Saturday, October 03, 2009

Minamisawa Nao Staff Diary

1st October 2009

Everyone, have you seen the CM yet?
☆'Christmas Carol' the movie ☆
Minamisawa enjoyed herself filming the challenging CM

Go watch the movie ♪


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Hiroki Narimiya Blog
27 Sep & 28 Sep

27th September 2009 01:04
The Sign of Autumn

For a project
A sampling session

With Mos Burger

After that,
drama rehearsal

It ended quite early
With the cast members
I went to eat ramen

A cast member
Is a regular customer of this ramen shop

Though it's already autumn
Why is it still so warm everyday?

The other day
I saw this at filming location

A sign of autumn

Cluster amaryllis

In flower language, "Till the day we meet again"
That's what they say

Seems like a lonesome flower

By the way, cluster amaryllis is poisonous

So children should stay away from it

What kind of autumn will it be for everyone?

Well then

This has been Narimiya.

28th September 2009 21:12

There's an event covering for today

The ban has been lifted
Announcement of "Streaming News Flash"

My role
A TV station's part-time assistant director

There are many secrets in the drama
I don't think I can reveal much about my role [laugh]

There's no pre-established harmony
Leading up to the underplot

Up till now, I've never worked under this style

"Betrayal" is the one word
That the producer will use
To describe this drama


In the next half of the day
Photography for Smart and Q-Pot

It's been a while since I got all dressed up
The atmosphere is unlike of that in the drama
Experienced them both in one day

Well then

This has been Narimiya.


[Narimiya Blog Archive]


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Kimura Ryo
The Red and the Black

Kimura Ryo is currently starring in 'Aka to Kuro', a stage play set in 19th century France. The time of Napoleon has passed and aristocracy reigns. Kimura plays Julien Sorel, a good-looking, ambitious man from a poor family, aiming to be a cleric. He is employed as a tutor for the children of the mayor of Verrières, Monsieur de Rênal. Feeling contempt for aristocracy, Sorel seduces Rênal's wife. When the affair is exposed, he is driven out of the town. He enters a seminary and led by its director, the abbé Pirard, he eventually moves to Paris, still burning with ambitions. Caught up in the high society of Paris, Sorel captures the heart of Marquis de la Mole's daughter, Mathilde but...

'Aka to Kuro' runs from 1st to 11th October 2009 at Akasaka Red Theater.

Official Website

The Red and the Black Wikipedia


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Friday, October 02, 2009

CM Updates

Oguri Shun: Otona Glico | Knorr Soup

Horikita Maki, Mizushima Hiro, Odagiri Joe: Suntory

Exile: Meiji Chocolate - Fran

Shirota Yuu: Lotte lozenges

Mizobata Junpei, Aibu Saki: Aoyama Suits

Mizukawa Asami: Meiji Sweets Gum

Okada Masaki: Dars

Nagase Tomoya: Asahi

I got my e-ma candy :)

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Kagami Seira hints at relationship with Yamapi

Kagami Seira's smile proof of her happy relationship with Yamapi?
1st October 2009

Model Kagami Seira (22) attended a PR event for 3D horror movie 'Final Destination 3D' in Tokyo on 1st October. Organizers were tense as reporters aggressively questioned her on her relationship with Yamashita Tomohisa (24) from NEWS after a weekly magazine published photos of their izakaya date in Yurakuchou Gadoshita last month. She just smiled through their questioning and was asked,"Is that smile proof of a happy relationship?" to which she replied "Sou desu ne." (Which can be pretty ambiguous, but it sounds like she's in agreement to what they asked.)

Another reporter asked,"Aren't you going to watch the movie with that guy from NEWS?" Seeming to know his personality well, she replied laughing,"Ah~ that one's unreliable (when it comes to horror movies) I think~".

Final Destination 3D opens 17 October.



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Sexy Actors

What do women find sexy in men? 'Sunday Mainichi' magazine conducted a survey among 100 office ladies (average age 27.4 years) asking them the moments or gestures men make that they find sexy.

