Saturday, October 17, 2009

Inoue Mao
Mayu Blog

17th October 2009

Tokyo International Film Festival ③

Walked down the green carpet safely

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3 nervous people who are not used to the atmosphere

Those with Boku Kimi pamphlets

I heard many cheers from them

I'm really glad Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Among them

"Okada-kun, congratulations on your shy boy graduation!"

That's what was on the placard as well.

The 3 of us laughed spontaneously

But, I feel that...


Hasn't changed...

Still a shy boy Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That's the cuteness ne Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Next up, Nagoya and Fukuoka campaigns!

Last spurt

I'll do my best Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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16th October 2009
Osaka Campaign ②

Supporters of Boku Kimi

Representatives of the Osaka cheering squad

Have come to meet!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I looked tensed

The true support I'm getting from this film,
I can feel it Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm really happy Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nationwide Boku Kimi cheering squads

It's a few days more to the movie's opening

I am thankful for the co-operation Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Together, let's do our best Image and video hosting by TinyPic

16th October 2009
Osaka Campaign ③

Lastly, it's a stage greeting with 3 people!

Somehow it's high tension today
Together with Okada who's in top-form, the tension was reduced

With the director Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was nervous coming here
because this stage greeting was a surprise

A sense of relief came over me
when I heard the warm cheers from everyone

Even the fatigue disappeared Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The schedule is really tight

I'm glad it went smoothly

This long-awaited trip to Osaka...

I'd like to eat takoyaki Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Sato Takeru Blog
Sam High

16th October 2009

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Samurai High School

Starts tomorrow at 9pm!

Whose blog is this anyway?

Haruma becomes a samurai, Shirota is the bullied one in Samurai High School. It finally starts tomorrow.

This is a must-watch.

Let's watch it. It's the first episode tomorrow, let's watch it.

Then, for reasons unknown, do give me your impressions about it in my blog.

The photo is of the 2 of them on location.
Looks like a great atmosphere.

What's this blog coming to?

Anyway, Samurai High School, tomorrow at 9pm!

Enjoy it ☆

※ Note: Sato Takeru is not in the drama.

Lol... I just found this post so amusing.

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Inoue Mao
Mayu Blog

16th October 2009

Osaka Campaign
From now onwards, it will be a rush of publicity events
Together with Okada, I'll do my best

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Message Included!
Launch of Narimiya Hiroki's Cake and Jam

13th October 2009

Narimiya Hiroki, known in the entertainment world as the 'Sweet Man' is the producer of Narimiya Roll, among other things. This time, it's cake and jam.

Narimiya is particular about the ingredients used, resulting in 'Superior Sweets' (Only domestic products were used for the pound cake and jam). In commemoration of MOS Burger's third Superior Hamburger Sandwich, only 200 people received the Sweets.

Exclusive to MOS Burger's mobile subscription online members, 200 people were chosen through lottery between 14th October and 16th November for this event. Narimiya wrote a sweet message for each one, and that was of course the best dish for the fans. It's not surprising that Narimiya is picky about flavour, since he "has a cake after every meal."

"The cake is enhanced by the fragrance of rice flour, and a minimal amount of sugar is used for the jam so as not to take away its natural flavour. Working with MOS Burger over the summer, we experimented with the amount of rice flour and butter to be used, and so on. Of course, individually the cake and jam are delicious by themselves. The jam on toast, or with salad, will be great as well," Narimiya said confidently with a smile.

On that day, several members from MOS mobile site were the early tasters of the "Narimiya Sweets". Narimiya watched earnestly as the ladies said "Delicious!". Fan service was not forgotten as one lucky member got a Superior Surprise - a one-to-one tasting session, fed by Narimiya himself.

I'd take the hamburger over cakes and jams anyday!



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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inoue Mao
Mayu Blog

14 October 2009

Meringue Mood

The recording for Meringue has ended safely!!

Masaki-kun was nervous... That's what he said

This ikemen with a fresh smile

My dog Hug and Masaki-kun's Lily, their doting parents had a showdown,
have fun watching it

Following that was recording for VVV6
I really like seafood ranking. I look forward to the battle

I'll do my best and eat to my heart's content

More rankings? They seem to rank everything!

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Tokyo Dogs Blog
A Greeting!?

13th October 2009

Today, commuters travelling via the Omotesando Station in Tokyo got an early "Tokyo DOGS supporter" pleasant surprise!

