Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aura #040208



4th February 2008
Hirahira (Heart thumping)
Good evening !! Today too, I worked hard the whole day (^O^)/ Yesterday, I got back from the location shoot, from noon today, there's filming again at the studio ('-^*)/
Now then, it's a story from just now but... I nearly overslept !! Because of sleeping on the hotel bed for 4 days, I couldn't really sleep well and it went on for days. Yesterday, on my own bed... wrapped up in my futon, my eyes closed instantly and I fell into a deep sleep !!
Startled I woke up... I became aware that the alarm was ringing, manager-san had called me 10 times !! The last one came from the company president... it was the exact moment that he called that I opened my eyes... I quickly got ready !! I sprinted like a runner to the station... barely made it (^_^;) It's been awhile since my heart was beating so hard. Everyone... oversleeping... really be careful about it ↓↓
Now, I'm updating the blog while in the train, after that heart thumping moment !!


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