Friday, January 25, 2008

Aura #240108


こんばんは!!今日も1日お疲れ様でしたぁ(^-^)/今日は浜松ロケ最後のお泊まりでしたぁ…!!早く撮影も終わったのでキャストのメンバーでスシローと回転寿司屋さんに食べにいきました(笑)めちゃくちゃ食べましたぁ!!僕は八枚で断念したんですが… 友達は十六枚も食べました!!かなりの勢いでした!!ずっと圧倒されてましたぁ!!明日は撮影が終わってから、1日だけ実家に帰ります(^-^)/浜松から実家まで一時間以内で帰れるんですっ!!気持ちは余裕なんだけど…最近は連日連夜の撮影で体が疲れてるみたいだから…リフレッシュしてきたいと思いますっ('-^*)/

Good evening !! Today too, thanks for everything (^-^)/ Today was the last stopover for the shooting, in Hamamatsu... !! Filming ended early so the staff and cast members went to eat at the sushi-go-round kind of sushi shop (*laugh*) There was some appetite !! I gave up at 8 pieces but my friend was still going on at 16 !! Overpowered all the way !! Filming ends tomorrow so just for one day, I'll be going back to my parents' home (^-^)/ I can get to my parents' home from Hamamatsu within one hour !! It's not so much the feelings.. but the recent day and night filming has sort of tired me out... and I was thinking that I could refresh myself ('-^*)/
Speaking of which, from tomorrow onwards, I'll have some new work... the work I'm doing now, how will it be announced.. please look forward to it !!


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