Some of the answers given :
When I see a broad back. (27 year-old)
When I hear a deep,resonant voice. (26 year-old)
A tight butt. (26 year-old)
When he loosens his tie with one hand. (28 year-old)
When he rolls up his shirt sleeves. (25 year-old)
Draining off beer in one gulp. (30 year-old)
When he takes off his glasses. (27 year-old)
A man with stubble, looking weary as he smokes. (29 year-old)

They were then asked to name up to 3 actors that they find sexy. Here are the top 10 and the reasons cited.

10. Akanishi Jin (25)
He has an attitude and yet seems fragile.

9. Mizushima Hiro (25)
His proficiency in languages is cool.

8. Matsumoto Jun (26)
He's very manly.

7. Yamashita Tomohisa (24)
He looks lonesome.

6. Odagiri Joe (33)
There's a melancholy about him.

5. Oguri Shun (26)
He looks like he'll protect the one he loves.

4. Kimura Takuya (36)
He seems mischievous but is serious.

3. Tamaki Hiroshi (29)
He's an ikemen with a muscular body.
His legs and arms are lean and muscular.
Unexpectedly manly.

2. Sato Koichi (48)
He looks cute when he's embarrassed.
He has a presence.
His lips are sexy.

1. Fukuyama Masaharu (40)
He can easily get away with talking sexy.
His voice is deep and resonant.
His solemn face in profile is dreamy.



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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
1st October 2009

1st October 2009 13:57

Her co-star in 'Darling wa Gaikokujin', Jonathan Sherr-san.

Diligent, gentle and with a sense of humour, he conveys his feelings of gratitude readily. A really wonderful person.

During stand-by times, he will read out his lines for the next scene and confirm them with Mao-san.

Among the staff, Jon-san soothes everyone too.
I think there are those who already know but Jon-san started a blog for this filming!!

He writes about Mao-san, filming for 'Darling wa Gaikokujin' and more,
so please check ne!

Jonathan Sherr Official Blog


So did anyone drop by New Jersey today?

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Inoue Mao
steady, X-girl, Ray

steady October 2009

X-girl 2009 Fall & Winter Collection

Ray November 2009

Scans thanks to maomao!

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Jonathan Sherr Blog
Filming in Japan has safely ended

24th September 2009

Good evening.
Sorry for not writing. We're heading for overseas filming soon!

I couldn't get to the PC so I'm slow in updating the blog.

With various things happening, filming in Japan is over in the blink of an eye!
Much took place, it was really a good experience.
I'm deeply grateful. It had matured me.

The final scene was at a beach and the weather was really hot.

When the final scene was over, the staff gathered around me and Mao-chan, and the director presented us with bouquets of flowers.

I became flustered. For me? And furthermore I was told "Please say something~".
"Overseas filming has not ended yet, this shoot felt long and short at the same time," I said but there are things I forgot to mention.

I've made it here because I was with Mao-chan, because of the director and the staff, and because of everyone's support.

I don't think I would have got over the first 2 days if not for everyone's kindness. (I was pretty panicky)

We're filming overseas but there are staff members who are not going.
It felt a little sad but everyone parted warmly.

I think everyone worked hard together so we could make a good film.

And I feel like I'll definitely meet everyone again, (Well, there's still the job well done party right! (-^□^-))

I'll do my best on the overseas filming!!

Thank you very much to all of you for reading the blog!!

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Inoue Mao 2009

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Inoue Mao Staff Diary
26th, 27th & 29th September 2009

Pleasant refreshments
26th September 2009 13:15

The other day, in the studio where we were filming 'Darling wa Gaikokujin'
there were crepes!
Together with the store!!
Mao-san was in great excitement seeing the crepes♪
With about 40 different types, she had trouble making up her mind,
finally it was 'Ice Chocolate Banana Special (without fresh cream)♪
Without thinking, she held up the ice-cream with an "I've got it~!" pose♪

On that day, it was all-you-can-eat crepe till 17:00,
her second time was cream cheese☆
Because of that, she could persevere with filming!
Marion Crepe-san, thank you very much!!

