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Honey and Clover
Special Talk Part 1


[The first time we met at the shrine, we totally didn't talk at all ne] Ikuta Toma

Q First of all, tell us your thoughts on the making of the poster.

st_icon04.gif 凄く可愛かったです、リスとか(笑)。まあ、リスはビックリしましたけど、でも5人の良さというか、普段もワイワイあんな感じでやっているので、そんな仲の良さが出て、いい感じだったと思います。さわやかで…ねっ!

It was really cute, with squirrels (*laugh*) Well, we were taken aback by the squirrels but we recovered and were back to our usual din-making. That kind of feeling, it brings us closer together. It felt good. It was refreshing, ne ?


st_icon01.gif ねっ! みんな…竹本くんとか全員キャラがそのまんまだな、と思いました。とってもかわいいポスターだと思います。ねっ

Ne ! Everyone... Takemoto-kun and everyone's characters were the same, that's what I thought. Really cute poster I think. Ne !

st_icon02.gif ねっ(笑)。クローバーのデザインの上で盛り上がっちゃいましたね(笑)。撮影が始まってまだ間もないのに、わりとコミュニケーションが取れているので、それがいい感じに出ているのではないかなと…思うよねっ?

Ne (*laugh*) The Clover design on top really tops it all of ne (*laugh*) Although filming has just begun, communication between us really took off, and it gives off a good feeling... I think ne ?

st_icon05.gif ねっ!この作品が、単体ではなくて、5人で作られている ストーリーというか、5人でひとつ、っていうか、それを象徴するポスター写真だなと思いました。斗真も言ってましたけど、大きなクローバーの中で、仲良 く、肩とか組んじゃったりして。でも、これは撮影中にみんなで仲良く、ケアしあいながら作ってきたものだと思うので、それがこうやっていい形でポスターに なって嬉しいな、と思いましたよ…ね?(笑)。

Ne ! This work is multi-layered. Whether it's a story involving 5 persons, or their individual ones, I think the photo in the poster is a symbol. Toma also said it, the big thing in Clover is, making friends, doing something together as a team. But if during the making of this work, everyone gets along and care for each other just like in the poster, it'll make me happy, that's what I think... ne ? (*laugh*)


st_icon03.gif もう、みんなに言われちゃったよ、ね?(笑)。

Alright, everyone has already said it, ne ? (*laugh*)

st_icon05.gif 終わり?

All done ?

st_icon03.gif でも、ホントにセットが凄く可愛くて、クローバーがあってお花がいっぱいあって、リスもいて(笑)。撮影は始まったばかりなんですけど、最初からみんなに仲良くしてもらって、そういうことも画面に出てくると思うので、すごく楽しみにしています。ね(笑)?

But really, the set was really cute. The clover fits the scene, the many flowers, even the squirrels (*laugh*) Filming has just begun but from the beginning, everyone got along well, I think that kind of thing is reflected in the photo. It was really fun. Ne (*laugh*) ?



(In one voice) Ne ! (*laugh*)

st_icon03.gif 完璧!
Perfect !


st_icon02.gif 何これ?(笑)

What the heck is this ? (*laugh*)

st_icon04.gif 撮影が始まったばっかりのころからこんな感じですよ。でも、そうとは思えない部分がいいですね。

From the time that filming has just about begun, it was already this kind of feeling. But, it's good that we don't have to think about these kind of things ne ?


st_icon02.gif なんだろうね。でも、最初に神社で会ったときは、全然しゃべらなかったよね。

Yeah, definitely. But the first time we met at the shrine, we totally didn't talk at all ne.

st_icon03.gif そうだ!

That's right !

st_icon05.gif お祓いやったんですよ。で、璃子ちゃんが最初にひとりで やって、俺は「二拝一礼」をみんなで合わせようとおもって、「はぁ…」って息を吸ったら、先にパンパンって(笑)。「せーの!」的なことをやったんだけ ど、先にやられちゃって(笑)。そこから、ガッタガタだったよね。もう、「大丈夫かな、みんな?」みたいな。

We were doing the purification before filming. From the beginning, Riko-chan was doing things by herself. I [doing the second bow] I was doing it in sync with everyone, [Haa...] I breathed in, then banban ! Clapping way before the others! (*laugh*) [Se-no !] (Ready, set!) We did that but she did it earlier than everyone (*laugh*) After that, gatagata (the rattling of the shrine bell) started [Is everyone going to be alright like this ?] I was thinking like that.


st_icon02.gif 幸先悪い感じで(笑)。

Felt like a bad omen huh (*laugh*)

st_icon05.gif そうそう

Ah, like that.


st_icon03.gif ひとりだけ、もう一回違うタイミングで叩いてたよね。

Just one person, but once again the timing was off ne.

st_icon04.gif そうそう、3回やって、みたいな(笑)。

That's right. We did it like 3 times (*laugh*)

Q You look like you’re getting along well now, looking back, how did it get there?


st_icon02.gif リハのときかな?

Maybe, during rehearsing ?

st_icon04.gif 本読みがおもしろかったと思う。

The scene reading was interesting.

st_icon05.gif そうだね。それで、息が合わせやすくなったというか、読んでて楽しかったので。それで、仲良くなれそうなだっていう感じはありました。

That's right. After that, our rhythm sort of fell together and the reading became enjoyable. And then, we started to get along well with each other.


st_icon02.gif 湾 岸スタジオの食堂で、5人で飯を食ったっていう…そこが多分スタートだと思う。最初、男3人でご飯食べてたら、夏希ちゃんが通り、「混ざろう、混ざろ う」って言って4人で食べてたら、次に璃子ちゃんが通り、「来い、来い!」って言って。で、5人で飯食って、そこからいい感じの…。

At the studio's cafeteria, the 5 of us eat our meals together... I think that's where it started. At first, the 3 guys were eating together, then next to join us was Natsuki-chan [Join us, join us] we called to her so the 4 of us were eating together. After that, it was Riko-chan. [Come, come !] we said and so the 5 of us ate together. From then, we got along well...

st_icon05.gif そう。だから、リハやってよかったよね。

Yeah. Because of that, rehearsing went well ne.


st_icon02.gif よかったよね。撮影の空き時間とかに、気づくと5人で固まってるみたいな状況が自然とあったりして、なんかみんなでゲラゲラ笑いあっているときに、ふと俯瞰で見てしまっている自分がいて。「あ、なんかこの感じは、まさしくハチクロなのでは?」みたいな。

It went well ne. During times like between filming, I noticed that our relationship solidified, it came naturally. Somehow, when everyone is just guffawing and laughing together, I unexpectedly see it and tell myself [Ah, this feeling, surely it's just like Hachikuro, isn't it ?] It feels like that.

st_icon05.gif 俺もそう思った。

I think so too.

st_icon02.gif 思うよね。初日、凄く天気がよかったんだよね。で、みんなで日なたにイスをガッと並べて、なんとなく5人で集まってしゃべってたりして…。

It feels that way ne. It's great that the weather on the first day was good. Everyone quickly set up some chairs, and in the sun, we sat together and chatted...

to be continued in part 2

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