3 years of separation."

"People change after 3 years. I'm different from that person in the past. It's only you who's still the same." Buchou leaves Hotaru to meet a beautiful lady, Konatsu (Kimura Tae).

"These past 3 years, what should I have done?"
Feeling down, Hotaru spends the whole night with Seno----!?

Episode 1 airs 7th July.

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Horikita Maki is Miss Lily 2010

Horikita Maki attended an awards ceremony on 4th July to accept the title of 'Miss Lily 2010'. The award is given out to a woman whose looks is most suited to the flower. Lilies symbolize pure love and reporters took the opportunity to ask about her love life. "Have you experienced pure love recently? Is there anyone you like?" Horikita replied noncomittally,"Well, right now.." On receiving flowers, she described her ideal situation. "I'd be happy to get flowers on the first date." She also revealed that she occasionally sends flowers to her mother. "I've been sending them less than before but I meet up with her. We're planning to have sushi together soon," she revealed. Asked about her plans to have children of her own she said,"Right now I think when I'm 32 or so."



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Mokomichi shed 12kg for swindler role

Hayami Mokomichi (25) and the cast of TBS drama Hammer Session! (starts 10th July at 7:56pm) attended a press event held at Enoshima Beach on 4th July.

For his role as swindler Hachisuka Gorou who masquerades as a teacher, Mokomichi revealed that he had prepared himself physically beforehand. "For the past few months, I have shed about 12 to 13 kilograms for this role," he smiled confidently. Many scenes in the drama require him to bare his body. He asked Shida Mirai (17) what she thought of it. "He asks me that every time but I can't really answer," she replied, looking a little embarrassed. "This drama is a little different from normal school dramas, it's a little sexier. Please look forward to it," said Mokomichi confidently.

After the event ended, a beach volleyball tournament started and Mokomichi happily stripped to his waist and joined in the games.


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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Narimiya Hiroki
10th Anniversary Photobook

3rd July 2010

On the 3rd, actor Narimiya Hiroki attended a press conference and handshake event for fans at Shibuya's PARCO where he debuted 10 years ago. The event was to commemorate the release of his photobook 'Hiroki Narimiya Anniversary Book 10', which showcases his journey in the entertainment industry through the decade. Interacting with his 2000 fans, he commented, "It's been a distinct Narimiya Hiroki for the past 10 years." The secret to being an actor and involved in various activities? "Well, actually once I rest (reluctantly), I'll start to forget about things! That's how it is with me."

10 years ago, he made his debut at PARCO Theatre which was nearby. "At that time, I had a vision of myself 3, 5, 10 years down the road. I wish I was cool enough to say that, but in reality, back then I felt insecure and uneasy. Right now, being able to stand here is beyond my imagination." In the past, he had thoughts about quitting being an actor, "The director got mad at me and I thought I should just disappear, but then I saw that the posters had been printed... I realized that I was being a coward," he recalled.

Now he's a popular mature actor who gets leading roles in movies and dramas. "At this point, is it good?" he seemed to be wondering himself. Regarding his activities in the future, "I want to laugh, and have fun doing them. I'd like to try producing more entertainment-related projects."

Buy from YesAsia:
Hiroki Narimiya - Anniversary Book 10


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