At a pillar near the ticketing barrier

Sou (Oguri Shun),

Maruo (Mizushima Hiro),

Yuki (Yoshitaka Yuriko),

All of them are welcoming you.

They will be up from today till 18th October.

If you drop by Omotesando Station, do take a look!

I love Shun with this hairstyle

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Wagaya no Rekishi Press Conference

Shibasaki Kou happy on playing eldest daughter role in Showa era family
13th October 2009

A press conference was held on 13th October to announce the production of Fuji TV's 50th anniversary special drama 'Wagaya no Rekishi'. The script is written by Mitani Koki. Depicting a family living through an era of upheaval, the epic drama will air on three consecutive nights next spring.

Besides Shibasaki Kou, Matsumoto Jun from Arashi, Horikita Maki, Nagasawa Masami and Amami Yuki are among the 13 who attended the press conference. Shibasaki Kou, who is playing the eldest daughter, commented,"I'm the only child and I yearned for siblings. I'm happy to be able to experience it now." Playing the eldest son, Matsumoto said,"I have an older sister but having all the 5 siblings in the drama have a meal together is heart-warming. In that moment you feel how great it is to have family. It makes you yearn for a large family."

The others in attendance were Sato Koichi, Sato Ryota, Eikura Nana, Oizumi Yo, Tamayama Tetsuji, Suzuki Sawa, Fuji Sumiko and Nishida Toshiyuki.


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Celebrities That Exude Pheromones

Cobs Online surveyed working men and women separately on which celebrity they feel exudes pheromones and oozes sex appeal. Here are the results.

As chosen by women
5. Mukai Osamu 2.1%
- He's got great style. His face is narrow but he has broad shoulders. Looks good with glasses. -28,Education sector
- When I saw his nude spread in anan, his face looked so child-like and yet his body so manly. I'm beginning to like him more and more. -25,Financial sector

4. Mizushima Hiro 4.5%
- Sultry eyes. -27, Business sector
- His piercing look is dreamy. -24,Finance sector

3. Fukuyama Masaharu 5.0%
- He appeals with both his singing and acting. -25,Finance sector
- He doesn't look 40. Maybe his sex appeal just increases with age. -24,IT sector
- Everything about him exudes pheromones. Especially his voice. -27,Finance sector

2. Fujiwara Norika 7.7%
- You feel the pheromones from everywhere! -26,Secretary
- Her style is fantastic. As she gets older, her sexiness just increases. -27,Retail
- She has an ideal, healthy body that looks natural. -28,Retail

1. Sugimoto Aya 25.3%
- Everything about her, her gestures, her facial expressions. -24,Business sector
- Everything! Her long hair is also stylish. And especially her eyes. She makes even me, a woman, feel my heart beat faster! -24,Sales
- The sexy way she talks, that beautiful face. She's good at cooking too. That will score points and charm the opposite sex too. -26,Programmer
- The way she behaves and her appearance are a given. You can feel a strong unbridled sex appeal from her. -25,Business sector

Others mentioned : Kano Sisters (Abunai Sisters), Kuroki Hitomi, Kimura Takuya

Cobs Online Survey 7 September 2009 ~ 14 September 2009 taken by 694 women

As chosen by men
5. Kitagawa Keiko 2%
5. Yonekura Ryoko 2%
5. Ueto Aya 2%
5. Ayase Haruka 2%
4. Yasu Megumi 3%

3. Kuroki Hitomi 4%
- Her voice and gestures. -28, Automobile R&D
- Looks younger than 40. She doesn't give off the feeling that she's a married woman. -23,Designer

2.Fujiwara Norika 6%
- Glamorous style. -27,Judicial affairs
- From her style to everything else. -23,Transport

1. Sugimoto Aya 14%
- Her existence itself is pheromones. -28,Retail
- Her voice, body. Her sex appeal doesn't change at all as she ages. -28,Business sector
- The power from her eyes captivates you. -29,Design & Development
- She ups her appeal by dressing provocatively. -22,Business sector

Others mentioned: Kimura Takuya, Nakama Yukie, Yumi Kaoru, Takigawa Kurisuteru, Hoshino Aki.

Cobs Online Survey 7 September 2009 ~ 14 September 2009 taken by 238 men


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