27th September 2009 10:20

It was during a shoot at a river in Yokohama.
Mao-san took a photo of the sky and the staff with a camera♪

It seems like Mao-san like taking photos of the staff working.
From the filming department staff peering into their cameras, the audio department staff holding mikes, the make-up staff, costume staff, while they are all hard at work, she takes their photos secretly...
That includes me, she's always taking photos of my face up-close when I'm completely unprepared (*laugh*)

The other day, wanting to take a photo of my spaced-out face as I was coming back to the waiting room,
she waited with a camera in hand in the room, on stand-by the whole time.
I came back later than I thought I would and I entered just as Mao-san was giving up.
"Do that again! Come in one more time! *laughing*" she told me.
So I entered the room again, with a carefully composed look and Mao-san burst into laughter♪
"It's unnatural, rejected!! *laughing*" I was told (*laugh*)

Everyday, our early morning days continue but laughter never stops on location!!

29th September 2009 22:30

The other day, we finished in Japan filming for 'Darling wa Gaikokujin'!!
With Jon-san, we ended with a scene at Hayama beach in Kanagawa!
Mao-san received flowers from the director and she addressed everyone.

"It really went by in the blink of an eye, I can't believe that filming in Japan in already over.
Everyone in the Japan team, thank you very much!
Everyone in the overseas team, we still have filming to do so let's do our best!!"

There are only a few staff members heading overseas, so Mao-san took photos with the staff she's parting with. Mao-san looked so reluctant leaving them.

Soon "Darling wa Gaikokujin' will have its crankup in America♪
I'll tell all of you about that as soon as Mao-san returns back home!


Edit 13th October 2009: changed 'topped with fresh cream' to 'without fresh cream'. Was watching Arashi no Shukudai-kun where she was presented with a giant parfait and she said she can't eat fresh cream. Made me think back to this diary entry and realised my mistake. Edited!


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Commencement of filming for 'Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu'

29 September 2009

Reports of My Death are Greatly Exggerated

On the 28th, actor Mizobata Junpei began filming 'Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu' (The Summer You Danced) at a bridge in Ochichou. Filming will take about 1 month in Kouchi city, including its shopping district. Tentative release of the movie is autumn of 2010.

The main character is a young man who aims of being a photographer in Tokyo. He joins the Yosakoi Festival to fulfill the dream of a young girl (Ayane Omori) with an incurable disease. Together with her older sister (Kinami Haruka), they revive the Yosakoi Team, breathing life into the festival. Through the Yosakoi Festival, themes surrounding dreams and reality, and life and death are explored.

There were about 70 people, including staff members on the first day of filming. When the rain stopped, a camera in the river filmed a scene of Mizobata cycling on a bridge. He stops in the middle, takes a seat and gives a worried look.

Mizobata said "I've been looking forward to the start of filming. To continue chasing your dream, while upholding local traditions, I want to convey the importance of them both."

The Kochi Film Commission is taking applications for 1000 extras for filming on the 16th and 17th October. Details can be found here.

What is up with the Junpei's t-shirt?!


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Inoue Mao and Okada Masaki at Lover's Sanctuary

Inoue Mao and Okada Masaki pray for movie's success at Lover's Sanctuary
28th September 2009

On 28th September, actress Inoue Mao (22) and actor Okada Masaki (20) attended a preview event at Roppongi Hills for the manga turned movie 'Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu'. Before greeting the audience, they took photos together at 'Japan's tallest outdoor viewing platform' which is 270 metres above sea level. The open-air rooftop 'Sky Deck' is even higher than Tokyo City View. They prayed for the success of the movie with its pure love theme at a 'Lover's Sanctuary'. Inoue, who is afraid of heights, said,"My heart's beating fast. It's really high. But it also makes me feel like I'll never forget this."

Inoue graduated from Meiji University this past spring but in the movie, she wears a uniform again. "I think I can still pass off wearing it. Before, I thought I might still be in it at 25 but I think it's farewell this time," she declared, announcing her graduation from uniforms as well.

Her own first love happened in her first year of elementary school. "He was a cool boy from my class. He was so popular with the girls and was always chased around by them. Even now, his face comes to mind."

The movie opens on 24 October.


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