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Puzzle News
25th January 2008

山本裕典さんの二十歳の誕生日をみんなで祝福 !
1月19日、今村真一役を演じる山本裕典さんが、撮影現場で記念すべき二十歳の誕生日を迎え、スタッフ&キャストから盛大な祝福を受けました! プレゼントを受け取った山本さんは、満面の笑顔と「ありがとうございます!」という元気な声で感謝の気持ちを伝え、撮影現場はいつも以上に和やかムードに。まだまだ寒さ厳しい冬のロケ現場も、チームワーク抜群のスタッフ&キャストの心遣いと山本さんの明るさで、ほっこりと温まったのでした!

「二十歳の誕生日って、人生の中でも特に印象に残るものだと思うので、それをこの現場で迎えることができて、しかもたくさんの人に祝ってもらえて、すごく幸せです! 今日が誕生日だったので、“ひょっとしたら…!?”と思っていたんですけど、実際にひょっとしたので(笑)、本当にうれしかったですね。スタッフさんから炊飯器をプレゼントしていただいたので、これからますます好きな料理に励みたいと思います! ありがとうございました!!」

Congratulations from everyone, Yamamoto Yusuke's 20th Birthday !
On the 19th of January, the staff and cast of Puzzle gave Yamamoto Yusuke, who is playing the part of Imamura Shinichi, their blessings on his 20th birthday. While receiving his presents, a grinning Yamamoto said enthusiastically "Thank you very much !" He is always in a calm mood when on location during filming. Battling the freezing conditions, the staff and cast are always warmed by Yamamoto's cheerfulness !


Comment from Yamamoto :
In one's life, I think the 20th birthday is a turning point. Being here during filming with everyone and furthermore receiving all their congratulations, I'm really happy ! Although it's my birthday today, I was thinking "Maybe...?!" and then it really turned out true (*laugh*) I'm really glad. I received a rice cooker from the staff so from today, I'll make an effort to cook my favourite food ! Thank you very much !!


A rice cooker.... ?

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On Friday, March 07, 2008 1:54:00 AM, Anonymous grumpy wrote...

maybe rice cooker is a code for 'sake brewer' ~


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