Saturday, May 03, 2008

Aura #010508


1st May 2008
Pop Ya
Good morning !! Yesterday I intruded on Fuji TV to record a variety program ('-^*)/ It's been awhile since I've been on a talk show so I was nervous but I went in resolutely with the spirit that I could do it ('-^*)/ Please watch it ne !!

I did filming for the variety show Pop Ya, where I'm a regular, today too !! When it goes on air, watch it and you will see how different the atmosphere is, I think it's a really interesting program !! There's nothing interesting about me but I shouldn't say it... (*laugh*) The first time Tanaka-san was around the cast, he was quite the mad character. I think more and more amusing things are going to happen !! I don't know if you can catch it since it's a late night show but for those who keep late hours, try your best to watch it ne ('-^*)/

Today is the Puzzle job-well-done party !! I do feel sad but this is a celebration of the tenacity we have shown up to now. Off to some farewells !!




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